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This is an orange dreamsicle flavored cake with bc icing and fondant....with fondant fence, bee, ladybug and daisies....with handpainted grass.  This cake is for my mom who LOVES daisies...I'm shipping it in the I guess we'll have to see how it arrives!!!  Wish me luck!
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By KHalstead
Apr 11, 2006
My friend asked me to make a cake for her BBQ tomorrow - whatever I wanted to do.  I saw a bee hive once & always wanted to do one, so it came to mind...  I did a search here at cake central, for "bee", and then "bee hive".  I looked at all your wonderful creations & came-up with my own.  I wish I had taken note of your names, thank you so much for the inspiration!  This was so much fun!  :D
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By OCakes
May 27, 2006
I did two of these for twins' baby shower.  I thought they should be honey flavored, but in reality, they were lemon.
By estherhead
Jun 4, 2006
this design was inspired by Sugar Creations. MMF accents, French Vanilla cake w/ strawberry filling, and top cake is Chocolate w/ Hazelnut filling.
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By MommyEdzards
Sep 10, 2006
This cake was for my DIL's baby shower.  She had decorated the baby's room in bumblebees.
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By srodge1
Nov 1, 2006
Buttercream Butterfly decorations
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By skeet1zp
Dec 2, 2006
This was a surprise for my son's preschool teacher. Based on a Wilton design. Terra cotta pot is the wondermold iced in buttercream. Flowers, leaves, bumblebees, butterflies and gift tag are sugar cookies iced with royal icing.
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By mqguffey
Jan 16, 2007
I made this for my office's birthday celebration.  It was my birthday month, and I collect bees, so that's why I chose this.  Everything is buttercream, except the bees and flowers, which are fondant with BC accents.  I used the Pampered Chef small batter bowl to bake the beehive in.
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By delightfulsweetbea
Jan 18, 2007
Beehive cake frosted in honey buttercream (a bit too soft and sticky for nice, neat piping, but it tastes great).  Tootsie roll bees. Made for granddaughter's birthday.
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By chonrath
Jan 22, 2007
I made this for a Daisy BumbleBee Baby Shower.  They had vases of daisys with the same BumbleBee's from the cake on the tables.  And Pale Green Linens.  It was SO beautiful!
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Mar 4, 2007
Just trying out new cookie cutters - NFSC recipe with Antonia 74 icing
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By CIndymm4
Mar 6, 2007
These are mini cupcakes with candy melt/chocolate transfer bees.  They were for a "Trivia Bee" in town.
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By Kate714
Mar 29, 2007
This is two 12x18 cakes together.  This was the most difficult cake I've ever made.  It kept cracking so I had to make one of the cakes again.  I couldn't get it level and the icing wouldn't smooth well.  I was very glad to be done with this thing.  At least it wasn't a paid order.  It was for a work party.
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By Melody120
Apr 6, 2007
My course 3 final, and first stacked cake!  I'm both happy and sad classes are over (for now...I'm taking the fondant/gumpaste class in a few months).  I know it's not perfect (I had frosting smoothing and bow issues) but I think it's cute anyway.  Frosted in buttercream, fondant and chocolate clay accents (bow is choc clay).
By MrsMom
Apr 28, 2007
This was for my mom's birthday.  I thought it would be fun to do something with spring colors and I wanted to try the bees on wire.  Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and forgot to put down a doily before I started :(  Luckily I was able to hide the icky grease stain with paper cut with craft scissors before I presented it.
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By JennLitton
Jun 10, 2007
Chocolate cake with twinkie filling and buttercream frosting.  Bees are fondant on 20gauge floral wire.  Thank you to Cakebaker for sharing your website.  I could never do anything as wonderful as you but it is sure fun to get ideas and try!
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By JennLitton
Jun 10, 2007
Vanilla white cake with mixed berry jam and Swiss Meringue Buttercream filling.  50/50 Fondant and gum paste accents. The door is fondant painted with a wood grain effect. The cake drum is also covered in fondant.
