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This cake was done for a Christmas party.  It's iced in buttercream, silver dragees placed on the side, with 50/50 fondant/gumpaste dress bows and bow tails.
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By Tiffany
Apr 13, 2005
This was the 2nd cake I entered at the local fair.  It was entered as a Celebration Cake.  This cake took first place and best of show at the fair.  It also generated the order for the 23 centerpiece wedding cakes.  This was my first loopy bow and my first competition cake.
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
Ordered for a friends wedding anniversary.  Inside was a butter cake with a fresh strawberry buttercream filling.  Bow was made with 50/50 mix and textured with a silk dupion roller.
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By Godiva
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was made for my aunt's 46th birthday.  The cakes are chocolate with whipped cream filling and covered in whipped cream.  I airbrushed them and then put final decorations on by piping more whipped cream.  The happy birthday tag is made of gumpaste and then the words are hand painted with food dye gel.  These cakes are supposed to lot sort of like a stack of presents.  It was fun to do.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
Made this for a client who wanted something sweet and simple in pink for her little girl!
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By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
Baby boy baby shower.
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By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
2 Layer White cake frosted with Wilton's Decorating Icing and topped with a purple bow made from the MMF recipe from this site (very good recipe by the way)... with a purple trim at the bottom, & white swirls all around.  First time to do the swirls and I hope to get better with more practice.
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By MaddieCakes
Apr 13, 2005
This is a cake I did this weekend for a bridal shower.  Buttercream icing. Filled with pudding, strawberries and bananas.  Bow is gumpaste.   Enjoy
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By Jennz818
Apr 24, 2005
A friend of mine is godmother to these two little girls who were baptized together.
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By VickiC
May 16, 2005
The customer wanted an all purpose cake to serve for the birtday & anniversary get together she was having for this month. She didn't care what I did so long as all that writing was on the cake. I really didn't want to do a generic cake with all writing so this is what I came up with. The customer was absolutely amazed and was thrilled with it. 
I had originally made the bow in fondant but since it wasn't dry enough t hold it's shape I resorted to the chocolate. And let me tell you it was so much better.
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By sweetie
May 28, 2005
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By Jelena
May 29, 2005
The bride loved purple!  I created this cake with several different flavors so the guests could have a variety.  It is adorned with buttercream and fondant bows.
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By divaofcakes
Jun 27, 2005
By desertm
Jun 29, 2005
Fondant covered square with fondant ribbon and bow.
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By msbask
Jul 4, 2005
My attempt at a Wilton Cheesecake -- I used a 10" pan instead of 9" so the choc pieces didn't fit too well...
It tasted spectacular though!  It led to 20 orders!
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By edcjenv
Jul 7, 2005
Cake was delivered 50 miles away, I was scared, but it was a first attempt at fondant bows, the pattern presses came from Earlene's Cakes.
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By loree001
Jul 24, 2005
White butter cake filled with homemade cherry jam and white chocolate ganache, covered with rolled fondant and topped with gumpaste bows.
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By johnboy
Jul 30, 2005
The wedding's colours were silver and lilac, so this matched perfectly. 

The cake was Tahitian Vanilla filled with fresh strawberry buttercream, in 6", 9" and 12" tiers.
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By antonia74
Jul 31, 2005
This was my very first big cake. I made it for my 15th birthday. I did not like it so much because back then I did not know how to make fondant. At least this one wasn't that bad
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By xinue
Aug 16, 2005
This was actually done for a baby shower at work (lady's second baby hence the 2 in the toppe), but it turned out a bit more whimsical and birthday-like rather than baby shower-ish.  The #2 is candy melts and the bow and curlies are fondant.  The rest is buttercream.
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By christyA
Aug 16, 2005
An all edible gift box.  Bow and tissue paper made of gumpaste, all else is fondant.
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By Godiva
Aug 19, 2005
Simple cake, Vanilla cake, bc icing, white chocolate bow
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By Rexy
Aug 21, 2005
Simple white cake with fondant bow brushed with shimmer dust.  Fondant cut-outs on the sides.
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By thecakemaker
Aug 23, 2005
I made this for a co-worker who is leaving to go back to school. Also a practise cake: my first try with MMF. I love it!!
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By carisa
Aug 23, 2005
This was my final class cake.  Roses are fondant with gum-tex added.
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By mvucic
Aug 26, 2005
I made another gumpaste bow -  it looks a lot better than the first one. Not perfect, but it looks a lot better. A few of my loops broke on me, but I think it still looks okay. Any tips or pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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By eryka1842
Aug 30, 2005
This was the final cake for my advanced cake decorating class.  First fondant bow (a real learning experience).  It was not hard but I know some things to try differently next time.  This was a fun cake to make.
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By crp7
Aug 31, 2005
I did this for a friend's wedding. Chocolate fudge cake w/ strawberry buttercream filling and Dreamy Cream Buttercream. (thanx PolishMommy) It was my second bow and first time cornelli lace. Everyone loved it!
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By eryka1842
Sep 6, 2005
This was my first time using gumpaste and doing a bow.  Next time I don't think I'll use white "glue" for the bow, but at least it was fun to practice!
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By APCakes
Sep 11, 2005
Fondant roses, fondant bows.  Buttercream accents.
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
Covered with mm fondant and mm fondant bow.  Tried to make a Dora out of a mini bear pan....didn't look good, so I put in a toy!  My daughter loved it!!!
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
Covered in mm fondant and mm fondant bow.  Same thing here.  Actually, I got the two pic mixed up!!!  OH well.  Both my daughters LOVED their cakes!!!
2 13
By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
This one was pretty easy. My daughter was three months old then so i had to make something that would not be very time consuming.
3 12
By Tamanna
Sep 19, 2005
I made this for an engagement party.  Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and vanilla Satin Ice fondant.  Bows made with Satin Ice and brushed with luster dust for a shimmer.  Rosebuds matched the flower arrangements at the party.
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By thecakemaker
Sep 26, 2005
Made 4 sheet cakes for a baby shower.  I got a lot of ideas from this site.
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By talmas
Sep 27, 2005
This was my first cake with a loopy bow.  Though made 4 days ahead, the loops refused to dry!  Luckily, no one at the shower knew what it was supposed to look like and they loved it.  (Yay!)  Interestingly, I salvaged the bow after the shower and took it home and took it apart and set it aside to see how long the loops would take to really dry.  Two weeks later when I threw them away, they were still limp and droopy.  I've since learned that Pettinice gumpaste by itself never dries.  Who would've thought?!
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By itsacake
Sep 28, 2005
This is a chocolate cake filled with orange marmalade and Grand Marnier filling.  It is covered with chocolate rolled fondant.  The dress bow is gumpaste painted with luster dust.
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By itsacake
Sep 29, 2005
I made this cake for my mom's birthday.  She looked at it for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what was going on.  Then she said "Your'e pregnant!"  She was so excited.
By angelcake4u
Oct 7, 2005
I am very proud to say my 6 yr. old decorated this cake.  She colored and rolled out the gumpaste.  She cut the ribbons, and made the loops. She put the loops where she wanted, and I "glued" them together.  She used the impression mat, put the dots on,a nd made the border at the bottom.  Sorry, so long.  Did I say how proud I was?
By bulldog
Oct 7, 2005
This 2-tier cake for a Valentines Day Wedding was iced in light pink buttercream, and then accented with ivory buttercream hearts.  A pink fondant bow with ribbons trailing down both tiers crowned it.
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By C8keLdy
Apr 13, 2005


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