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By ChocolateGirl
May 20, 2006
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By HeatherMari
May 28, 2006
Made this cake for my husband's monthly birthday cake at work.  Chocolate cake with BC icing.
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By Solobaker
Jun 4, 2006
I did not have attention to decorate this cake, as time went by I stated pratcing making roses and rose buds. I was curious how vines would look then i wanted to see how frogs would look then leaves and before i knew it I had decorated a cake......
By TandTHarrell
Jun 9, 2006
butter cream icing, royal icing flowers, piped buttercream leaves.
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By cakesbykitty
Jul 22, 2006
sheet cake for work, first time making sheet cake for an event, white cake buttercream
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By brookej01
Aug 3, 2006
This was my first mug of beer, made with buttercream.  It was pretty easy to do, thanks to the ideas on here.  Thanks to all you pros.
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By toneg24
Sep 8, 2006
i made this cake for my friends wedding. this is my first ever wedding cake im suprised it came out the way it did...
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By skarudy
Sep 18, 2006
I did this at the request of my sister in-law.  This cake was made from 4 6" rounds for the body and 3 cupcakes for the neck.  I decorated this with buttercream icing, a fondant top and  a Xerox copy of the actual lables from the 40.
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By reenie
Sep 23, 2006
Last minute order- Yellow rose bud design. White cake with white chocolate buttercream and lemon curd filling.
By caryl
Oct 2, 2006
Thanks to CC member Kgunn for the inspiration for the tacklebox.  The tacklebox is white cake covered in BC.  The shelves of the tacklebox are gum paste w/real lures.  The beer box  is a chocolate cake covered in white BC with edibile image wrapped around the cake.  The handle is gumpaste w/edibile image applied.  This is my first 3D cake.
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By cakesbybert
Oct 6, 2006
My husband requested this cake for his birthday. I free handed the whole cake by looking at a bud light can. One of my first themed cakes.
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By CakeLover77
Nov 2, 2006
This is a 9" chocolate cake with Buttercream Dream Icing. I am having a girls night out tonight so I thought I would make a cake.
By Monica0271
Nov 3, 2006
This cake was made for a 3 year-old's birthday party.  The cake is made from the Pooh cake pan.  The dress and bow are made of fondanat.
By Cakeladie
Jan 28, 2007
Stacked rectanguler layers of white cake, covered in blue buttercream (white on top). Fondant handles and frosted rice krispie treat lid. Used real beer cans emptied by poking a whole in the bottom so they looked unopened. Rock candy to look like ice.
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By MarciaStewart
Feb 4, 2007
This is the second of 2 Memorial cakes I made for this weekend.  This is chocolate cake with Whipped Cream Buttercream.  The plaque is chocolate Transfer.  Disappointed that the background on the plaque is not really white.  I hope this is not too busy.  I got started and couldn't stop myself!!
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By cindy6250
Feb 17, 2007
Chocolate devils food with BC icing...just practicing roses...can't seem to find out what is stiff bc.  Maybe next time will be better.
By sherry4620
Mar 4, 2007
I made this cake for my brother-in-law's 21st Birthday.  It is not the prettiest because I was in a rush, but I liked the idea.
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By skstuard14
Mar 15, 2007
Another cooler of Bud Light. Didn't like this one as much since I was unable to buy the rock candy for the ice again. I did like the fondant birthday boy I made.
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By MarciaStewart
Mar 19, 2007
This is my first gumpaste rose/rose bud.  I took a class with Kim Morrison and we ran out of time to add any more petals:)  One of the petals broke during the travel home.
By heiser73
Mar 25, 2007
NFSC with rolled buttercream and royal icing detail.  These were done for a couple who was celebrating the 5 year anniversary of thier company.  I'll also post the finished gift basket.
By TheCookieCuttery
Apr 10, 2007
This is a 1/4 sheet German Chocolate cake with Buttercream frosting. The Bud light can and the palm trees are all FBCTs. The customer who ordered it said all the Bday boy wanted for his special day was a Bud light. Well his special day being on SUNday and this being south ALABAMA....that aint happenin she got him the next best thing.... was a fun cake to make.
By southrnhearts
Apr 19, 2007
By dec3
Apr 20, 2007
11x15  BC
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By jenbenjr
May 4, 2007
I made this cake during my cake class.  We were learning the lattice technique and how to make rose buds.  It is iced in all buttercream.
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By lizbuth
May 5, 2007
last minute cake i decorated while he was on his way home from work, i wish i would have had more time.
By foxworthbm
May 7, 2007
I made the cake for my friends' 22 Birthday.  Next time I do it I'll probably use fondant instead of icing.  Everyone seemed to like it so that's all that matters.
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By stefholz8
May 7, 2007
I did this for a retirement party, Vines around the cake with rose buds.
 its all buttercream,
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By aviles2005
May 8, 2007
All I got was this lady likes red and purple, do what ever with it. Now that its doen I hope it doesn't reminder her of Red Hat Society. She is young.
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By susanscakebabies
May 12, 2007
This is a scratch Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream.
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By MelZ
May 12, 2007
Satin Ice and Royal Icing. Chocolate cake with buttercream favorite! Pin rose buds on side and round cutter roses on the top.
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By gladds
May 18, 2007
22x15 Confirmation Sheet Cake, Cross with Red Rose Buds
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By nisha_ru
May 19, 2007
I am so proud of myself. this size cake took me an hour when I first started this time I only to fifteen min to decorated it. I am getting better whooo hooo
By tashaluna
May 27, 2007
The customer wanted this specific stained glass dove with blue leading and peach rose buds. So that is what they are getting ;-)
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By susanscakebabies
Jun 3, 2007
Hello there!  This is a heart shaped Betty Boop cake made for my Mother-in-law.  Vanilla cake with buttercream.  Buttercream flowers and frozen icing transfer for the Betty Boop.
By AmberCakes
Jun 7, 2007
This is a chocolate Cake with BC icing, airbrushed to look sweaty.  The white rim is fondant with 2 bud lite bottles dropped inside....
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By SugarBakerz
Jun 12, 2007
Dad loves his Bud so that's what I made him for Dad's day. 9" x 13" sheet carved and scraps added to each end of the bottle to make it about 17" long. Covered in choc bc with fondant accents.
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By KimmysKakes
Jun 17, 2007
I have to do 2 large sheet cakes for my Daughters wedding in September, so this was just to practice rose buds.  Thought I had better get them down now rather than later!
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By Sherry0565
Jun 26, 2007
Here is my final cake for my second Wilton class. My wrist was hurting the night I decorated it so I wasn't as happy with my basketweave. Next time I won't outline my pansies. I didn't like the look after I outlined them. All of the flowers and leaves are royal icing. The birds are colorflow. Looking forward to my next class in two weeks. The cake was French vanilla with strawberry filling. Yummy!
By Bev55
Jun 30, 2007
Sorry for the crazy camera angle. 8" cakes cut in half and stacked on their sides. Buttercream and piping gel.
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By Jenn123
Jan 7, 2006


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