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Zack had a Science Party for his 7th birthday.  So I get a call in November (his birthday is January 6th).  
Auntie! you know I am having a science party, right? 
Yes Zack, I do.
Cuz I am way into science and stuff.
Yes Zack (smiling)
So I think..well you know how you can make volcanos out of paper and they can really burp smoke...
Yes. Zack (oh goodness where is this going...)
WELL Mom found a cake online that looks like a volcano AND burps smoke and lava!  I would like that cake Auntie!
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By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005
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By DebraZ
Jul 13, 2005
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By DebraZ
Jul 13, 2005
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By allissweets
Oct 23, 2005
My version of a dinosaur cake I saw on this very webpage. Fun and easy to make!
4 9
By wyatt
Nov 5, 2005
This is a white cake with a banana mouse filling.  I cut the sheet cake to make it look like a boat.  Everything is iced with buttercream with some fondant accents, ie: arms, nose flag, plaque in the back.  I got the idea from the Cake Corner web site, thanks!  Thanks for looking!
6 18
By MellyD
Nov 27, 2005
this was for my son's 2nd Birthday. It was such a fun and easy cake to make. the picture doesn't do it justice though.. i dont think any really do.
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By JennB
Jan 1, 2006
made with regular race car pan and colorflow numbers
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By JennB
Jan 1, 2006
This was a cake I did for my best friend's little boy.  He just loves Yu-gi.  The boys all fought over who got to eat the eyes... (go figure, LOL)
4 4
By okieinalaska
Jan 12, 2006
This cake is for a little boy that couldn't make up his mind on which Super Hero he wanted. So I put them all on there. All are edible images...the rosettes at the top were for his candles.....thanks for looking
4 1
By spoiledtoodef
Jan 25, 2006
First time doing a 3D was tons of fun!  Thanks to SquirrellyCakes for all of her advice...I couldn't have done this cake otherwise.  Three 6x3 round Chocolate Mud cakes (thanks boonenati & auzzi) with WBH Cookies & Cream filling.  BC icing and MMF accent decorations.  My DS loved it!
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By JennT
Jan 29, 2006
I made this cake for a boy's sixth birthday.  He loved it.  It is a cake baked in a bowl on a 9x13 cake.  I made the rocks out of fondont.
By dpwmom
Feb 22, 2006
Cake I did for my son's 3rd birthday. First time working with color flow (outside of the butterflies I did in Wilton II class) wish the windows came out better. I liked the way the cake came out though. Spiderman is a candle.
19 45
By genean
Feb 24, 2006
My nephew is a motorcross nut - he's only 6 but already has his own gas powered motor bike.  He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and his mom brought me the fake trees and toy bikes to put on top of the cake. The dirt bike path is a mixture of crushed nilla wafers and chocolate graham crackers. The birthday boy was thrilled!
2 17
By sdfgarcia
Mar 30, 2006
Birthday cake for my 14 yr-old son who is a true football fan.
By moptop
Apr 1, 2006
This was 10 layers of cake. The stars and planets are from JoAnns they are sticky foamies. The "wings" are made of white chocolate. This was my first attempt at a 3D cake.
2 9
By barbaranoel
Apr 10, 2006
I had no idea where this cake would go but I loved it when it was finished.  So did Kyle.
By Coastiemom
Apr 28, 2006
10" & 6" round w/ almond BC icing - fondant accents and plastic figures.  Would like to thank Boween for inspiration from her Power Rangers Cake.
11 39
By bjfranco
May 13, 2006
8" round w/ BC icing, BC flames and fondant silhouettes.  Once again I like to thank Boween for her inspiration. :)  The flames were fun to make!!!!  Had to watch myself...I was getting carried away!
6 27
By bjfranco
May 14, 2006
I did this for a gift certificate winner I donated to my son's school fundraiser.  The nurse at the school won it and used it for her son's birthday.  White cake, marbled blue, BC frosting with FBCT spidey.  Had fun making spidey! Thanks for looking
By mariamom
May 19, 2006
Did this for a co-worker's son's 7th birthday.  He had the reptile guy come with all the snakes. White cake with strawberry cream cheese tunnel covered in buttercream and fondant with fondant snake accents
4 2
By MsFarmFresh
May 26, 2006
Customer wanted vanilla cake with frogs and bugs...the frogs are fondant handmade, bugs are plastic. iced in bc.
