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By sjlarby
Oct 2, 2006
My son's drama class was performing the play so...2 11x15-choc. w/an 11x15 book-white both Durable Cake Recipe & both carved down/ grass and book-BC/ fairies-gumpaste/  clothing 50%gumpaste/50%fondant/ book cover, frog, turtle, and mushrooms-fondant/ daisies-royal icing/ pages- icing sheets/ words-food writing pen/ images-petal & luster dust (outlines done wet w/clear vanilla then colored in w/dry dust)
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By Terrisa
Oct 6, 2006
Buildings are made with color flow icing.  Spider Man characters are made with royal icing, piped onto waxed paper.
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By dutch220
Oct 13, 2006
Here is a word search book for a surprise 70th birthday.  Book is gumpaste & fondant with edible image.  Pencils are gumpaste.  Thanks to everyone who helped with ideas for this!
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By beachcakes
Oct 16, 2006
My first posting to the board. We made this cake for my sister's Black & White themed 40th birthday.  She is very involved in scrap-booking, so we made a 'this is your life' book chronicling major stages of her life for the last 40 years.  The photos are laminated copies of old pictures.  Behind each photo is a fondant backer with captions done in food coloring pen. All else is butter cream.  Cake is a double layer of 12x15 sheets, yellow on one side, chocolate on the other, carved into book shape.
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By olekebbie
Oct 16, 2006
This is a graduation cake I did recently (photos are blacked out for purposes of posting here).  

The left side had a baby picture and the right side was a current picture of the graduate.  I used the larger of the Wilton book pans, but put it on top of an 11x15 cake to make it taller.  This was a lot of cake and very heavy.  If you make a cake this large, I recommend putting it on a plywood cake board to keep it from cracking.
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By Sammy-2002
May 31, 2006
Bad picture of the first grad/book cake I did for my neice.  This is a 3 layer cake.  I re-did the cake again in a 4 layer version for another grad party.  Either way - I thought it was a cool idea.
May 31, 2006
This cake was for a customer's daughter who just got a job working for "yellow book".  I put on things that she liked - her birthdate, a map of her town, and her favorite group "pfish".  The images are image transfers.  Her daughter absolutely loved it, and hated to cut it.
By mimi
Oct 23, 2006
Sculpted chocolate cake about 4" x 6", vanilla buttercream. I'm not real happy with the writing - it was so small that it is not very legible. I should've done it all in type instead of script.
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By Edibleart
Oct 25, 2006
i made his cake for my little brothers' 1st grade teacher.  my mom wanted something special for her to thank her for the great job she's done so far with the twins.  cake is debbie brown's design w/ a little flair added to the worm.  worm is mmf (my mom's first time with mmf and molded mmf figures!)  double vanilla cake w/ my stabilized whipped cream and fresh strawberry filling iced in cream cheese buttercream.  everyone ooh and ahh'd when i delivered the cake and the teacher absolutely loved it!!!
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By mxpark
Oct 25, 2006
This was just a practice cake-hence its a bit scrappy. Look forward to trying it again as everyone liked the idea.
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By seraphim
Oct 28, 2006
DH is a HUGE comic book I surprised him with this for our first anniversary.  :)  Started with a base colored mmf and then sprayed with the Preval gun and wiped color away on base tier to resemble flame.  White choc ganache on ice tier.  The figurines on top are Iceman and Firestar (they represent us LOL)...and the tiers correspond to each.  Emblems are MMF - I had Batman, but it broke.  Ice cubes are rice krispies twice dipped in blue choc then dusted with lustre dust.  He loved it!
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By candy177
Oct 28, 2006
After 2 girls, I wanted to really celebrate the new baby boy in my friend's family.  That and I just got the book pan.  It looked kind of plain, so I added the sprinkles,  I think I went a little overboard.
By meggylou
Nov 1, 2006
I made this cake for a friend of mine, when she was confirmatet. The colours where exactly the same as she had on her decorations that day.
By Little-baker
Nov 4, 2006
Holy Bible book cake
By tanmicgab
Nov 6, 2006
This cake was made in the Wilton 2 mix book pan (with 2 1/2 doctored mixes). The grass was done with Tip 233, and the leaves were done with 352.

