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This cake was made for my cousins halloween/birthday party.  It is a vanilla cake with chocolate pastry cream and covered in vanilla buttercream.  I airbrushed the color onto the cake and made the letters with royal icing ahead of time.  The cauldron is made of cake and then covered in black fondant and dusted with petal dusts for the old look.  The green goo is colored piping gel and the eyeballs, bones, ghosts, cat and pumpkins are made of fondant or gumpaste.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
Close up of cookies...
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By farney0125
Oct 28, 2005
2 tiered cake with pumpkins, bats, ghosts, skulls,bones and a witch's head on top.
7 24
By cuillere
Nov 5, 2005
The little boy that this cake was made for, got a labradoodle for his birthday and his mom wanted a puppy theme with a bone-shaped cake for his smash cake.  Both are chocolate fudge cake with BC frosting (as is the dog), marshmellow bone and fondant ball.
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By Mac
Dec 9, 2005
This was for my cousins Halloween/Birthday Party.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate buttercream.  I airbrushed darker brown over the icing.  The letters were done ahead of time with Royal Icing.  The fingers are aluminum foil wrapped in gumpaste strips.  The ghosts, RIPs, bones, and eyeballs are gumpaste or fondant.
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
This is my first cake.  It was for my daughters first birthday with the "pink poodle" theme.  It is a chocolate and vanilla layered cake.  3 layers in each tier.   I used fondant to cover, do the stripes, polka dots and dog bones.  I used chocolate molds for the letters attached with pipe cleaners.
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By katieavery
Feb 5, 2006
This was modeled after a great dane, the child's favorite pet. She was an older dog. Chocolate cake. Fondant dog and blanket. Candy paw prints.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Mar 10, 2006
6" covered w/BC w/fondant bone.
By bulldog
Mar 15, 2006
I did these cookies for  bake sale to benefit an animal shelter
By sectheatre
Mar 24, 2006
Ok, let's try this again. These are dog bone shaped cookies I did for animal shelter bake sale
By sectheatre
Mar 24, 2006
Made from part of 9X13 and 4 mini cupcakes at either end.  Iced in buttercream.  This was added at the last minute as the puppy cake turned out smaller than expected.
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By tripletmom
Dec 19, 2005
Made these cookies for my daughter's 7th birthday Party. Dog Theme.
Some of the adults wouldn't eat them because they said they looked like real done
By ShelbysYummys
Mar 29, 2006
I made this as a thank you cake for my puppy's vets.  She broke her leg and they basically just charged us for supplies, even though she had to have her cast changed every week and x-rays too!!  It was chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream pudding mix added, and covered in chocolate buttercream.  Her picture is an edible image, and the sprinkles on the bottom border are little doggie-bone shapes!  The docs LOVED it!!
By mommymarilyn
Apr 20, 2006
This was for a girl's birthday party who wanted a party dog. The bone is rice crispy and the dog is cupcake with frosting. 
Not the best background......but it was take the photo now....or not at all! :-)
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By ctnesset
May 27, 2006
Every memorial day weekend a friend of mine celebrates all the birthdays of that month with a big party.  Everyone in the family loves dogs and she said "Come up with something for everyone" and this was what I came up with.  Reverse marble cake, BC icing, dog bones are color flow.
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Jun 14, 2006
Bandaid and "mended" bone. Supposed to be wrapped w/gauze.. LOL. First time using Antonia74's icing for the whole cookie. I am in love with the way it looks and the ease of using it! Especially in squeeze bottles...
5 5
By tayesmama
Jul 16, 2006
Ihnspired from a Wilton Yearbook cake.
6 10
By rlm5150
Jul 19, 2006
This is my first "shaped" cake.  I have to admit, I LOVE the way it turned out.  I don't know if there is ANYTHING that I would change about it.  I can't wait for the birthday girl to see it!
By nathanikka
Jul 24, 2006
Wheaten Terrier
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By creativecakesbychristine
Jul 25, 2006
This is a Birthday bouquet for a girl that work at pet grooming. It is the no-fail recipe, with royal icing.
