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By marowe4
Mar 23, 2007
Boy baby shower cake with fondant baby booties
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By Eliseawood
Mar 25, 2007
This was done to match the baby's bedding.
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By cmmom
Apr 1, 2007
This is my first baby shower cake using fondant and gumpaste, This is a practice cake.  The other cake is more ornate.
By dabugeeju
Apr 3, 2007
This is my first attempt at this baby shower cake. It is a white baby's onezie with a "I Love You" blue bib. The cake has great detail. I hope this help inspire others to keep going with great ideas!~
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By sparklecakes
Apr 4, 2007
Cake is yellow, all icing and decorations done in BC.  This is inspired from a cupcake I saw in the Wilton Method Course 1 handbook.
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By Tracy0127
Apr 5, 2007
I combined several great ideas I found in the galleries here at CC to design this cake.  12x18 sheet (white and chocolate) with Wilton star pan on top (strawberry).  All buttercream (white almond and chocolate almond).  Cow and boots are my first attempt at fondant figures!.
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By StaceyC3
Apr 6, 2007
This cake is buttercream with fondant accents.  I added gum-tex to bow loops for firmness.  I almost had a panic attack the night before the cake was was very humid and the loops would NOT dry!!!  Luckily, they finally firmed up enough to put the bow together.
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By christen9302
Apr 14, 2007
Buttercream icing with MMF accents.  Everything is edible.  The baby and the booties were made from gum-tex.  The bear, puppy, rattles, blanket, and stars were made from MMF.
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By Tawana
Apr 17, 2007
These are cookie favors I made for a baby shower. NFSC with Antonia74's royal icing.
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By golfgirl1227
Apr 29, 2007
I got the idea from the Wilton Pan with the baby. Did a frozen butter cream transfer of the baby and matched the colors of the shower. Cake is Chocolate
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By STX44703
May 15, 2007
Half choc with BC filling and half WASC with pinapple filling frosted in BC with Fondant accents.  I want to thank all the ccer's for inspiration for this cake since there are so many with the onsie on the cake.  This worked perfectly since it was a white themed shower with white onsie's.  Comments welcomed!!!!
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By joby1
May 23, 2007
Cakes are White Almond Sour Cream Wedding Cake.  Round Cake is covered with MMF and MMF decorations.  My version of Wilton's Baby Clothes Line Cake.  The Baby  is a Wilton Cake Topper.  The other 2 sheet cakes are covered with BC.  The overall and buttons are MMF. Since this was for a very large baby shower (100+ guests) the customer wanted a cute cake for the table and plain sheet cakes to serve from the kitchen.  Thanks for looking.
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By LittleBigMomma
May 27, 2007
WASC Cake covered with MMF and MMF decorations. Wilton Baby Cake Topper. This is my take of Wilton's Baby Clothesline Cake.
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By LittleBigMomma
May 28, 2007
this is the finished christening cake, i posted the bootie and giraffe earlier in the week..  i decided to add a few extra decorations,  choc mud cake iced in c hoc ganache then covered in fondx...  i put this in the baby shower gallery as i thought is was appropriate for a baby shower aswell...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jun 1, 2007
Chocolate & white cake with chocolate buttercream. Dots are fondant.
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By AmberC2
Jun 28, 2007
Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.  Pearl dust added to blanket, shimmer dust to stars and moon.  This was my second time working with fondant.  I've always admired the sleeping baby cakes that I've seen on this site -- I'm glad I had the chance and the guts to do my own!
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By bethallan
Jul 6, 2007
8 inch round layer cake.  Made for a baby's baptism, but I thought it would be good in the baby shower section.  Buttercream icing with fondant dots, stars, baby, and blanket.
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By StaceyC3
Jul 9, 2007
This is a cake I did about a year ago for my brother & sister-in-law's baby shower. Don't know why I haven't uploaded it until now. :-) Inspired by Cakes by Diane on here. I added the border around the cake to match the nursery decor, specifically the wall paper border (see side view of cake for better picture).
