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This was for a 5 year old's birthday.  She loves the drill team so her mother wanted a cake shaped like a drill team boot.  It's hard to tell but it's trimmed in a deep purple and the color flow letters are of the deep purple color too.  Seemed a little bare to me but it's what the Mom ordered.
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By CIndymm4
May 21, 2005
I free-handed this boot from a 9x13.  I used star tip for entire boot with BC for lighter brown and gray and (I admit) store-bought chocolate frosting for darker brown.  I put silver bullet candies on the spur for the star.
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By chara
Jun 20, 2005
I decided to post this version of my cake in the galleries after I got so many nice comments on it.  I'd like it to be in My Photos.  Thanks.
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By marknrox
Jul 17, 2005
Dora and boots are made from Gumpaste.  The cake is covered in buttercream and I painted it on so I could give it texture.  The spires are made of buttercream.  The pink block things, whatever they are called, are half mmf and gumpaste.  I had extra yellow so the door is gumpaste.  The board is covered in green mmf.
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By talmas
Oct 1, 2005
2 tier stacked round cake with dora cake kit on top.
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By traci
Oct 30, 2005
This cake was inspired from someone on CC..problem is..I don't remember who...if it's your cake, THANKS FOR THE GREAT IDEA!! The cake is vanilla and strawberry with a BCT...thx for looking!
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By cakefairy18
Nov 18, 2005
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
I free-hand cut this cowboy boot out of a 9X13 pan and then placed it on a half a sheet cake.  It is painted with pearl luster dust.  The boot designs were made using Wilton fondant tools, painted with nu silver and have small silver balls as accents.  The cowboy hats around the side are white chocolate made from a candy mold, painted with pearl luster dust.
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By q2ggirl
Nov 20, 2005
Retirement cake for an elementary school P.E. teacher. Edible image on top of a 12x18 sheet cake.
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By traci
Dec 11, 2005
Buttercream icing with candy horseshoe and boot painted with lusterdust.
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By q2ggirl
Jan 13, 2006
8" sq strawberry shortcake with Dora and Boots BCT...iced in whimsical bakehouse new fav BC..try it ;)

Note: I'm getting sooo sick of more Dora and i dunno what i'm gonna do
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By cakefairy18
Feb 4, 2006
Will eventually be used for cookie bouquets.  No fail sugar cookies with royal icing
By MaraCarter
Feb 5, 2006
no fail sugar cookies with royal icing.  1st try-- turned out fun to do
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By MaraCarter
Feb 5, 2006
This is a mini cake for a two year old. It is butter cake with buttercream icing. Boots and Backpack made with Rolled Buttercream. (Last minute order!! Had to come up with idea in a couple hours!!)
By danette62602
Feb 19, 2006
Here is a quick dora cake, I did it in less than 2 hours, golden cake with guava filling, mmf and royal icing flowers (pre-made).
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By Claudine1976
Feb 22, 2006
Made this one for my son's 3rd birthday.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Chocolate molds for the horseshoes, horse, boots and hat.  Chocolate shavings for dirt.
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By mrwarnke
Feb 25, 2006
9X13 dairy free vanilla cake iced with dairy free buttercream.  Picture is a sugar run-in, my first one ever.  Tip:  Don't try a new technique for the 1st time at 11 PM and the cake is due the next morning!
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By tripletmom
Feb 26, 2006
White cake with rasberry filling.  My first tiered cake! On each of the tiers one layer was pink and one was purple.   This cake was inspired from a cake off of the coolest birthday cakes web site.
14 29
By tinabee
Mar 4, 2006
9x13, strawberry cake with buttercream icing.  I had fun with this one!  Thanks for looking!
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By potatocakes
Mar 7, 2006
30 cupcakes iced with buttercream with a run-in sugar image on top.  I am beginning to rather like this technique!  It's time consuming but the look is pretty cool when done!
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By tripletmom
Mar 10, 2006
This was made for a family member. His parents are ranchers, and wanted something "westerny". I also made a cookie bouquet featuring hats, boots and horses.
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By deeniereenie
Mar 13, 2006
the pink parts are MMF, the rest is buttercream, cut from a 9x13.
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By sweetcakes
Mar 18, 2006
I was given a Wild West Rodeo party bowl as my inspiration for this cake.  I'm excited to say this is EXACTLY how the bowl looked.
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By cmmom
Mar 21, 2006
6 1
By elif
Mar 22, 2006
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
Fosted in BC-all other in MMF except Bluebonnet.  I couldn't get that to work-any ideas?  Lots of fun to do!
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By jewels625
Mar 30, 2006
Dora done for a little girl turning three today.  The cream roses were done with the Hershey Kisses, all the other flowers are b/c.  MMF balls dusted with Luster Dust were used for bottom border.  Drawing of Dora's picture is taken from Cakefairy 18, thanks.
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By stephanie214
Apr 2, 2006
The black icing I used to outline the FBCT ran and ruined the effect.
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By melissavisnicsheffel
Apr 5, 2006
Here are a couple of cowboy boot cookies made for my dad's birthday - this pair I put his initials on!
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By MomLittr
Apr 7, 2006
4 9
By marjieq
Apr 13, 2006
Here is a boot cake that I made today for a 6 yr. olds birthday.  I used 2 9x13 pans and carved out the boot.  It is chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.  I was going to charge $45.00 for it but it slide a little on the ride to town so I charged her $30.00 and the mom paid it.  The grandmother wanted to pay only $20.00 for it.  I did fix it up when I got to town though  Oh well!!  First time that I have had this happen.
5 21
By rayven
Apr 21, 2006
These cookies were ordered for someone going out of Texas to help promote Texas.  Does that make sense?
6 16
By Mac
Apr 26, 2006
Customer wanted a cake to be centered with Boots for her grandson.  Buttercream with fondant accents and icing plaques.
6 36
By _ChristyB_
Apr 29, 2006
A small cake  to match the larger Boots and Dora cake.  Buttercream with Boots icing plaque.
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By _ChristyB_
Apr 29, 2006
Golden Butter Cake with buttercream icing modling chocolate accents.  Dora and Boots are figurines from Wal-Mart.  Waterfall is piping gel over white buttercream.
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By cake_momma
May 6, 2006
Dora and Boots are BCT.  The sky and grass are airbrushed with piped buttercream accents.  Trees and bushes are also piped buttercream.  The road is brown sugar.  I enjoyed making this cake.  It was my first experience with BCT and airbrushing.  I love it!
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By 411angela
May 6, 2006
This is Dora & Boots, made for a 2nd Birthday party and almost as popular as the life size Dora doll!
By littleal
May 10, 2006
I was asked  to make a 3d Dora pirate adventure cake for a little girl turning 3....she loved it!!the ship is made of buttercrean fondant and characters are royal icing, gumpaste and candy melts. Lots of fun to make but lots of hours too : )
By twoprincesses
May 14, 2006
This was made to match a birthday invitation, for a little boy who wanted a Diego party.
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By OCakes
May 22, 2006
This weekend Dora's house and Dora came to a mall nearby, so we had some friends come to visit and we all went to see Dora.  As part of our Dora slumber party, I made this cupcake cake and BCT- both are my first attempts.  I love this technique!  Used cali4dawn's bct recipe and cupcake leveling technique, everything worked great! (Thanks Dawn!!!)
7 32
By momsandraven
May 1, 2005


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