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This is one of my first cakes. It's an oval cake with buttercream icing and strawberry filling.  The icing looked smoother in real life. Or at least I like to think so!  =)
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By Sweetpeeps
Jul 28, 2006
This graduation cake was a vanilla cake with pastry cream and strawberries inside.  It is covered in whipped cream and has some airbrushed buttercream roses.  The base of the graduation hat is cake and the top of the hat is a piece of foam board covered in tissue paper.  The small purple flowers are royal icing as are the letters.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
Buttercream roses. Yes, I just finished Wilton Course I. :)
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
This cake is vanilla almond with cherry filling, and covered with vanilla buttercream.  This was my first try with the roses on the side!
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By rezzygirl
Oct 13, 2005
This cake was covered in buttercream, with fondant stripes. Red buttercream roses, and buttercream piped hearts. The inside was soft buttercake layered with chocolate buttercream.
I realy enjoyed making this cake, it's one of my favourites, i definetly don't make as many buttercream cakes as I'd like.
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By boonenati
Oct 15, 2005
My other twin (robs cheesecake is the other one). Strawberry cake, vanilla almond pastry cream filling, buttercream decorations. I made the happy birthday plaque with candy melts in a mold.
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By rezzygirl
Oct 15, 2005
Chocolate decadence cake covered with ganache and topped with gumpaste orchid and buttercream roses with hershey kiss centers. Delicious!
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
this was a cake that was done for a bake sale. It was a homemade yellow cake with buttercream icing and decorations.
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By SherisEdibleDesigns
Oct 31, 2005
This is a double decker mudcake, filled with white chocolate mudcake.
Decorated in buttercream with buttercream roses. The plaque was made with a new recipe and piped in royal icing dusted with silver poweder. This was an 8 inch cake, for a very small wedding. Total of 20 people. I loved making this cake. Very nice and simple
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By boonenati
Nov 12, 2005
I made this cake for my sister's 29th Birthday. I didn't know what to do with the sides, i had no ribbons around, so in desperation, i found a very old shirt, cut it up, washed it, dried it and ironed it, and then made the wrap around the cake with it. My sister loved it.
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By boonenati
Dec 10, 2005
This cake went a little wrong, well a lot wrong. It's a buttercake filled with fresh cream, peaches and caramel. I didnt really want to make it because i know how moist this cake can be and it does not do well for carving. But the customer loves this cake base so i went ahead. It was meant to be a very shapr angled pot and once the fondant was applied it became rounded. The colour of the terracotta was obtained using pink, orange, black and dark brown. The roses are buttercream, the butterfly is gumpaste.
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By boonenati
Jan 13, 2006
This is our first attempt at buttercream roses, the colour of the roses and leaves were not ideal, but once again we were using leftover buttercream... I hate waste. Cake is one of our regulars, lemon buttercake.
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By dky
Jan 22, 2006
All buttercream. It was for a sweet sixteen, but she didn't want it to say anything. She only wanted her first initial and blue roses.
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By KittisKakes
Feb 13, 2006
Dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge pudding filling covered in chocolate buttercream.  Buttercream roses, leaves, vines and drop flowers.  This is a heart shaped cake, 9inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.
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By shannas
Feb 15, 2006
Two layer 8" and 6".  Two color rope with roses of buttercream.
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By bovaritter
Jun 15, 2005
Rebecca sent me a picture of a wedding cake with fresh flowers on top and asked if i could do it all in icing. The cake is three tiers or white mudcake, cut to a vase/bucket shape, covered in buttercream with buttercream roses and gumpaste leaves. She loved the cake. The roses were done with strawberry buttercream, the scent was really lovely, everyone at the reception commented on how lovely the cake smelt.
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By boonenati
Oct 16, 2005
Just once I would like to not be in a HUGE rush when I decorate a cake! I didn't get to put the time or detail into this cake that I would have liked. It was a mad rush to get it done on time, but I was determined not to be decorating still when my guests arrived (been there, done that!). 
The cake is 10-inch lemon poppyseed with lemon mousse and lemon curd filling and 8-inch pecan cake with Nutella mousse filling. The icing and flowers are Swiss Meringue buttercream.
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By HollyPJ
Mar 7, 2006
I know it's not the best but I am teaching myself everything-thanks to all the help here on CC.  This is a yellow DH cake (by the way very moist and fluffy), with buttercream frosting and leftover royal frosting roses-I wanted to use them up-LOL.  It was YUMMY!  I was in heaven!  LOL.