36 330
By Tat
May 26, 2006
My friends wanted a birthday cake done for their little boy turning 2. They wanted a Thomas the Tank cake (which I did) but I did this one as an extra. It is FBCT, and I am totally addicted to doing them !!! I know that we are supposed to blur out faces on pics of cakes, but I don't know if this counts ????
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By sedinga
Jun 8, 2006
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By janetwhitson
Jun 10, 2006
half chocolate and half white with all buttercream icing.
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By tsuitor
Jun 16, 2006
The inside is a chocolate and yellow checkerboard (or at least an "attempt" to do so).  It is iced with Chocolate  Buttercream.  The flags, road, and winner's circle are all made from fondant.
2 2
By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
Chocolate cakes (12 x 18 & football pan) with Buttercream Icing.
4 36
By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
After seeing an updated picture of the Incredible Hulk I looked at all my novelty pans and for some reason I turned my Blue's Clues pan upside down.  There is was ~ the BIG ears on Blue's Clues was perfect for the Hulk's fists.
5 17
By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
Cars birthday cake for my son's 5th BD. Road made with black MMF with card board backing for support.
3 11
By Richiescakes
Jul 8, 2006
My first attempt at airbrushing. What'd ya think?
11 20
By angelak
Jul 9, 2006
An 11x15x2 cake was cut in half and stacked.  Filling is 2 layers of pineapple and one of sliced, fresh bananas with the cake being strawberry.  Iced w/buttercream; airbrushed.  Everything on the cake is edible (foil-covered choco coins; fondant pearls etc) except for the lid and a couple of pearl strands.
3 2
By kakeladi
Jul 15, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's little boy who was turning two.  Her son is infatuated with farms, John Deere tractors and holstein cows in particular, as my uncle owns a dairy farm.  It was a last minute request so the local dollar store was able to help out with the farm themed props.  Half vanilla, half chocolate cake iced with buttercream.  The lane is graham wafer crumbs.  Guests thought the 'grass' was really fun.  Thanks for looking.
5 7
By CarolynE
Jul 16, 2006
Cut from a 12x18 sheet cake.  Iced with buttercream. Decorations are made from mostly fondant.  Knobs are molded white chocolate (from the lid of a tip case), the strings are spaghetti.  Whammy bar is a long popsicle stick and the only inedible thing on the cake.  Thanks to everyone on this site for all of their great pictures.  I looked over them, got a lot of great ideas and then went to town with a picture of the guitar from the client.
9 29
By msauer
Jul 16, 2006
A friend's son was having a "Fantastic 4" birthday party.  I never even knew what that was and soon learned it was a comic and a movie.  So I did some research and found a few pictures.  Then I found that the birthday boy wanted the cake to be "The Thing" and so this is what I came up with.
4 2
By taznjo
Jul 20, 2006
I made this for my friends son.  It was made Buttercreme icing and an airbursh.  The toys came from my sons army playset.  I used grahm cracker crumbs to make the "sand".
1 9
By insaneusmcwife
Jul 22, 2006
Toolbox cake made out of two sheet cakes stacked on top of each other and then carved out to make the toolbox shape. The handle is made from fondant all the tools are plastic.
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By AmberC2
Jul 25, 2006
1/4 sheet cake with a large wonder mold cake on top. Covered in buttercream and the a combo of cake and oreos for the dirt. Plastic bugs and snakes. Very simple!
3 2
By AmberC2
Jul 29, 2006
I made this for my son's 12th birthday.  He was into his gameboy so he loved the cake. I made it to be the color of his.  It looked better in person.  The light hanging above the cake apparently  left a glare on the cake when I took the picture. (This cake was one of my first "decorated cakes"  yikes...hopefully I've improved some.LOL)
By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
I made this for my son's 7th birthday.  I hate the glare the light above the cake left...augh....  It didn't really look shiney like that.
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By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
Match box size fondant molded race cars on a fondant track with  flag.  Sheet cake frosted with decorator icing.
3 12
By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005


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