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This was my first attempt at a sculpted cake...I'm not thrilled with it, but it was just practice.  I'm going to recreate this cake for my dad for father's day.  Blanton's is his favorite bourbon.  I'm also going to add some gold luster dust around the top to create a "wax seal" look.
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By legalbaking
Jun 5, 2005
Made to celebrate a friend of a friend's 50th Birthday
9 23
By msbask
Jul 5, 2005
This cake is made with fondant.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and peanut butter cup filling.
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By icingonthecupcake
Sep 11, 2005
Corona Bottle made from a loaf pan. (white cake mix) covered in fondant, MMF and also used food writers. Sheet cake 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white with buttercream icing.
2 4
By briansbaker
Oct 1, 2005
This cake is made of six 6" cakes and is over 18" tall! It is deep purple MMF with lighter purple MMF lable. It was made for a party given by a woman who sells this health drink.
6 32
By peacockplace
Oct 13, 2005
iced in buttercream except the basket and label are fondant.
15 24
By sweetcakes
Oct 17, 2005
Chocolate basketweave, chocolate wine bottle with fondant labels, fondant grapes and rope basket handles.
15 30
By jjandascog
Oct 24, 2005
The Malibu Rum bottle is Rum flavored cake and delicious if you love rum!  The bottle is covered in MMF.  This really was not as hard to make as I thought it would be!
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By creativecakesbychristine
Oct 27, 2005
This was pretty much copied straght from the Wilton site.  It is three 8-inch layers and one six-inch layer of lemon cake cut in half and "stacked" cut side down on the cakeboard.  It is covered in vanilla fondant flavored with lemon.  The "nipple" and cut-outs are fondnat too.
4 16
By itsacake
Nov 3, 2005
5 17
By ngerland
Nov 4, 2005
These are the "rolled chocolate sugar cookie" recipe from (SO YUMMY!!) w/ "royal icing for decorated cookies" recipe on this site. I stole the design from Antonia's FABULOUS cookies!! I am planning to make these as favors for my SIL's baby shower in a couple months. Her baby's name will be Samantha! :)
8 34
By katiedeva
Nov 12, 2005
3 teir cake with plae pink icing and bright pink star flowers.
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By Helendelk
Nov 20, 2005
3 9
By Chef_Mommy
Dec 4, 2005
What an experience! the cake is a 11x15 chocolate sheet cake cut into 3 pieces, layered with whipped chocolate caramel ganache, mixed media decorations. Beer bottles are modeling chocolate, bottlecaps and sides of box are fondant, lettering is white chocolate. Of course there are things I would do much better, but everyone at the party was floored when they saw it, and the birthday boy was particularly happy.
12 28
By alimonkey
Dec 7, 2005
This cake was made for a surprise 65th Birthday party.  It turned out ok, but I should have put a second layer and rounded the sides.  The original cake was going to be Viagra, but then the guest list included a few that wouldn't think that was proper so we changed it to Geritol Extend.  Everyone loved it.

