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This was made for the grand opening of a restaurant called Wild Wing!!!  It took FOREVER!!!
12 4
By jdogga
Feb 17, 2006
cake I did for a coworker who was having a boy. accents are made of royal icing. iced with buttercream frosting.
6 13
By genean
Mar 21, 2006
This is a 14" square marble cake with Bavarian creme filling.  For the most part, this cake turned out as I had planned.
5 16
Apr 10, 2006
French vanilla cake with french vanilla buttercream and royal flowers
3 3
By kittysparkle
Apr 15, 2006
This is a cake that I made for my family for Easter.  The idea was taken from one of the Wilton books but their cake was heart shaped.  It was my very first time doing daisies (haven't had that class yet) so I'm pretty happy witht he way they turned out.
6 3
By IsaacsMom
Apr 19, 2006
Simple wilton pan, done for a friends 4 year old birthday.  My first star tip cake.  interesting experience. Buttercream icing.
1 1
By abbystepmum
May 9, 2006
This cake was a buttercream with fondant and colour flow accents. Iwant to thank everyone , I found lots of ideas in the photo gallery. Sugarshacks tips on smoothing and quilting worked really well. It was the first time  I tryed the quilting and no problems
5 8
By babynewyear
May 23, 2006
I had never even been asked to do a dirt bike cake until last week.  Now I've done 2 in 1 week!  This is an 11x15" sheet.  The background is airbrushed, while the motorcycle is a FBCT!
1 2
By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
This 9" round was iced in baby blue buttercream then yellow lattice work was added to complete the look.
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By BakeQueen
May 27, 2006
This cake was created for a couple that got hitched in a meadow, by a pond, on a ranch in the mountains.  The bride carried daisies and her wedding dress had tiny stonewashed denim bows going down the back.  

Cake Measures: 10", 8", 6", 4".  It is covered in MMF, dusted with luster dust and decorated with MMF daisies and pockets.  (A close-up of this cake can be found in the Western/Cowboy Gallery Album)
29 114
By CakesUnleashed
Sep 3, 2006
This was done for my son's 3rd. birthday.  It is all buttercream.  White and Chocolate cake.
9 11
By justsweet
Sep 6, 2006
First and last attempt at petit fours.  They are for a baby shower ... she wanted them blue and plain.
5 1
By LuvCakes
Sep 28, 2006
I made this for my sister-in-law to be who's birthday is on the Fourth of July.  The bottom layer is white with a lemon filling, covered in whitefondant with red stars.  The middle layer is chocolate with a vanilla filling covered with buttercream frosting and rw&b M&M's.  Top layer is yellow with chocolate filling, with butter cream frosting, and cut-out white and red fondant stars.  I was up until 3 am making this, but I loved every minute of it!
2 1
By lchristi27
Oct 8, 2006
Cake with KU colors, thought it looked a little like a clown cake! Customer seemed happy. Not too happy with my not so smoothe icing, but she raved. Also, didn't take my repair kit and of course 2 of the blue strings on the bottome broke, one in transit and one by the customer after transit. lol. Won't forget my repair kit again!
By cakerunner
Nov 3, 2006
I created this cake using the mini bear and just added the bottle and pins for detail.  I got the idea of the babies on the clouds from the Wilton Yearbook '95.  Then added the wording, "A baby brings a little bit of heaven".  I'm adding more pictures to provide a closeup of the baby bear and the babies on the cloud.
2 1
By Niso
Dec 4, 2006
Special thanks to Sugarshack for the inspiration for this cake. Sadly, it's not quite as fabulous as hers! BC icing and writing, with fondant/gumpaste accents and bow. The crosses around the bottom are white chocolate. Thanks for looking :)
4 22
By Vmoore
Dec 14, 2006
Baby Shower cake with a custom made (non-edible) topper designed to look like the mommy-to-.  I still haven't figured out how exactly to get my angles to work right, but this was only my 2nd whimsy cake.

