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as usual vanilla cake raspberry filling with almond buttercream frosting.
This cake was modeled after boweens (thank you) This was my first atempt at a fondant bow, I guess its ok maybe a little big for this cake.
After not making a cake for 6 weeks I feel a little weak and not 100 % satisfied with this cake but I guess its ok. Now that I see the picture I know where I could have done better. Oh yeah the picture is a picture I got from paper goods. This was a freebe
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By psurrette
Mar 24, 2006
This was another idea I got from the site....thanks again! This is a 1/2 sheet cake that I tried to match the napkin from the party theme. Thanks for looking
7 3
By spoiledtoodef
Mar 24, 2006
Buttescotch cake cut to size, iced in buttercream, and covered with edible image (thanks to deijha for making it for me).
By Britton
Mar 24, 2006
One of the volunteers at the library where I work turned 80 on Monday. I used a Debbie Brown design and added the Orioles hat because the birthday girl is a huge fan.
7 12
By jgclucas
Mar 26, 2006
I love this web site! I was looking through the forums and came across a topic making 3D figures out of rice crispy treats.  I tried it on this cake with the monkey and the hat. It was fast and easy!  Everthing else is BC. The cake was a huge hit at the party!  I will be using this technique a lot more.  I will need to stock up on rice crispy's!!
16 14
By MicheleF
Mar 28, 2006
This was for a high school band member.  Her band friends went crazy over the cake!  I received additional cake orders from this party.
3 5
By MicheleF
Mar 28, 2006
Done for a gal at my church.
3 1
By StandingForJesus
Mar 29, 2006
I made this for my sister who completed a course in her ministry.
By Puddiwop
Apr 2, 2006
Made cookies for dd's reading class(she is in french school).
2 3
By momlovestocook
Apr 4, 2006
This birthday cake was made out of rolled buttercream.  It was my first time to make rolled buttercream.
By pastrypantry
Apr 11, 2006
This was for my husband's birthday. He is the associate pastor at our church and so I thought this was appropiate. Thanks missjane for the inspiration. It is a lemon ginger cream cheese pound cake with MMF book cover. I wanted the old torn pages look so BC pages and brushed gold luster dust into them. I was going to do a tiered cake and ran out of time. My biggest problem, time management. Everyone thought it was porcelain, one of the kids stuck his finger in it and said "I had to see if it was weal."
11 5
By jenurator
Apr 12, 2006
This was a bday cake for a little girl who loves Harry Potter.  The cake is covered in MMF and the picture was painted using food color mixed with vanilla and icing whitener.
2 1
By glitterkris
Apr 21, 2006
This was the birthday boy's favorite book cover done in chocolate cake, BC and fondant.
3 3
By tisaex
Apr 24, 2006
A full sheet cake half yellow half chocolate The books are frosted with buttercream Not quit what I had in mind.
2 6
By DeniseRoy
Apr 26, 2006
Author of "Jane Eyre" -- 8th grade English class celebrated, and this is all I could come up with in 24 hours.  Choc. cake, BC icing, book is choc cake with fondant, everything else is BC.  Reverse side says "Happy Birthday".
3 5
By texa
Apr 27, 2006
This is a FBCT, I put the comic book in the picture in case you aren't familiar with Sonic X (so you can tell it's supposed to look like that!).  My first attempt at basketweaving, had no idea it was so easy!
3 2
By gakali
Apr 28, 2006
This was a big cake.  It's two 11x15s with a book cake on top. The chocolate base is two toned.  Apparently, when you let chocolate sit at room temp too long before you pipe it, it get's darker.  The piping is both light and dark.  I tried to camoflauge (sp?) it a little by sprinkling cocoa powder on it but to no avail.  Who knew!!! Bookmard and tassel are fondant.  flowers are royal.  Icing is a chocolate buttercream.
2 4
By kelleygirl
Apr 28, 2006
I freehanded this chalice for this book cake.  Whipped cream frosting.
1 6
By cakez
May 1, 2006
This is the cake I made for the Teacher Appreciation Week Lunch at my daughter's school. The cake is red velvet (the Cake Mix Doctor recipe) and cream cheese icing.
1 3
By gilson6
May 3, 2006
This is a book I created from the baby shower napkin. I was inspired by some of the book cakes from the site. Thanks for looking....