I used a star tip and piped lines for the ribbed lid.  I first iced the orange bottle smooth, but it needed a little more character so I went ahead and did the star tip all over it also.
5 7
By tsuitor
Dec 31, 2005
I made this for a large baby shower. The bottle is made up of 9" round cakes cut in half and stood on end, 7" cake for the neck and the nipple is carved from 1/2 of the ball pan. All iced in buttercream
19 60
By VACakelady
Jan 11, 2006
A cake in a shape of a wine bottle wrapped to commemorate the New Year.
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By anabrown
Jan 12, 2006
Cake made from buttercream, cookies shaped like little bottles.
By Jennafrog
Jan 16, 2006
This is was a marble 1/2 sheet cake cut in half and stacked. It is covered in buttercream the label is an edible image I created. The grapes on the side was something I added at the end. This was my first time carving on a cake and really enjoyed it and the client did also....
8 20
By spoiledtoodef
Feb 4, 2006
When my son was turning one, since he couldn't pick out his own cake....we tried to think of what he loved the most and being a chubby lil' thing, we thought his favorite thing was his "baba" that he was going to be forced to give up soon , hence the was just carved out of a 9x13" pan and frosted with buttercream piped on with stars, nothing fancy
4 5
By KHalstead
Feb 14, 2006
Sugar cookie with royal icing for a new mom who wanted to give thank yous to the nurses at the hospital.
5 7
By dydemus
Feb 20, 2006
this was done for a lady who really likes wine.
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By shanbi40
Feb 24, 2006
White cake w/ buttercream icing
8 28
By charman
Mar 9, 2006
Birthday cake for my Dad's 60th - half yellow cake, half choc with buttercream
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By Lelo
Mar 11, 2006
dark and white chocolate wine bottles made for a function
for a charity event.
17 46
By tonyjeetkd
Mar 28, 2006
This is my first attempt at any kind of shaped cake.  I made them for my dad, a wine lover, for his birthday.
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By aerrinh
Mar 30, 2006
The red wine bottle is a chocolate wine cake with raspberry filling and a white chocolate buttercream frosting.  The white wine cake is a champagne cake with a coconut marshmallow filling and a buttercream frosting.
2 2
By aerrinh
Mar 30, 2006
Wine bottle
5 6
By rydersmom
Apr 14, 2006
These were for a baby boy shower.  Cookie cutter on buggy and bottle.  Hand-cut on rattle.  Roll-out cookie dough recipe and Royal icing.
4 22
By Mac
Apr 15, 2006
This cake was requested for a college graduation. " Don't worry he is well over 21"   This cake was driven to a graduation party 4 hours away.  I do hope the cake made it to the celebration intact.  A bottle of Hennessey like the one on the cake was also given to the graduate.
1 2
By kimhamjohn
May 4, 2006
The onsie cookie is covered with fondant cut-out and RI decorations.  Others are all RI.
3 4
By Mac
May 7, 2006
I made this for a customer who was having his party at a club in DC, so needed it to feed 75+.  This was an 12X18 base with an 11X14 top tier.  All marble cake.  Silver dragees used and the rest is buttercream.  The champagne bottles are plastic and the ribbon is real ribbon.
2 3
By CustomCakesBySharon
May 8, 2006
These are no fail sugar cookies with antonia's icing.
4 35
By ktaylor546
May 14, 2006
This is Double chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream. The wine bottle is white cake covered in buttercream and than satin ice fondant.
2 5
By heychele
May 29, 2006
Cake for my BIL's 40th Birthday tonight.He is a real wine connessier..he judges wine and also is a taster.I made the bottle using a tuna can cutting 1 inch thick circles and then gluing them side by side with icing on a board.Shaped the bottle of the neck smaller.Covered in fondant.Grape leaves are fondant with pearl dust,greapes fondant also.Label is regular paper as I didn't have any rice paper and I don't have an edible image printer.Came out okay for the first try....Fondant accents,tinted gel for wine.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jun 9, 2006
This cake is for a couple moving back to Kentucky. They enjoy this particular brand of bourbon. All fondant. The lettering was done by printing it out and using very thin fondant then tracing the lettering by painting it with paste colors and a very thin brush.
4 16
By krissy_kze
Jun 17, 2006
Ducks, bottles, rattles.  All buttercream, 1/2 sheet cake.  So far, the faux fondant recipe on this site has been great for my figure piping and flowers.  Thanks CC.
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By sweetcreation
Jun 25, 2006
Butter cream with fondant used for the accents. THis was a hard cake to ice. I freehanded the image on the bottle off of another wine bottle.
4 4
By dandy207
Jul 2, 2006
First attemt on shaped cake.  Only had a days notice so didn't get the detail I wanted.  Oh well, it was a learning experience!
By MelissaLynn
Jul 10, 2006
I used the cutter from

Took so long do do 40!
28 306
By antonia74
May 26, 2005


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