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This was just a fun cake for a friend.  His 13 year old daughter was celebrating her 1/2 birthday.  I decided to do a 1/2 cake.  I froze it and then cut off a hunk of it.  I didn't want the cut side of the cake to dry out so I used choc. BC and iced the flat side and then used crushed Oreo's to simulate the cake's texture.  To continue along with the 1/2 b-day theme, the actual cake is layered 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate.  I was excited to figure out how to make the cut side of the cake look realistic.
11 7
By luv2cake
Jan 28, 2006
Dora cake in buttercream with FBCT on top.  Fondant stars and letters.
12 31
By braggmama2
Jan 28, 2006
This was for a girl's 13th birthday. She was the daughter of a friend of my husbands - turns out she'd never had a birthday cake before! I almost cried. Anyway, this one was inspired by the Whimsical Bakehouse.
3 4
By dydemus
Feb 9, 2006
Made for a friend of mine for her grandmother's 85th birthday party!  My inspiration was the Fiesta cakes done by TripletMom - as you can tell since this is almost an exact close as I could get it!  Sombrero, Chiles and Serape are made from fondant
4 41
By mrwarnke
Feb 25, 2006
I made this cake for a girl who just had surgery.  It is a spin off of a Scooby Doo cake from the Wilton Yearbook.  I didn't have the flower press though so I had to wing it.  Some of the flowers are running together so I learned to always have the press or some sort of pattern!  Other than that I'm happy with it.
6 1
By IsaacsMom
Mar 1, 2006
This was a double layer 1/2 sheet cake for a friend turning 21. It is buttercream icing with fondant ribbon, bow, and dots.  It was a lot of fun to do and she loved the bright colors.
11 37
By luv2cake
Apr 25, 2006
I just wanted to add this picture, because I was searching this site for an example of a 30th birthday cake for a man, and couldn't find one that I could use.  Most of the cakes were for women, or were very elaborate & this cake only needed to serve 7 & also had to travel with my friend for an hour in the car.... so, I hope this helps someone in the future, to find a simple idea!  =)
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By OCakes
Apr 29, 2006
This is a fun one that I did at work.  All done in buttercream.
2 36
By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
By alicia_froedge
Jun 9, 2006
All buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Jun 9, 2006
This was done for a 60th class reunion.  It's a replica of the old school  they went to which is no longer here.  Everything edible: except the flag.   fondant windows, doors, and trim.  Trees are cake and rocks are candy.   This was a huge cake took two men to carry it.
7 7
By keonicakes
Jun 10, 2006
I was nervous doing this cake because when the customer came in and told me what she wanted, she kept saying that she wants it to be perfect and wonderful for her mom and then she started crying-which in turn made me cry! Anyway, all buttercream with the exception of fondant daisies.  Thanks to lacielou76 for doing the roses ahead of time for one of her cakes and letting me snag a few for mine.
9 15
By jenncowin
Jun 14, 2006
Choc. cake filled with whipped milk choc. ganache. Decorated in buttercream except for sun rays which are chocolate. I made for a woman I know who loves the color orange and who is always so bright to be around. I'm delivering it as a surprise tomorrow.
4 4
By fmandds
Jun 22, 2006
Customer wanted something bright and flowery.  This was my first time to use a diamond impression mat and I really loved using it.  The cake is an 8" two layer round with BC.  The buterfly is a paper cutout, glittered and covered in contact paper.  They customer came by my office and said it was the best cake and everyone loved it.  Just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!
5 9
By jewels625
Jun 23, 2006
Two tier 30th birthday cake for my husband. Top tier (square) spice cake, Bottom tier (hexagon) chocolate.  Bright colors and patterns on cake.  Wanted to do something fun for his birthday.
3 10
By celticoak
Aug 2, 2006
This is the cake that gave me so much grief.  But the fine folks here at CC saw me through this project (into the wee hours i might add)  Thanks from my heart!  My SIL was very pleased.  The middle tier says "have a beautiful life baby henry", this was for his dedication ceremony.  Top tier, scratch freckled mocha cake with baileys irish cream mousse, middle tier scratch chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling, and bottom golden butter cake with raspberry amaretto buttercream.
8 4
By maemae
Aug 5, 2006
12-9-6 Topsy Turvy Cake.  Inspired by colors of nature, the bride is a Botanist.  Apple Red, Daffodil Yellow, Granny Smith Apple Green, Carrot Orange with Daisies, lady bugs and butterflies.  All elements made with rolled fondant or gum paste with the exception of the dots and antenae for the lady bugs.
15 96
By NCcakelady
Aug 9, 2006
fondant over dummy....pastilage stylized 'butterfly' topper
2 39
By cakearoni
Aug 10, 2006
This is a birthday cake I made for my sister's friend.