By AmberCakes
Mar 15, 2006
I did this cake for a demonstration for Wilton cake classes.  Everything is done with buttercream.
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By kelleykakes
Mar 19, 2006
I made my first buttercream roses today. I've never seen meringue powder here in Australia, so I couldn't make the snow white buttercream in hopes that they would set to apply later. I used regular buttercream and just froze the roses and put them on when I was ready. I piped the buds directly onto the cake. They're not perfect, but not bad for a first try! I copied the design from the picture on the Wilton 3 in 1 caddy.
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By cakes
Mar 30, 2006
First attempt at buttercream roses. I think I was a little overzealous on the leaves. I will know better next time.
By jewelykaye
Apr 2, 2006
Just a full view of my very first rose cake!
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By jewelykaye
Apr 2, 2006
Hello to all!  Thanks for looking at my not so perfect, newbie, wanna be perfect cake!  LOL.  This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and filling.  Buttercream roses and vines.  You should have seen this cake in person-Man, does the cake look better by picture.  Wow!
By AmberCakes
Apr 5, 2006
Coconut White Chocolate mud cake. Covered in buttercream with buttercream roses, fondant stripes on top tier and gumpaste leaves.
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By boonenati
Apr 21, 2006
I did this for my mom last year.  The entire cake is iced with buttercream, including the roses.
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By kelleykakes
Apr 24, 2006
this was the first wedding cake that I have made, all buttercream roses. The teal blue was the color of the bridesmaid's dresses.  I still need lots of practice but we are getting there. They really liked the cake. comments welcome
By klsrtr
Apr 29, 2006
This is my second cake and the first one I upload here /kinda proud and nervious :)/ . I made it for a family of chocolate addicted people- it choc layers with vanilla and chocolate bavarian creme and ganache on top. BC roses- ugh, not even good looking but the bc I made was awful... :( 
Anyways, thanks for looking, critiques are warmly welcomed :)
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By jazabellbg
May 31, 2006
This is my first tiered cake with 75 roses.  White cake with bc frosting.
By SpaceMonque
Jun 18, 2006
Had some leftover buttercream roses from a previous cake and needed a cake for a dinner.
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By kettlevalleygirl
Jun 19, 2006
2 side cakes 8" & 12" and the center cake was a 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" all buttercream with chocolate dots and chocolate fondant ribbon with gumpaste roses (bought from a fabulous decorator named Kelley Farrell who was nice enough to custom make them for a wonderful price!)
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By HeatherMari
Jun 25, 2006
This is the first buttercream wedding cake that I have done. It was vanilla butter cake on the top 2 tiers, and chocolate butter cake on the bottom tier. The sizes were 8", 12", 16", and the reviews I received were great!!
16 194
By tweety69bird
Jul 4, 2006
I DID NOT MAKE THIS!!! my mom got it for me because she knows i love this cake :) it's light and fluffy vanilla chiffon with caramel frosting, exquisite buttercream roses and accents.

Estrel's Caramel Cakes
54 Scout Tobias, 
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: +63 (02) 372-2965 or 371-7938.
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By Darra
Mar 7, 2006
All buttercream
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By Jenn123
Jul 5, 2006
This is my first ever wedding cake. Each of the three cakes have a different flavoring (the larger cake is vanilla almond with cherry pie filling, one of the smaller two is chocolate chocolate chip with dark chocolate mousse filling, and the other of the smaller cakes is a red velvet cake with raspberry preserve filling). All three cakes are decorated with roses that match the colors of the wedding. The entirety of all three cakes are buttercream, including air-dry buttercream for the roses.
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By ribbitfroggie
Jul 5, 2006
Another view
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By chyana66
Jul 6, 2006
Buttercream in ivory color with gold ribbon and buttercream roses 
<b><img src=trophy.gif align=absmiddle>2006 Buttercream Wedding Cake Contest</b>
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By sugarfancy
Jul 10, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.  The music notes were done with chocolate transfer.
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By ckkerber
Jul 15, 2006
This is the first attempt at making a cake for my sister-in-law's birthday.  I wanted roses and a musical theme.  The roses were supposed to look like music notes with the stems and leaves going up, but it ended up looking like my roses were all just upside down so I tweaked the design and made another cake instead.  This one is a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.
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By ckkerber
Jul 15, 2006
Top of cake is covered with orange roses made of BC, small pink flowers and leaves.
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By sugarfancy
Jul 25, 2006
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By ailyn222
Jul 29, 2006


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