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Three tiers of caramel mud, Boonenati's recipes, covered in Bakels pettinice and with a modelling paste bride and groom on top.
38 62
By franjmc
Mar 1, 2007
Made for engagement party.
2 20
By alwayscro
Mar 13, 2007
NFSC with MMF and RI detail
5 23
By cheekysweets
Feb 27, 2007
This is a bride and groom Im working on for a wedding at the end of February. The picture has gone back to the bride's mother (who ordered the cake) for approval. Both figures done in gumpaste, groom's glasses done with silver flower wire and lots of patience (i almost felt like squishing them last night, as they didnt want to be square frames)
19 36
By boonenati
Feb 5, 2006
The groom came up with a great top the tower with a white and chocolate cupcake for "bride and groom". They actually had made the most adorable cut-outs of a bride and groom with their faces from photographs to stick in each cupcake...adorable!!!
4 16
By antonia74
May 13, 2005
This is a closeup of the bride and groom ion the top of the cake.
7 5
By icingonthecupcake
Feb 15, 2006
This was inspired by a cake put on here by sammsuts.  This was for my sister's rehearsal dinner this past Friday.  She is white cake with strawberry filling and he is milk chocolate with chocolate mousse.  The saying on the banner is an inside joke.  Everyone flipped out!
4 10
By saas74
Nov 27, 2005
i call these guys my funky spunky couple,  the bodies are from some previous toppers, i just changed the   i really dislike making clothes so this was the easy alternative....
10 28
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 27, 2007
Cake cut after "Noddy" from Debbie Brown´s Favorite character cakes. Covered with fondant. Bride & groom made from fondant. Details painted with silver luster dust.
14 45
By Tuggy
Mar 19, 2006
Crocodile bride and groom with Australian Native flowers
8 9
By socake
Mar 22, 2006
The wedding invitation had a bride and a groom building a sandcastle, so when I was asked to do the bridal shower cake, I was inspired! :) Bride and Groom are from the Celebrate with Fondant book from Wilton. Sandcastle mold is from Williams-Sonoma. Sand is crushed vanilla wafers and raw sugar. Seashells are white chocolate brushed with luster dust
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By thecakegirl
Aug 19, 2005
This is a cake that I made of a bride and a groom of to their honeymoon in a green punch buggy.  The first tier is french vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling.  The second tier is vanilla cake with black raspberry jam, the third tier is vanilla cake with brown sugar buttercream.  The cake is covered and decorated with fondant.
10 9
By icingonthecupcake
Feb 15, 2006
2 3
By Denisedk
May 21, 2006
I just did these for my cousin's bridal shower.  I loved the way the bouquet detail came out.
7 33
By di55
Jun 10, 2006
The party's theme colours were white, red & black.

I made my first 3D bride and groom using a chocolate mold, but both their heads broke off as I was getting it out!! Arrrrgh... 