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
By yellowjacket
Aug 11, 2006
Fondant Decorations, Swiss Meringue Buttercream
7 36
By yellowjacket
Aug 11, 2006
Two tier cake, buttercream icing marbled with different neon colors.  Fondant stars on top. Tinted piping gel for designs on sides of cake.
2 12
By celticoak
Aug 11, 2006
I made this cake for a 30th Birthday, she likes butterfies.  I was so stuck, they asked me at the last minute and all they said was make something with a butterfly on it.  They were coming to pick the cake up at 9:30 this morning and at 12:00 am I still had no idea what to do.  I got on this site and researched butterflies and thanks to LisaMS, this was the end result.  I hope you're not upset that I copied your cake but I was desperate, and you were my life saver.
5 13
By Lousaria
Aug 18, 2006
First birthday cake for a friend. He is an Elmo fanatic. I tried to get this to look like Elmo's world as much as possible, but I was rushed because of a family emergency so I had to deliver it early. The little cake on the side is the smash cake. All of this was done freehand watching the Elmo's world video over, and over, and over again.    Elmo's world, Elmo's world, La la la la, La la la la, Elmo's world
1 5
By barbaranoel
Aug 21, 2006
This the the first real cake decorating I've tried. I was quite happy with it although I would do a few things differently next time. I did it for my 16 yr. old daughter who loves frogs and cats. It was fun....and I love this site!
8 17
By maddiseeyore
Aug 27, 2006
I think this is one of my favoret cakes to date.  It is just so bright and cheery.  It was my take on one of the wilton yearbook cover cakes, sorry don't remember wich one.  Took a lot longer than I thought it would but I think it was worth it. It was confetti bunt cake with fondant covering and flowers and swirls in gumpast.
41 554
By phoohbear
Sep 3, 2006
marble cake, buttercream frosting.  Can anyone tell me if humidity plays a role in frosting success?  This just wouldn't smooth...didn't seem right from the mixer...i've made it a ton of times and don't know why this turned out different, except that it was very humid today...please give any suggestions...this was a bear!  Glad it's done.  Seemed like such a simple idea.
6 2
By maemae
Sep 8, 2006
Made for my grandmother's best friend.  They belong to a ladies group called PEO and their flower is the daisy.  I had just loaded up at Hobby Lobby with my 50% off coupon so I wanted to try out a bunch of my new fondant tools.
1 6
By Lambshack
Sep 20, 2006
My daughters' 5th birthday...inspired by one on this site and whimsical bakehouse cookbook

thanks for looking
11 6
By maemae
Sep 25, 2006
They wanted something simple and bright and NO flowers. So this is what I did for them. They loved it.
4 6
By GrannieJ
Oct 7, 2006
Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  Got my inspiration from The Whimsical Bakehouse cake book.
By cake2decorate
Nov 5, 2006
White cake with bc icing. Def. not my own creation.... lots of inspiration from CC members! I used nilla wafers to make the "pegs." Kids loved this cake!
8 6
By chefamanda
Nov 10, 2006
I did this for my little girl's 1st birthday.  I got the inspiration from the Whimsical Bakehouse Bakery Book.
2 6
By pinkroost
Nov 16, 2006
This was my daughter's second birthday cake.
3 12
By Marlo
Nov 18, 2006
4 9
By mrssambo
Dec 23, 2006
This was my entry in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show for 2005. My first time to enter any competition. The cake had to be inspired and designed by a wedding gown. The wedding gown I chose was from India and was the same color pink as the cake with the same decoration. I earned a silver division for this cake. Thanks for looking!!
10 27
By CakeL8T
Jan 2, 2007
I added extra long candles in between the blue dots which looked really nice.  My roommate loved it so that's all that matters!
By stefholz8
Feb 11, 2007
8" buttercream cake with fondant flowers.  The only direction I was given for this cake was that the recipient liked bright colors.
1 2
By sondrad
Mar 12, 2007
Okay so its stacked cake 2.0 I love it more than the first one I did, a lot more really. I am still having trouble getting a good clean sharp "line" between the cakes, it always kind of curves down to the bottom layer. I wanted something bright today so this is that! Any and all constructive advice and comments are more than welcome. I am just scared I am not making progress, like I am stuck in my learning!
4 2
By Aliwis000
Mar 17, 2007
a 12x15 sheet cake, a 8" round slightly shaped with a mini wonder mold on top for the sombrero,  buttercream decoration.
5 48
By sweetcakes
Mar 24, 2007
This is a fun cake iced in butter cream with fondant rolled roses. leaves and initial on top.
4 15
By pinkflamingo
Jan 26, 2006


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