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This is a cake I made for my sister's wedding shower.  The L on the cake is for her first name.  I used a pattern press for the decorations and freehanded the L.
By HollyDayCakes
Aug 10, 2005
This is one of 2 wedding cakes I made a couple of weekends before the hurricane hit us.  This was a very last minute wedding cake order (1 week prior to the wedding).  Her colors were light pink, light blue and white.  For the cake, I used the super enhanced cake recipe from here.
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By ntertayneme
Oct 8, 2005
This was for my mom's birthday, I had made three other cakes that weekend, so she got a simple one for hers.  Icing and decorations made from Cool Whip...quick and easy to do :)
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By mendhigurl
Mar 30, 2006
Blue and white elegant birthday cake
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By fitsurvive
May 6, 2006
Cake for boy's first communion.  Bottom layer is chocolate fudge with chocolate mousse filling.  Top is white cake with strawberry filling.  Fondant roses and whipped frosting.  This was my first attempt at stacking cakes.
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By PeaceOfCake
May 6, 2006
I made this for my students for an end of the year party - they thought it was neat.  It is a chocolate cake (w/ cake extender) and cookies and cream filling (ala Whim. Bakehoue) so yummy - with White as Snow Buttercream.
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By trombonekaren
May 12, 2006
White bc icing and longstem bc roses.
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By cakerlady
May 17, 2006
6 Inch mud cake. Buttercream blue frosting for the birthday girls favourite colour. White fondant bow as requested. Only second real attempt at fondant loop bow, still learning... find it hard to assemble. All feedback and comments welcome.
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By dky
May 19, 2006
This is my second ever wedding cake. I'm pretty proud of it, despite the serious smoothing issues I had with the icing. Every couple of batches I have real problems!

It's my golden vanilla cake with plain white vanilla/almond icing. the scrollwork is a mix of teal and sky blue. The seashells are molded white chocolate with almond oil to flavor.
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By goodcakefairy
May 29, 2006
First time using the diamond impression mat.  Liked the results.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese BC.
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By gtshort
Jun 25, 2006
I made this for my co workers daughter. Her school colors were blue and white. I used half of the ball mold and covered with MMF. This was my second time with MMF, I'm SLOWLY getting better. I was very pleased with the result. Thanks for looking.
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By manatee19
Jun 29, 2006
This cake was iced in buttercream airbrushed the blue stripes on. The borders & swirls were done using a #22 tip. Various shades of blue & white fondant dots added with disco holgram dust as a finishing touch.
By BakeQueen
Aug 7, 2006
This graduation cake was for my friend's daughter.  10 & 6 inch layers are white cake with buttercream. 8 inch layer is lemon cake with MMF.  The stars, ect are gumpaste.  All of the blue coloring is luster dust.
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By mlynnb
Aug 21, 2006
just playing around.  there are light blus chocolate bows on the sides too. the cake is all fondant.  i know it should be square but hey anything coming in a light blue box like that...any shape has to be a good thing!
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By seven
Aug 23, 2006
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By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
This was my first go at a cake in Sep 03, i thought i chose an easy one, but this took ages because it was all muffins and they had to be iced seperately - i was happy with the final product though as my little boy loved balloons.
By makingcakes
Sep 4, 2006
Okay this was a chocolate cake with ganache filling and french buttercream icing and then covered in MMF - my second time making MMF and the first time it's worked! I used the marshmellow creme recipe but didn't add as much powdered sugar.... somehow it worked out okay! It was also my first time trying to use molds - that didn't go so well - when I picked up the MMF, it lost some of its impression - anyone have tips, please PM me! (yes I dusted w/ some powdered sugar)
By imartsy
Sep 6, 2006
This was my first tall wedding cake with pillars.  The swags are made from white chocolate roses lustered pearl and blue.  I was very dissapointed to hear that it started to lean and the caterer took it apart before the reception started.  I guess I definitely need more practice on the construction part of it!  Thanks for looking!
