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By millie
May 29, 2006
Waterfall cake - Water and cake is buttercream icing, flowers are royal icing and rocks are jellybeans.
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By kellykake
Jun 3, 2006
This is a 1/2 sheet triple chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache. The groom is a HUGE Spiderman fan, so his sister asked me to do a cake including Spiderman and this is what I came up with .  I was able to find a small enough Spiderman figure that matched to the Barbie doll figure. The phrase says: "With this ring I thee web".  I found a toy Spiderman ring and used it for the center. They LOVED IT! The bride threatened the groom that he better not show up with his Spiderman outfit underneath his tux!
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By wolfyjules
Jun 4, 2006
Practice Cake for my sister's bridal shower.  Had an idea in my head, but don't like how the hearts came out.
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By ps3884
Jun 5, 2006
Chocolate Fudge cake with mocha buttercream filling.  Made for a bridal shower last weekend.
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By JulieBugg2000
Jun 5, 2006
Here is my most recent cake...  It is for a bridal shower this afternoon.  I based the design off of the invitation for the event.
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By namaman
Mar 16, 2006
I made this cake for my niece.  The bottom is a carrot cake with orange BC and the top is red velvet with BC.  All covered with fondant. Flowers are MMF/gumpaste.  I wanted to put more details on the bottom cake but my baby had chickenpox and did not have enough time. Thanks for looking.
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By sandralita
Jun 9, 2006
Bride to be wanted Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Said her plates were reminiscient of Kandinsky's painting, so I found Wilton Brush on colors in the clearance aisle the night they were due, and click!  I used a paint brush and did the circles on top.  It also pays to be a teacher, I've asked other teachers to save the cupcake holders, so I might not have to purchase my own quite yet.
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By K8E
Jun 11, 2006
This was a 'replica' of the invitation to the lingerie shower.  The entire top of the cake is a BCT.  Lemon cake with lemon frosting filling, and buttercream on the outside.
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By nocentstar
Jun 14, 2006
Bridal shower cake, heart with flowers.
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By creativecakesbychristine
Jun 14, 2006
I made this cake for my friend's surprise Bridal Shower.  She was shocked about the shower and the cake.  Everyone loved it and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would when I was making it lol.  Strawberry cake with vanilla pudding filling and buttercream icing and mmf.
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By sun33082
Jun 17, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate bc filling & raspberry jam filling.  Iced with white bc and decorated with fondant roses made on a blow-pop lollipop so they were completely edible.
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By SpaceMonque
Jun 18, 2006
Buttercream base and corneilli lace with royal icing roses and violets in shades of periwinkle and violet for a bridal shower.
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By cakeshy
Jun 18, 2006
This was a last minute request by my sister-in-law for her work party.  I didn't have much time so it's an all-white crusting cream cheese cake that I only used two tips on:  tip 95 for the borders and the diamond/square shaped tip for all of the other details.
By fronklowes
Jun 18, 2006
I made this for my sister's bridal shower.  Still need a lot of  practice with fondant.  Can't seem to get that "crisp" look that so many here have.  Had a lot of air bubbles and wasn't as level as I would have hoped but, overall I was pleased.  My sister loved it.  My second attempt at cornelli lace.  12", 10", and 8", each layer torted 2x's.  From top to bottom:  banana cake with strawberry filling, chocolate cake with strawberry filling, vanilla cake with buttercream filling.
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By ps3884
Jun 19, 2006
Last minute request. Only thing I was told was to make a cake turquoise and fuchsia. Yellow cake with bc and covered in fondant. Thanks for looking!
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By sandralita
Jun 19, 2006
June 4, 2006 -
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By TemptationJ9
Jun 20, 2006
I made the cake to look like the invitations.  The icing bubbled on me overnight.  I guess the cake shrunk overnight.  Oh well, the bride liked it.