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By lara3teach
Jul 12, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing for a clients friend who just had twin boys.

Thanks for looking!
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By FatAndHappy
Jan 13, 2007
chocolate cake w/ bavarian cream filling. She wanted green, yellow, ducks and building blocks w/ the baby's name on it. Covered in MMF. My first fondant baby and teddy bear, which can use a lot more work but it's ok for my first time I think. I think the bear was really cute.
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By loveqm
Jul 13, 2007
Offset yellow cake with buttercream frosting. Made for a friend's baby shower. No theme so I just made the bottom layer blue and the top white with his name and added some color with the border.
By nikki82
Jul 20, 2007
This was a cake a made about a year ago for my first nephew's baby shower. At this time I had not taken any kind of cake decorating classes, and I think it was still nice! I had a flower arrangement of fresh black-eyed-susies in floral foam cut to fit in the back of the dump truck. It was the cutest thing, but I put the arrangement in the fridge overnight and the next day for the shower they were all droopy and pitiful looking so I just trashed that idea with great sadness, but overall the cake turned out good and tasted great!
By kweenofengland
Jul 22, 2007
I saw this idea on CC and revamped it a bit
I really wasn't too happy with the mass basketweave, i wish i would have made the center a little bigger, oh well
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By mcassada
Jul 25, 2007
Just another Oh Boy cake made for my cousin. The father-to-be was a Nebraska fan, and the Mommy-to-be was an Oklahoma I tried to represent them both!
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By mkerton
Jan 27, 2007
Got this idea from a fellow CC'er and loved it so much I used it for my niece's baby shower.
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By HaileysMom
Aug 7, 2007
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By christy5022
Aug 12, 2007
12X18" marble sheet- torted and filled with bc-covered w/ bc. MMF decorations highlighted with airbrush. A little to grownup for a babyshower in my opinion- but what they asked for!!
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By sweetviolent
Aug 18, 2007
NFSC, toba's glace
By kimberlina25
Aug 27, 2007
This was a baby shower cake that I did for my cousin. It was a chocolate cake with custurd filling decorated all in buttercream. I think I'm getting a little better
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By teresa97914
Sep 1, 2007
Done for a baby boy shower
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By kcepenney
Sep 7, 2007
I love this cake so much....people want me to do it all the time!
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By kcepenney
Sep 7, 2007
This is my first baby shower cake...inspired, of course, by many wonderful artists on CC!
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By mariannedavis
Sep 12, 2007
This is my first baby shower cake...inspired, of course, by many wonderful artists on CC!
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By mariannedavis
Sep 12, 2007
Another onsie cake made out of an 11x15. This time I used white chocolate bears and star dusted with Super Pearl dust and put the baby's name in the tag area. This was a WSC cake (no almond) and BC frosting.
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By BlairsMom
Sep 12, 2007
This was my first attempt at a clothesline cake.  I'm not pleased with the results, but the mother-to-be was!  Inspired by CC members
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By MerryAm
Sep 12, 2007
This is my humble attempt at a cake design done by boween.  My customer was absolutely thrilled.  Fortunately, she didn't see the picture of the cake boween did!  :-)  10" and 6" iced in bc with fondant accents.  Gumpaste booties and fondant bear and banner.  My first attempt at a bear, definitely need some more practice.  Not perfect, but overall I was happy with the cake.
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By ps3884
Sep 15, 2007
10" yellow sour cream cake covered in lemon icing with fondant hearts & stars
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By lemonicing
Sep 21, 2007
This is a cake I made for a friend at work who was having a baby.   It is all butter cream.  I used the wilton double mix book cake pan, 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white cake.  Thanks to all the other post on this site with such great ideas.
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By djoyce
Sep 23, 2007
9x13 and 9" round. Mixed layers of chocolate and vanilla, chocolate buttercream filling, buttercream w/fondant blanket & edible image whinnie the pooh. Thanks to CC cakers for the idea, they loved it!
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By DecorateMe
Oct 5, 2007


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