The cake was for my DH's step-father's memorial service. The quote was requested by my MIL. (In the last days, it was something he said to her, when asked what he was dreaming about.) DH's step-father was a large man, who nobody could really picture tiptoeing anywhere.
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By redpanda
Nov 6, 2006
Cake for my boss's birthday.  It's the cover of a book he wrote.
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By pbertone1005
Nov 8, 2006
Dad-in-law's birthday cake...he recently wrote a book, thus the inspiration for his cake.
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By ChocolateGirl
Nov 10, 2006
Made this for an elderly man at my church for his birthday.  I tried to make it to look worn and tattered.  He absolutly loved it and it actally brought a tear to his eyes which made it all worth it to me.
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By StandingForJesus
Nov 12, 2006
I made this for a friends mom's birthday. I hated how it turned out, but they loved it. I had a bad cake week. Cakes did not bake right, and my MMF turned out bad too. Good learning experience. I will try again. Please give me any suggestions you may have to make this better. I would love the tips!
By bubbatraut
Nov 13, 2006
Fondant and buttercream
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By Anniecakes
Nov 16, 2006
2- 2" 11X15 butter cakes iced in buttercream and covered with MMF, handpainted detail
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By angelak
Nov 20, 2006
For a girl who loves these poets...One book is designed to be the poem "the raven" coming to life out of the pages. Done using fondant over the cake, lots of luster dust, chocolate clay and gumpaste.  The cake board is edible fondant cut to look like an old wooden desk, painted with vanilla and paste color.  On the corner of the desk, there is a melted candle and an ink well hand molded from chocolate clay and a gumpaste feather pen.  My first paid order with a pretty profit. They loved it!
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By melysa
Nov 20, 2006
I made this cake for my family's reunion.  It is out of the book pan on top of the rectangle cake.  I love sunflowers and chose to put them on the top.
By pastrypantry
Nov 21, 2006
made for a baptism Psalms 83:18 reads   That people may know that you whose name is JEHOVAH, you alone are the Most high over all the earth.     He wanted a cake that tasted like an eclaire so i filled this cake with a boston cream filling and a yummy chocolate ganache icing.
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By dawnbakescakes
Nov 21, 2006
One cake for a school teacher, a fisherman and a tennis player!  I appreciate all those who offered suggestions with this one - couldn't have done it without you!  Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By mjs4492
Nov 22, 2006
Confirmation cake made for a friends daughter. I smudged her name for the purpose of posting picture since it was her complete name. I used the book pan and MMF for the rosary beads. It was the 1st time I made MMF and it came out too sticky but I will keep practicing. The crosses are candy molds. Thanks for looking !!!
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By my2sunshines
Nov 22, 2006
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By goofie514
Nov 22, 2006
11x15 striped cake iced with IMBC.  The gold is painted on with edible 24K gold!
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By tripletmom
Nov 23, 2006
German Chocolate 2 mix book pan cake ..all done in BC...the map and flag are FBCT's ... was a big hit and is helping launch my own little business now!
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By southrnhearts
Nov 30, 2006
fondant roses in gold as per request...I hope the "birthday girl" likes it!! Sponged on brown coloring for leather look-looks nicer in person, I think...
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By jennycakes
Dec 1, 2006
This is a yellow cake with mocha cream cheese frosting. It is a birthday cake for a grown man that loves the Evil Dead movies. This is the "Book of the Dead" from Evil Dead II.
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By Bethroze
Dec 1, 2006
Cake done for someones hard work and service.  Cake has my first floral bouquet, flowers made with plain white florist paste by Squires, coloured to each colour.  All writing hand painted as even the 00 wilton piping nozzle was not fine enough.
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By Arty
Dec 2, 2006
Chocolate cake covered in fondant with buttercream accents.  This was a grooms cake.
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By wehmom
Dec 6, 2006
I have been planning this cake for months. My boss asked me to do this for his daughter as she is graduating primary school. I’ll try and post better photos later.
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By katharry
Dec 13, 2006
I made this cake for my son's kindergarten graduation.  On the chalk board I added all of the kids names from his class.  The gator is the mascot of his school and the ladybug was one of the topics that they learned about.  I will add one more picture of the back of the cake.
By futt
Dec 15, 2006
This is the back of my cake.
By futt
Dec 15, 2006
I friend is graduation with her masters in Library Science and er favorite books are goodnight moon and the polar express so I tried to throw it all together and this cake is the result.  I saw someone else here had the bookworm and I thought it would be perfect!  My first book cake and it was so fun to make!!
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By seven
Dec 22, 2006
had to make cupcakes to match!!
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By seven
Dec 22, 2006
They did not find out what the baby was, and she had craved chocolate all the time.
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By beckjzj1
Jan 11, 2007


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