6 6
By spoiledtoodef
May 5, 2006
I made this Bible cake for my friend's daughter for her 1st Communion with Wilton's large book pan.  I felt honored that she trusted me to make the cake.  One side is yellow, the other side is devil's food, buttercream icing.  Roses, cross and bookmark are gumpaste.  Pearls are edible, made with MMF.
6 95
By projectqueen
May 6, 2006
This is a 6" cake stacked on a 1/4 sheet. The top is a styrofoam sheet iced. Fondant tassle & Parchment diploma. Everything else is buttercream and airbrush.
13 83
By Jenn123
May 9, 2006
I made this cake right before Easter when my sister-in-law was baptized. It is the book pan.
By hobbycakes
May 11, 2006
This was my first time doing a Book Cake. It was fun but I think I need a rest from them for a while. Fondant gave me trouble so I had to cover it with BC. But thanks for looking.
1 4
By ken
May 12, 2006
mocha flavoured cake...first time using book pan...I love edible images!!! thanks for looking! :)
3 6
By cakefairy18
May 13, 2006
9X13 and 9 1/2X6 1/2 covered with MMF and dusted with Antique Silk.  This was done for a 9 yr. old birthday. His two favorite subjects are reading and math so I added the titles on the binding.  First time doing the stack books and learned alot for the next time.
4 6
By stephanie214
May 13, 2006
This is a cake my third cake i've is made with the wilton two mix book pan. done with bc icing silk flowers and the dress and shoes i made with mmf. then gumpaste flowers ( i purchased..sshhh!)...I did this for a doctor at my friend's work...she said they all loved it...whew!!! i was nervous about how to do it but felt it came out okay in the end. Thanks for looking and the comments.  God Bless!
By vrjenny
May 13, 2006
I made this as a donation to my son's school where three teachers were retiring. It's a full sheet with 8"*10"*2" books stacked on top. Buttercream icing with a few fondant accents. I had 2 orders for the weekend before I could even set the cake down!! They loved it and gave out lots of business cards for me.
41 616
By Jenn123
May 15, 2006
it's a book I've made for an old teacher of mine that is not a writer.  He was giving a workshop that I attented(sp?) and gave him this to show I still appreciated him.  He was so happy I thought of him.  the book is covered in fondant.
By Pootchi
May 17, 2006
Chocolate cake, torted and filled with rhubard/strawberry jam, iced in bc Fondant cover page, gumpaste accents. All edible except for the stem of the chalice.
2 3
By Ursula40
May 19, 2006
Cake I made for a close friend who graduated from Seminary.  The Bible is a lemon pound cake iced with raspberry flavoured buttercream icing and then covered in MMF. The hat is a mini wonder pan with a cardboard square covered in MMF.  The sheet cake is a white chocolate cake torted with raspberry whipped filling and iced in raspberry buttercream.
1 1
By janetwhitson
May 20, 2006
This was a retirement cake for an elementary school librarian.  It is a full sheet cake that is half white and half chocolate, I carved it to look like a book.  I scored the edges to look like pages.  I used buttercream frosting and fondant for the roses.
1 2
By bunnypatchbaker
May 21, 2006
Made this ccc to take to the local library. Got the saying from a book of quotations.
Chocolate cupcakes and buttercream icing.
3 5
By mommachris
May 21, 2006
I've been wanting to try a "book" cake.  I did this one as a 12x18x2 chocolate cake with a fonant book cover-"toy" plane, and baby.  I used tootsie rolls to make the airplane on the fondant plaque.  Very fun--
7 20
By margery
May 22, 2006
This was my first attempt at this type cake, it actually came out better than my second attempt.  White cake (9X14 cut to book sizes), "pages" are buttercream the rest is fondant, even the diploma.
5 1
By kakedecorator
May 24, 2006
Okay, here's my second attempt.  Made the same as the first.
2 7
By kakedecorator
May 24, 2006
A stack of books I made to celebrate our school principals 40 years of service.  I made 7 half-sheet cakes and an open book cake to go with this one.  I had never done that much at one time so of course I ran out of time at this end!  This was fun though.  I learned a lot.  Thanks to all of you that have posted book cakes here.
1 7
By crp7
May 26, 2006
One more cake for our principals 40th year of service.
1 6
By crp7
May 26, 2006
Half chocolate, half frnech vanilla cake with almond SMBC icing.  Bookmark, chalice & host are fondant.
By swoboda
May 28, 2006
9x13" Chocolate cake with french vanilla Btcm filling w/fresh strawberries.  Covered with chocolate fondant.
127 453
By Godiva
Apr 13, 2005


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