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the flowers were all made of royal icing
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By cakecre8tor
May 17, 2005
This was a fruit cake. The decoration was fondant. I had to use a crochet needle to do the design. It took some time but it turned out good for my first fondant cake
By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005
8 13
By TinaRe
Jul 12, 2005
I have LOVED this cake since I first saw it in the gallery and finally had a chance to make it this weekend.  Thanks to llee who did the awesome original!  9X13 lemon-blueberry iced in buttercream with fondant diaper shirt and booties dusted with super pearl luster dust.  The ribbons are real.  It was a huge hit and the mom-to-be kept a bootie!
30 577
By tripletmom
Jul 25, 2005
2 Tier lemon blueberry cake covered in fondant.  All decorations molded from fondant, booties painted with luster dust.  Momma-to-be took top tier home to hubby.
37 342
By tripletmom
Aug 5, 2005
I was really worried about doing these little baby booties, but they were pretty easy.
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By angelcake4u
Aug 23, 2005
State fair entry.  White cake with fondant booties, flower and bears.
7 15
By thecakemaker
Aug 23, 2005
I know, this has been done a lot but when you finally get to do it yourself. It is so fun to share!
14 76
By tirby
Aug 29, 2005
I just wast to tell the others that made a cake like this thanks for the great idea. The onesie is made of fondant and the booties are cup cakes that I have cut, shaped and icinged. They really liked the cake and I'm glad that it turned out this well.
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By Amy_G
Sep 4, 2005
Baby shower cake for a dear friend.  Inspiration came from Sharon's Sugar Shack.
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By beachcakes
Sep 20, 2005
MMF booties
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By beccal
Sep 26, 2005
Made 4 sheet cakes for a baby shower.  I got a lot of ideas from this site.
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By talmas
Sep 27, 2005
My first baby shower cake. They wanted 25 cake squares so I did a 10x10 butter cake with buttercream icing!
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By danette62602
Oct 2, 2005
I've been dying to make this cake.  Ever since I say the one done by llee on this site it's been one of my favorites.  I have to say her onesie and booties are better than mine but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out for my first try.  The writing is painted on with silver luster dust and the booties are painted with pearl luster dust.
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By montanakate
Oct 8, 2005
Several cakes from this site inspired this one.  Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to fix my booties.  They turned out great!! I painted them w/luster dust.  Flowers and clothes are fondant.  Iced in BC.

18 52
By sugartopped
Oct 23, 2005
11x15 yellow cake w/ buttercream frosting. Booties and faces are gum paste, onesie is mmf. I had fun doing this one.
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By sue_dye
Nov 11, 2005
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By Mchelle
Nov 14, 2005
10" French vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream.  Iced with buttercream with fondant booties, flowers and clothesline.  Idea from does such beautiful cakes!!!
8 17
By tripletmom
Nov 20, 2005
After buttercream dried slightly, I made indentions with a ruler. I piped the decorations with buttercream, but they could be made ahead with royal icing.
7 22
By Jenn123
Jan 4, 2006
This cake was for a last minute baby shower.  The booties are made out of marshmallows.  The rest of the design is in buttercream.
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By tsc
Jan 19, 2006
8" and 6" covered in pink BC.  All dots are rolled BC.  Fondant booties made with Dawn's directions. Thanks! The idea came from a Margaret Braun cake.
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By bulldog
Feb 3, 2006
Booties are made from marshmallows.
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By DiscoLady
Feb 4, 2006
I decorated this in my cake class this week.  It is devil's food with buttercream icing.  The baby booties are made from marshmallows decorated with a #16 star tip, and the stork was done out of piping gel.
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By bbelias
Feb 5, 2006
My version of the onesies & booties cake seen here a few times on the site.  Thanks for all the inspiration.  The snaps on the onesie are fondant cut out with icing tips and painted with lustre dust.
8 17
By suzyqqq27
Feb 26, 2006
This was a cake inspired by tripletmom's Baby Bolton Cake. Thank you so much to her for the help she provided! It is a 6" and a 9" tier, chocolate and carrot with cream cheese icing covered in ivory fondant. Everything is edible except for the ribbon trim. Sprayed and dusted with super luster.
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By HeatherMari
Feb 27, 2006
Cake for a joint baby shower at DH's police station.  Lemon cake with raspberry mousse filling.  BC icing with MMF decorations.  I think I'll let gravity do it's thing before I ice the layers next time to maybe help with the buldge.  I'd love to hear any suggestions.
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By sk8gr8md
Feb 27, 2006
Inspired by other cakes on this website I had been wanting to try one of these cakes.  I think my fondant was too thick and the onesie came out a little wrinkled and was trying to crack some.  I am still learning my way around fondant.  Anyway, I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.  Lots of fun to do.
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By crp7
Mar 4, 2006
10" & 6" tiers covered in fondant. Ribbons and trim non-edible, everything else is. Booties are painted with luster dust and the plaque is fondant with rice paper over top, once again dusted with luster dust. Idea was based on a cake from
10 380
By tripletmom
Mar 7, 2006
Buttercream Frosting with baby Quilt and booties made from mini marshmallows.  Statue added for extra detail since it was for a baby boy.
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By toneg24
Mar 9, 2006
Top View of Cake to show detail in Blanket and process before decorations all applied
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By toneg24
Mar 9, 2006
This is my attempt at the onesie and booties cake that I saw in this gallery and loved.  This is only my second cake using fondant and I thought it turned out well.  Thank all of you for posting your cakes, they give me the will to try new things.
7 41
By deester
Mar 10, 2006
All done in B/C.  Marshmallow booties (thanks for the help Wyatt) and candy pacifiers.  The letter boxes are filled with more candy pacifiers.
7 15
By Smoochiefrog
Mar 12, 2006
I made this for a girlfriend's shower.  My first time making & using MMF, great fun!  From the Wilton 2006 yearbook.  Also my first time using Baker's Butter Cream, a recipe I got from CC!  EVERYTHING was eaten!
1 23
By wyatt
Mar 14, 2006
I have always loved boween's cake design like this one.  She does beautiful work and I thought I would give it a try.  I didn't like the blue, came out more turquoise....  Next time I will switch the colors, dark on bottom and light on top layer.  Thanks boween for all your help!  You are such an inspiration to so many!!!
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By _ChristyB_
Mar 19, 2006
Buttercream with MMF accents.  First attempt at booties.  So not happy with them.  Next pair will be much improved.  I chickened out on the laces so I went with store bought ribbon.  Fun cake, very easy but the booties took forever to dry.
10 39
By Virginia
Mar 19, 2006
baby shower cake
7 9
By WebDiva
Mar 20, 2006
Chocolate mudcake covered in fondant with fondant booties and flowers and gumpaste  butterflies.
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By socake
Mar 20, 2006
2-Tier cake covered in MMF with fondant decorations and trim.  Border was a shell border with hand-made fondant buttons over the shell.  All decorations were hand-made from fondant and applied to the cake with royal or vanilla.
11 165
By CakesByEllen
Mar 21, 2006
Thanks Tuggy for the cake design ideas. It was a fun shower cake to create all the little fondant details for!

Cali4dawn, thanks for the booties tutorial!! So easy to understand...even I got them right!

6" tall tiers of 7" and 10" cakes, fondant details on buttercream
21 94
By antonia74
Mar 23, 2006
Cake and decorations are all buttercream.  Topper is fondant which I molded.  This cake served 60 people.  It was huge and heavy!!
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By Anonymous
Dec 31, 1969


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