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By bellejoey
Jun 11, 2007
This is a white/almond cake with BC icing.  I used a piping gel transfer and cookie cutters for all of the flowers and bumble bees.
By bamagirl92
Jun 14, 2007
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By Strazle
Jun 23, 2007
This beehive cake was made using the Wilton Wonder Mold.  It is frosted in buttercream with fondant entrance.  Fondant is white Satin Ice with black paste color added. The buttercream is tinted with brown and yellow paste colors.  I didn't want to smooth the icing as i wanted it to have a more natural, realistic look.
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By adonisthegreek1
Jul 1, 2007
Cake for my 10 year old niece. Buttercream frosting.  Fondant flowers and insects.
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By skeet1zp
Aug 14, 2007
So a year later, I'm still very much a newbie.  I did a joint b-day party with my friend who's ds's birthday was 2 weeks after my dd's.  So it was a Ladybug and Bumblebee theme.  All BC decorations.  All I can say is...two much white!!!  I would do so much different today.
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By missmeg
Aug 29, 2007
Maria's bumblebee birthday cake.  Lemon cake with 3 layers of lemon curd filling and 3 layers of lemon mousse filling.  The cake is covered in a thin layer of vanilla buttercream and then yellow marshmallow fondant.  The bees and daisies are fondant as well.  This design is from one of Debbie Brown's books and was really fun to replicate!
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By indigojods
Sep 6, 2007
Tres leches cake with caramel filling - a little dry.  These were fun to do.
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By katie11
Sep 6, 2007
A second cake baked for my son's bd celebrated at home with family members. The FBCT of Autobots didn't turn out that well.....sigh......
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By nanzz
Sep 9, 2007
Made to match the barnyard party theme.  Other twin got the cow in the grass cake.
Parents had tshirts made to match the papergoods - design taken from the shirts.
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By Lambshack
Sep 30, 2007
butter yellow cupcake w/ buttercream frosting in a mix of Willow Green & Kelly Green.  Satin Ice bumblebee on top.

Inspired by absolutecakes
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By Lemonydoodles
Oct 14, 2007
Birthday cake for a transformers nut. It's Bumblebee and Megatron fighting on the hover damn. All buttercream frosting with toys.
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By LetThereBeCake
Oct 31, 2007
Final project course 2 (made by a student)
By selopez
Nov 3, 2007
My "attempt" at the bumblebee transformer.  I made for a co-worker's son.  All buttercream.
By marybible
Nov 3, 2007
Sour cream pound with lemon sour cream filling; iced in buttercream with transformer face pieced together in fondant and painted with silver luster dust. Thanks for looking!
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By LoriRice
Nov 8, 2007
Styrofoam head form on top of a 9" tire cake.--slightly carved edges.  Tread was done with the wilton roller.  The head...a challenge.  Hope the 6 y/o could tell it was Bumblebee:)
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By margery
Nov 18, 2007
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By tararw
Nov 24, 2007
My first attempt at making the Bumblebee car from Transformers Movie for a 6 year old.  Chocolate cake, buttercream under fondant.
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By susgene
Dec 9, 2007
Started with an 11x15 sheet cake, carved into desired shape, and covered entirely in buttercream for my son's 4th birthday.
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By IcingRules
Dec 11, 2007
11x15 sheet, freehand designs  done while looking at pics on computer.  All buttercream.
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By StaceyC3
Dec 11, 2007
This is a cake I made for my nephews birthday party.  He said he wanted a "bumblebee transformer" cake.  This is what I came up with.  It is an 8" square & 6" circle.  The black decoratios are fondant.  The transformer on top is a toy.
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By Melodee1980
Dec 15, 2007
Buttercream icing
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By urslin
Jan 8, 2008
This is was for my son's 6th birthday. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate transfer for Bumblebee. This was fun and a big hit in his classroom...all the kids wanted a piece of the Transformer!
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By Sandi4tpc
Jan 13, 2008
The hive was made with the Wilton wondermold. Frosted in BC, fondant flowers around base, bees on base are BC- bees on hive are mmf.
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By amberlicious
Feb 17, 2006


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