(inspired by Antonia)
3 3
By WebDiva
Dec 15, 2006
My first cake! Made with fondant and icing. A lot of work but my baby boy loved it! And so did my guests!
4 6
By colinde
Jan 7, 2007
This is the picture I meant to post.  It is a 12 inch round 2 layer on the bottom, two 9 inch layers and a contour on top.  Experimenting and learning.  I now know that shimmer dust and luster dust are 2 different things. :)
3 2
By janey105
Jan 22, 2007
Cake matched the inviations.  Did a smaller smash cake to go with it.
1 4
By shannas
Jan 28, 2007
8" present cake, single layer, dark chocolate with fondant, fondant bow and gift tag, and luster dusted pearls.
2 15
By khoudek
Feb 24, 2007
2 7" ovals. Yellow with vanilla custard. MMF covered and accents. This went with another cake and served as an extra cake in case there weren't enough servings with the first cake.
2 4
By tobycat
Feb 24, 2007
(2) 11x15 Yellow cakes put together, all BC and edible image taken from scouts t-shirt.
2 6
By jewels625
Feb 27, 2007
cake i made for my husbands birthday. it could've been lot better. i hated how the cake turned out but he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  i think i just need to stick with bought fondant and forget about making my own MMF. it's never right...either too soft or too hard and "flaky" on the corners. cake is white with vanilla BC and MMF on top.  
BTW, my first ever try on carving. i really liked it!
4 2
By ceca
Mar 22, 2007
This is a cake I made for my son's Cub Scout pack's annual Blue & Gold Banquet.
5 52
By jtrettel
Apr 2, 2007
This is a first with the package bow (love it) and a first with the shoes (thanks a bazillion Nati) and a 2nd with the present box.  The lid slid on the way over...but i was able to repair ir pretty well. Luckily a freebie and no one noticed anyway.  Still thicked though.  Picture is from before the slide. I think I will do styrofoam for lids from now on.  Too stressful with cake!  i think it is just too heavy.
2 4
By acookieobsession
Apr 17, 2007
This is a 1/2 sheet French Vanilla cake. It is decorated in Vanilla Buttercream with freehand scrollwork and blue roses. Thanks for Looking!
1 6
By southrnhearts
Apr 19, 2007
I had such great plans for this cake, and then I got lazy... ended up piping the designs directly onto the cake with BC, all freehand.  It turned out cute, but it was so much cooler in my head.  Ever have one of those?? LOL
2 3
By momsandraven
Apr 25, 2007
By abeverley
Apr 27, 2007
5 inches by 5 inches baby blocks...layers of cake and fillings, whipped cream...
1 14
By cakez
May 22, 2007
I made this when I first started cake decorating, Kind of sad.
1 1
May 27, 2007
This was the first sheetcake I made. It was carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
3 1
By Amy729
Jun 5, 2007
This is my first attempt at a topsy turvy and it looked much better in my imagination.  Fortunately, my 10 year old loved it!  It was made with the WASC recipe and is filled with BC.
13 2
By greenhorn
Jun 10, 2007
5" 4 layer chocolate cake with vanilla moistening syrup, 2 layers of raspberry and 1 layer chocolate bavarian cream. iced in white buttercream, covered in satin ice fondant. flowers are royal icing dry dusted with super blue luster mixed with super pearl . entire cake airbrushed with super pearl luster. 

I made this as a thank you for my Hair Dresser, she is amazing to say the least.
2 1
By disp4so
Jun 23, 2007
My entry for our local cake decorating competition. Thanks for looking. :)
2 2
By tw1nkle
Jul 6, 2007
This was a 2-layer cake, for a 4th of July party. Iced in buttercream and accents are fondant. Top layer of cake is white with a raspberry cream filling and bottom is marble cake with a chocolate ganache filling. Sorry for the poor photo quality... the light was terrible where the party was and I ended up setting in on the floor thinking the light was better, but there was still a big glare.
5 12
By LucyintheSky
Jul 8, 2007
A bridal shower cake for my cousin.
12 35
By hettrk6
Jul 17, 2007
thanks for looking!
1 2
By cakelady5
Jul 18, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake iced in West Ham Football Team colours for Wayne's 30th Birthday.
3 5
By truly-scrumtious
Jul 23, 2007
Three tiered cake iced with buttercream.  Colorflow writing and character pieces with fondant hat, presents, dog bowl and bones.  Top Blue dog made with small bear pan.  Iced with buttercream.  Ears and tail made with fondant and iced with buttercream.
27 42
By infields
Dec 12, 2005


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