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This is a cake I made to go along with a baby shower cake. This was for a seven year old boy who was to be a big brother for the first time, so I just made a small 6" cake just for him.  It is chocolate with chocolate icing.  The letters on the front "JON" are his name, and were made with MMF (my first shot at it!).  It was lots of fun, and he LOVED it!
By rachaelwelch
Nov 21, 2005
All buttercream.
1 9
By jenurator
Feb 2, 2006
My son love video games, his cake is Mario brother and a game cube in the back
11 11
By Sajorio
Nov 22, 2005
I just chopped off the 'crotch' of the onesie and made the future big brothers their own cookies for the baby shower for their sister.  They loved them.  I got the idea when I remembered my step-daughter getting a pink shirt in the hospital gift shop when her little brother was born.
6 14
By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
This is a birthday cake for my dad and my first attempt at a frozen buttercream transfer.  It is a hummingbird cake decorated in all buttercream.
2 3
By texagg00
Aug 5, 2006
3-tiered white cake with powder sugar & crisco icing
1 1
By kuhlmanma
Oct 6, 2006
I made this for a Blues Brothers party. She asked for a xylophone but I thought that would be too boring!
I'm so happy with the way it all turned out - fun but classic!
15 39
By bmote1
Feb 12, 2006
1 1
By kuhlmanma
Oct 6, 2006
Flat cake with small heart shaped cake centered on top
2 1
By kuhlmanma
Oct 6, 2006
2 2
By kuhlmanma
Oct 9, 2006
This is my brother-in-laws last birthday cake. He lost his life to brain cancer.He will forever be remembered.
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By kuhlmanma
Oct 9, 2006
My brother and I are on the same day two years apart and my uncle is the day after.
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By kuhlmanma
Oct 9, 2006
My middle son's 9th birthday cake. Yoshi from Super Mario and Yoshi game. Buttercream icing drawn directly on the cake.
2 6
By sahrow
Jan 23, 2007
Chocolate Choc. chip cake (from cake mix). With ganache filling. Buttercream dream frosting. Super Mario Brothers designs. Thanks to my2sunshines for inspiration!
5 5
By imartsy
Jan 30, 2007
Flat chocolate flavored cake with Crisco icing
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By kuhlmanma
Oct 6, 2006
I made these cakes for my friend.  We all chipped in to get him the only thing that he wanted - a Nintendo DS so I stuck with a Nintendo theme.  Had some trouble with the mushroom because the stalk I made out of cake couldn't support the weight of the top so after the bottom cake was crushed to death I replaced it with a plastic tupperware container.  The star and goomba are also small cakes.
1 3
By indigojods
Feb 2, 2007
Mario cake using Wilton pan from the '80s!
2 7
By brekka
Feb 5, 2007
My first cake photo submission. The piranha plant is a foam ball covered in fondant. The pipe is three cakes (2x 6" round and 1x8" round).
12 26
By mad_mike
Mar 13, 2007
By augustlm
Apr 6, 2007
Mario drawn freehand in buttercream
2 2
By krispy
May 5, 2007
Birthday cake I made for my brother.  Inspired by cakery.
6 11
By ShayShay
May 17, 2007
Made for my nephew after 3 years of doing Thomas the Train, finally something different. Cut from a single round cake.
1 4
By jackson
Jun 12, 2007
All buttercream on 11x15 cake.  I enlarged a picture of Mario and Luigi, traced the outline on with a toothpick, then free-handed their faces / clothes, etc.
5 23
By StaceyC3
Jun 30, 2007
This came off of one of the Mario Brothers'  games. I used my Kopykake projector for this one. I had airbrushed the background color, but it cracked really bad. So, I had to come back and filll in  the blue and green to cover the cracks. What a pain!! It was a big hit though!
1 18
By KittisKakes
Jul 28, 2007
1 1
By designsbydelights
Aug 31, 2007
I found this cake designed by Su-Yin and decided to try and replicate it.  Made this cake for a 10 year old boy and it was a hit.  Chocolate cake covered in fondant.  Mario and all items made of fondant.
5 8
By thecakestylist
Oct 3, 2007
The groom played this as a kid- it was a surprise from the bride! fondant and royal icing details.
17 66
By melysa
Oct 15, 2007
This is a version of the Debbie Brown cake.  My customer didn't want fondant covered cakes so I "roughed up" bc to make the cliffs look craggy.  This whole cake was a challenge as moisture in the air wreaked havoc on drying time of fondant and gumpaste and those figures need to set up days before placing them!  Special thanks to "PB" for her kindness and her cake which is so close to the original it's unreal!  Oh, to be that good someday.  Sigh.
2 7
By Win
Oct 26, 2007
This cake was covered in fondant with fondant accents.  I also made Mario out of fondant.  Thanks for looking.
2 15
By melmcgill
Nov 19, 2007
This was a fun little figure to make.  It was made out of fondant.
3 4
By melmcgill
Nov 19, 2007
4 13
Jan 7, 2008
Taken from Debbie Brown's Character Cakes book.  (I just used a LOT less carrots!)  Buttercream icing, fondant Bugs Bunny & carrots.
1 2
By jjbasket
Jan 13, 2008
duplicate of previous post.  just posted because it is a better picture of the whole cake.
2 3
By Sweettooth1120
Jan 16, 2008
made this for a best friend's nephew. she just wanted something small for a family dinner. after thinking about it, i should've put a green strip around the bottom to make it look like he was coming out of a pipe. oh well, next time! tfl ;)
2 2
By jwong9664
Feb 13, 2008
Mario cake pan done for my daughter for her 5th birthday her favorite character
1 4
By Irishnurse
Feb 17, 2008
8 74
By Eliseawood
Mar 2, 2008
3 44
By Eliseawood
Mar 2, 2008
my brothers birthday cake. He grew up with mario and loved it!
2 3
By Romo
Mar 2, 2008
Nat and Alex (MMF) sitting on a sofa Spongecake with strawberry filling.
First time making fondant figures, my daughter loved them!  She said they looked just like the real guys.
By evaruggiero
Mar 24, 2008
The photo of this cake was given to me by the client... although I noticed that it is also on CC. The cupcakes were copied from ELISEAWOOD!!! Thankyou!!
17 92
By Toniprev
Mar 30, 2008


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