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By geehouse
Jun 22, 2006
This is a chocolate cake decorated with vanilla rum buttercream made for a lingerie party.  I originally planned to use MMF, but it just didn't work out!  :)
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By rachaelwelch
Jun 22, 2006
I made this cake for my nephew's wedding party.  It was for couples.  My inspiration was the cake in Colette's birthday cakes book.  As soon as I saw the cake in the book I knew I wanted to make it for him who loves to fish. Thanks for looking.
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By sandralita
Jun 24, 2006
Bridal shower cake.
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By geehouse
Mar 22, 2006
Customer requested "bells on top"
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By LadyGDiver
Jun 25, 2006
I made the bells out of fondant and hand pipe dainty designs on each.  The roses are piped out of royal icing and sprinkled with pearl luster dust.
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By LadyGDiver
Jun 25, 2006
Petunias (my favorite & easiest to make) on a heart cake with glitter.
By SpaceMonque
Jun 26, 2006
I did this one last weekend.  Buttercream icing with fondant bows.
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By cowspot_me
Jun 27, 2006
I made this cake for my soon-to-be SIL's Bridal Shower.  The original cake is done by Sarahscakes, so all credit goes to her!  I didn't have enough time to make the sugar flowers that would have made the cake look more delicate, but it was fun to do!  Cake are 6 inch vanilla with chocolate ganache filling and 8 inch chocolate with chocolate hazelnut filling.  TFL!
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By mvucic
Jun 28, 2006
Cake done in BC, with fondant flowers and a fondant butterfly.  This cake gave me such trouble, I put the wrong size flowers on it and so this morning I had to go back and remake the flowers smaller.  Yeah, what a treat :)  This cake was done for a mom's group that decided to get together and have a party just for the mom's where they bring in their wedding albums and have dinner.  They wanted a small wedding cake for it!
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By helipops
Jun 28, 2006
Tied ribbons to Bridesmaid's's charms and tucked under the roses for a friend's bridal shower.
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By Nana784
Mar 26, 2006
Ivory buttercream, laminated photo & yummy strawberries on a almond cream cheese cake.
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By ladybug03
Jun 28, 2006
By augustlm
Jun 28, 2006
I made this for my friends bridal shower. It's a lemonade cake with a lemon mousse and a vanilla buttercream. It was very good. I made the flowers out of royal icing. After course II, this was my first time doing flowers was a little nerve racking, but they came out ok. The gal giving the party gave me a napkin to match the colors.
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By manatee19
Jun 29, 2006
Cake is covered in buttercream icing.  The tulip flowers are made of fondant.  The leaves are buttercream.  I was not happy with the leaves.  Any suggestions to improve the leaves would be appreciated.
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By mrsa143
Jun 30, 2006
This is a 12" white cake with White Buttercream Icing topped with approx. 50 roses.  There's a Wilton book that has a similar cake on the cover with 2 shades of pink roses.  I made that one a week prior to this one.  My aunt wanted a white cake with red roses and so I chose the same design because I wanted to see the pink one in another color.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 3, 2006
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 3, 2006
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
10" Round Lemon Cake with Raspberry Filling. BC letters and cornelli lace with Luster Dust accents. Inspired by a user of this site...slejdick (Thank you)
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By AJsMom
Jul 6, 2006
This cake was done for my grandma's birthday and is a traditional Uruguayan butter cake with dulce de leche filling.  It is frosted in buttercream with buttercream roses.
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By divaricks
Jul 6, 2006
I made this cake for my daughters dance teacher. The kids had a little bridal shower for her. I didnt have the right pan so I used what I had. Turned out a little bit of a weird shape. but I tried.
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By mijogian
Jul 8, 2006
I used a crusting buttercream to create a marbled fondant look on the base of the cake.  White chocolate seashells, rice paper pinwheels.  The sandcastle was baked in a shaped Bundt pan, I glazed it with apricot preserves and sprinkled it with superfine sugar to make it sparkle.  I have another version in rolled fondant I will post later.  I was pleased they came out so similar!
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By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
Fondant and royal icing.  I'd really like to try this cake again, because I see so many things about it that bother me - but not bad for a first attempt!  See the teacup that goes with it.
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By SweetResults
Jul 10, 2006


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