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By tiger_lily
Sep 28, 2006
I made this cake for a wedding shower party held by my DIL-to-be for her friend that is getting married.  There have been several showers but no special cake at any so I was asked if I could make something pretty for the bride for this one. Her colours are icy blue and white. First time I did a for 1st and last initial..middle freehand. I am delivering shortly...Not sure the blue is exactly right but I think it turned out quite pretty
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By JaneK
Sep 30, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's promotion.  The cake is a yellow cake w/ crusting buttercream.  I added vanilla, butter, and almond extracts to the buttercream.  I tried a different technique for the frozen buttercream transfer, and loved how it had an "embroidered" look on the stripes.  The stripes were freehanded.  Getting the frosting "Air Force blue" about made me want to quit, luckily it worked.  Constructive critiquing welcome
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By newlywedws
Nov 1, 2006
This is the cake I made for my wedding in 2004.  I couldn't find the pictures, but it turned out that my mother had them on disk.
By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 5, 2006
same as the other one just a close up on the snowflakes.
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By OhMyGoodies
Dec 8, 2006
First attempt Christmas ornaments.  White caramel cupcakes with mini half ball on top.  Rolled buttercream, royal icing, pearls and snowflakes for decoration.  Some super pearl and luster dust used.  Hangers are luster dust covered fondant.  Thanks to BlakesCakes for the inspiration and instruction.  The dark ornaments are actually purple and blue.
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By cupcake55
Dec 15, 2006
Blue & white fondant decorated with RI flowers
By joby1
Jan 2, 2007
A double christening cake.They wanted a mud cake covered in fondant with pale blue decorations.
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By Briarview
Jan 3, 2007
This is an "attempted" snowman globe style cake. The snowman is done freehand, and I obviously suffered a blonde moment in the design process as everything ended up opposite of what the picture looked like -yikes- 
Anyways, I used the clear edible glitter for a look of falling snow.  My snowflakes aren't the greatest, but then again I'm not perfect.  I almost lost this cake -it  *ALMOST* did a nose dive as I got out of our car...luckily the damage was minimal, and to the side (and after I got the picture!)
By newlywedws
Jan 11, 2007
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By Sugarbean
Jan 29, 2007
A chocolate and Vanilla alternating layered cake w/ buttercream icing and fondant decorations :D  I used florist wire for the decor at the top.  Lots of fun!!!
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By CaliAngel
Jan 30, 2007
Customer wanted simple 6 ich cake w/ a UNC tarheel theme.
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By rhopar33
Feb 4, 2007
This was my first ever wedding cake.
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By ComplexSun
Feb 7, 2007
This was a 1/2 chocolate 1/2 white graduation cake for my son, two of his cousins and a neighbor who all graduated from the same school.  The bird in the middle is our school mascot I made him out of royal icing, and the diploma was made with white chocolate.
By Kim0906
Feb 10, 2007
1/2 sheet spice cake with BC icing.  The "monthly" cake I made for my husband's work.  It is a construction company so they have a lot of men and I don't ever see many cakes that seem more manly.  So hopefully this will help other's when you have to do a less feminine looking cake.
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By Kim0906
Feb 10, 2007
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By mytwosons
Feb 15, 2007
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By Barbend
Feb 27, 2007
All buttercream with fondant flowers.
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By faitheve
Mar 2, 2007
Tiffany Blue with White Roses Round Fondant Cake
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By LolaT
Mar 14, 2007
I did this cake this week for my own bridal shower.  The bow and flowers are gumpaste the rest is iced in buttercream.
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By kmoores
Mar 16, 2007
Another view of the daisies cake
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By mmo88
Mar 20, 2007
THis was chosen by a friend for her husbands 40th birthday.  A flower shaped chocolate cake covered in white fondant.  THe model was made from squires sugar dough. My first attempt at modelling and it was tricky.  However everyone seemed to like it
By pleasantkiwi
Mar 25, 2007
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
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By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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