With only one hour to go before they picked it up, I used my cookie cutters instead....and I actually like the silhouette feel of this design even better.
8 7
By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
Effiel Tower, Bride/Groom, flowers made of fondant/gumtext - Fondant ribbon & bow - Oval chocolate and yellow cakes - made for a coworker - Proposal took place in Paris.
By susgene
Jun 17, 2006
I was going to make this for a shower tomorrow and then we had to cancel.  But, I had already ordered the Eiffel Tower and had to make "taster" cakes this weekend anyway, soooo I figured "what the heck" and just went all out.  I emailed the bride and groom the picture and said "in 10 years, you won't remember that you didn't get to eat the cake...enjoy the picture!"  This is my first pink and black cake...I just love the color combo!! :)
8 25
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Mar 17, 2006
Mini cakes done for a birdal shower. Tux is made from candy clay and bow is fondant.
5 41
By cakeconfections
Aug 5, 2005
Inspired by several cookies on this site! No fail and Antonia's royal icing.
4 57
By KittisKakes
Jul 10, 2006
These are the people who go with the previous cake
2 2
By estherhead
Jul 22, 2006
My SIL and I worked on this for our husbands cousin.  We did it in the conference room if a hotel/casino,  with lots of patience
13 15
By jowhip
Jul 25, 2006
This is a close up of puppy & bunny.
3 9
By sillyoldpoohbear
Jul 29, 2006
No fail cookies w/royal icing and MMF accents.  Made to go with a  wedding cake tasting for today.  Thanks for looking!
7 18
By newtocakes
May 16, 2006
25th Anniversary cake; cushion shaped cake, covered with white fondant; quilted with silver dragees; topper = his & hers Hearts  (his (groom) = white tuxedo with tiny rose in lapel; hers (bride) = textured wedding dress, royal icing necklace & tiny rose bouquet.
4 5
By Fascination
Aug 15, 2006
3 12
By mari_golde
Aug 23, 2006
Made these at CA Cake Camp in class with Debbie Brown. All Gum paste with only 2 pieces of uncooked spaghetti for neck support.  No patterns or molds--all hand modeled using balls and sausages of gum paste. Hair and flowers were made using the Wilton ejection blossom cutter. Debbie is a delightful teacher with a dry wit.
13 54
By BlakesCakes
Sep 9, 2006
This was a grooms cake.
3 1
By lillcabby
Sep 12, 2006
I made this for a co-workers wedding.  The figures are all fondant except for the hat.
2 1
By manyacakes
Sep 14, 2006
No Fail Sugar Cookies with Antonia74's Icing for Decorated Cookies.  Made to represent members of wedding party, their colours and style of dress.
24 341
By tripletmom
Sep 24, 2006
I was up until 4am baking another cake just in case this one fell apart again and repairing this one the handle was originally a cookie on a skewer but it fell off and left a huge hole in the side I made this one with candy melts and filled the hole with BC . She picked up the cake at 9am so I am on pins and needles waiting to here if something happened to it on the ride.
2 1
By cheekysweets
Oct 1, 2006
What a FUN cake and what a time crunch I had for this cake.  The groom's cake is fondant with fish and boat.  The cake and fish are hand-painted with Luster Dust.  The bride's cake was all buttercream.  Her wedding colors were purple.  I used a cake topper and filed it in half to get the bride and groom.  Everyone really loved it and the idea.  I wish I had a chance to get better pictures.
6 17
By michelegator
Oct 1, 2006
This is my attempt at a classy cowboy cake.  It's cream cheese buttercream icing with a royal icing run-in silhouette and white mint chocolate cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and bead border.  It was my first time working with chocolate.  It was also my first rehearsal dinner cake.  The icing cracked when I set it on my turntable to decorate it--never had that happen before--so I took it off and had to decorate it on a TV tray, instead.  The bride absolutely loved it, so I'm happy!
2 22
By fronklowes
Jun 13, 2006
Specific order for a customer - 6" mudcake on top tier (for cutting) and devilish chocolate cupcakes with the initials of bride & groom adorning each cupcake.  Skeletan bride & groom made from gumpaste/fondant.
5 7
By Feefs
Oct 14, 2006 is the finished couple, grooms are alot harder than brides to dress.  the suit gave me heaps of trouble....
8 2
By sweet_as_tisse
Oct 26, 2006
These were the cookies I did for my sis. wedding favors.  I had made better ones than these, but they all got eaten up and these were the two I was left with for pics.
9 120
By helipops
Jun 27, 2006
took about 3 hours and 4 attempts but i like it
6 5
By countryslave
Jan 30, 2007
I have to thank kylielam2005 for the inspiration for this cake.  I took the idea from her beautiful cupcakes in tea cups which she posted last year, thanks very much :) This was for a Bridal Expo last night, and it was a huge hit, plus it meant I didn't have to make 50 or so cupcake, which is what I normally do for an expo. they are just vanilla buttercake with whipped white chocolate ganache, sugar flowers and dragees.
7 50
By franjmc
Feb 1, 2007
Here are my bride and groom cookies..i really like the tulle on the bride.
6 46
By acookieobsession
Jul 10, 2006
My first wedding cake....and I finally made it.  I am so excited the way it turned out.  I used dummies and covered it with sugarpaste. Wilton fondant rose in 5 shades...added my own little people...border is with royal icing.
34 66
By dods
Feb 26, 2007
The Wedding cake is fruit cake with fondant icing and royal icing piping. The Bride, Groom, Flowergirl and Page boy are all made of gumpaste.  They have little flower baskets, which they  used instead of  carrying a posy. The Wedding was lovely! Thanks for taking a look!
17 7
By melissaanne
Mar 28, 2007


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