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By brightbrats
Jul 29, 2006
This is the cake I made for my son's second birthday. It is yellow layers with buttercream icing. The characters are royal icing transfers, in which we had a couple of accidents with at the last minute. The figure of Joe and Blue is a candle.

The dog bones are the "No Fail Sugar Cookie" with Cambo's rolled buttercream icing.
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By Newatdecorating
Aug 1, 2006
Dog and bone cakes
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By sarabell
Aug 11, 2006
I made this cake for a butcher in my local grocery store.
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By icingonthecupcake
Aug 12, 2006
Cat Yarn, Dogs Bone Cake
My version of Debbie Browns cat and dog cakes. Animals based on birthday girls own three pets. Animals and trimmings are molded pettinice and the cake is 10" butter cake with raspberry filling with yellow BC.  Since this is my eleventh cake, your critique is very appreciated.
11 20
By tiptop57
Mar 28, 2006
Made for a client to send to someone - to get 'out of the doghouse'.
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By Lambshack
Aug 15, 2006
Don't know if anyone knows the Bone comics too well, but the author is Jeff Smith and it's one of my husband's favorite comics.  Yes, my DH is a comic book geek, but I still love him.  It's an ice cream cake with a layer of the Wacky Cocoa cake and a layer of Dryer's slow churned vanilla bean ice cream.  Frosted with Frostin Pride (similar to Pastry Pride) and decorate with Reese's Pieces Candy (another one of his requests).  Bone title was done by FBT.
By aupekkle
Aug 18, 2006
This is a cake I made for our first football game against our big rival Lavergne.  It was to congratulate the band for all their hard work.  It is the biggest cake I have done and took forever to finish.  It is yellow cake with all buttercream icing.
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By bransmom
Aug 19, 2006
Birthday cake for 2 siblings and a dog!  This was so much fun.  I used the sweetheart pan, cut off the points, and used part of an 8 x 8 square cake for the center.
3 24
By mbalis
Aug 20, 2006
This is an 8" yellow cake with BC frosting.  I made the dog bones out of royal frosting.  But we ate it..not the dogs!!
By Tanalyn
Aug 21, 2006
Choc cake with bc and Gumpaste accents. Made for a 5yr's old birthday, everything handmolded, made and painted, except for the large gold coins and the 5 stones on the beach, they are storebought chocolates. Treasure map is done on an extra cakeboard, picture to follow. Had 1 1/2 days to come up with the design and get everything done.
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By Ursula40
Sep 23, 2006
Treasure map painted on gumpaste to go with the pirate treasure island.
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By Ursula40
Sep 23, 2006
Puppy Shower cake for a woman who "adopted" a puppy! Strawberry cake with vanilla pastry cream and strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream- carved from a 12x18, sprinkled with edible glitter.
By caryl
Oct 2, 2006
1/2 Sheet white cake with bc icing and fondant bone cutouts. The Beagle is 2 mini wonder pan molds with cup cake head and legs.
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By shenninger
Oct 7, 2006
THis was for a birthday, but I would think of it as more of a halloween cake.  FBCT technique...was a little hard...but will get easier with practice!
16 25
By mommyof5kidz
Oct 10, 2006
5 24
Oct 12, 2006
More cookies my partner and I did for a show.  So much fun to do.
3 15
By Suebee
Oct 13, 2006
I made these treats for my dogs I am getting ready to try a homemade cake for dogs.
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By thunderkittenn
Oct 21, 2006
Funfetti dog bone cake with bubblegum buttercream and royal dalmation dog. Choc BC spots.  The daughter of a coworker wanted a cake to celebrate the dog's b-day.
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By Lalana
Oct 24, 2006
Got to try out my new paw and bone cutters for a 2 yo's b-day!
4 3
By dodibug
Oct 24, 2006
Little smash cake for ds.  We couldn't have his party yet (he'll get Bear in the Big Blue House for that!) but he had to have a cake for his actual birthday!  Used my paw and bone cookie cutters to cut from a 9x13 and iced with a crusing bc.
3 1
By dodibug
Oct 25, 2006


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