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This was A cake I made for my Sis-In-Law's Dad's Birthday. The headstones are candles, and the "Blood" is tinted Piping Gel.
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By Dedonk21
Jan 25, 2006
This was a suprize for my friend's birthday. Got the idea from Jenn123's cake. My friend has a thing with possums...alive or dead! She loved the cake & told me she wanted a bigger one for her wedding (not engaged, lol)! It was red velvet inside, with cream cheese icing (used the spatula striping method with a grass tip for the fur). MMM for the head, feet, and tail. I used melted white chocolate and color dabbed all over the head and tail for added "fur." I'm really happy with it except the tire mark...
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By soygurl
Dec 21, 2006
I went to go donate blood last week and had to take a cake with me for my meeting afterwards and I couldn't leave it in the car to melt. So everyone got to see one of my cakes and loved it! Of course it was one I hated and didn't even take a pic of it cuz it was awful. They were so awesome to me when I had a bad reaction so I promised them I would take them a cake one day. They loved it!
By chefdot
Sep 21, 2006
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By jazheel
Oct 30, 2006
Nephew turned 13 and is into weird things now. This is a devils food cake with choco buttercream filling and MMF.  It was finished off with karo-color for blood oozing effect from mouth and nose dripping down and neck resting in the puddle. yummy.
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By joaaaann
Nov 13, 2006
One party left and out of sugarpaste - what to do, what to do???

Well, I made a fruitcake... My very first...
Sponge cake with fresh raspberry mousse, lemoncurd cream and chocolate ganache inbetween. Sides covered with "chocolate fingers" and top with fresh fruits such as pineapple, orange, blood orange, kiwi, banana, charon fruit, passion fruit, mango and physalis.
By Pannkakan
Nov 26, 2006
This was a birthday cake for a Buffy fan.  He is a little bit Goth, hence the use of lots of black.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  The black was canned chocolate fudge icing.  While it colored nicely, it was impossible to get smooth, so I just made it very irregular.  The stake was gumpaste.  Piping gel blood.  It was a very well-received cake.  It's funny what flips people's switches.
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By Crimsicle
Apr 12, 2007
Ok, so this is a quick cake. I had big plans for it, but after spending hours at the emergency room with m daughter my time to decorate ran out. It's for a group og women called "The Buffybabes". The red running down the sides were suposed to look like blood.
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By Pannkakan
Jun 1, 2007
I mane this cake for a community theatre company performing this musical.  It is a gruesome tale of a brber that kills people and uses their bodies in meat pies.   Anyway as it was short notice, I used an edible image!
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By divaricks
Jun 8, 2007
This cake was made for a boy who is going to school to become a CSI. It turned out to be pretty gruesome, but was a hit at the party.
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By DanaJones
Aug 10, 2007
My sons 15th bday cake. I used Toba Garretts yellow cake for zombie head and a red velvet cake for ground. RK hand holding the candles and glasses (with body parts in them) My first time using rk to sculpt, also first time covering entire cake with fondant.
By coreenag
Aug 26, 2007
I did this for a woman at work for her daughter's birthday. She said gory would be Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The "blood" is strawberry glaze.
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By mmw1445
Aug 26, 2007
This cake was so cool! It was red velvet and i piped in some marshmallow gooey bursts so it looked really gross when you cut into it.
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By venefica
Sep 10, 2007
NFSC, food coloring ,almonds !Thanks for looking !
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By fiddlesticks
Sep 15, 2007
Simple cookie made with red piping gel and blanched almonds for the nails.  Can be dyed green as well for different effect.
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By kello
Oct 19, 2007
NFSC recipe from this site, almond finger nails, red food paste for blood.  Thank you to fiddlesticks for the inspiration & for answering all my questions!
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By cinjam
Oct 23, 2007
All fondant
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By gingersoave
Oct 26, 2007
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By LauraLanier
Oct 27, 2007
This is chocolate cake with ganache.  I made a small stand to support to head.  The head is 4 layers of cake and the body is 3 layers.   I painted the outside with gel food coloring and the blood is gel food coloring as well... The cake was about 80 servings.
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By pbjoachim
Oct 27, 2007
this is actually my brothers birthday cake! but as its so close to halloween and its a horror cake, i posted it here. there is only one other freddy cake here on CC (i think) and i thought we needed more...its the best horror movie ever! its definatly my fav!, as you can see i got carried away with the piping gel (my first time using it) and my first time covering a square cake with just one piece of icing! hope my bro like it, he's picking it up today!
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By button-moon
Oct 29, 2007
These are a sampling of cookies made for the hospital staff as a thank you for taking care of my sister-in-law.
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By bonniebakes
Oct 29, 2007
sugar cookies with almond slices for fingernails. Eyeballs are red velvet cake. For tonights h-ween party.
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By gingersoave
Oct 31, 2007
My daughter was devastated to have to go to school on Halloween her very favorite day of the year... so i bought some cupcakes, and decorated them for her classmates, to tempt her to go!   The "blood"  should have been just icing sugar... but there was only a spoonful left in packet, typical, so i improvised with ,was raspberry jam (jelly you'd say) mixed with some mini marshmallows & colouring. Eyeballs made with white choc 'Malteesers' (English candy) and blob of green fondant & black piped icing. x x x
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By ottosmummy
Nov 4, 2007
Odd request, Dad wanted decapitated, bloody dolls and gory stuff all over.  Well he got it.
By toneg24
Nov 13, 2007
My Rocky Horror Picture Show cast had its 12th anniversary party on November 16, 2007.  I made a "bloodied fishnets" cake with our cast's logo rendered in buttercream on top.
By ladycrim
Nov 19, 2007
This is the cake that I made for Halloween to take to my office. Everyone thought it looked really nasty, which is what I was going for. Thanks to all here on CC for the great inspiration!
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By LarissaEmily
Nov 25, 2007
This was for a girl that had a bad divorce.  So very fun to do.  Used piping gel for the blood and it was a strawberry cake with bc icing.
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By bittytw25
Dec 9, 2007
tombstone, Friday 13th cake with red gel icing as blood, fondant "Jason" mask
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By glassgarden99
Dec 19, 2007
I saw the origional of this on cake central and almost died! It's a doll with a cake skirt in a grave yard. So of course I wanted to make my own. The origional I think idsholding a knife, mine has another doll's "bloody" head. A little demnted but everyone enjoyed it. I think the funnest part was breaking all of those breand new toys.
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By Galxcbaby
Dec 31, 2007
This cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.  Made the arm out of fondant, and the blood is piping gel.  The edge is looks like an EKG reading.. will post another of that one.
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By Angie707
Feb 17, 2008
Another view so you can see the ekg edge..
By Angie707
Feb 17, 2008
Got idea from several cakes on this site.
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By Barbend
Mar 12, 2008
I had so much fun with these!! I made these at work... I used white chocolate covered rum balls with cherries inside (can you imagine biting into an eye ball and getting a cherry inside?) then put used royal icing for the iris and pupils. Then I iced the cakes around them in BC and airbrushed the brains and used red drizzle for the blood. SO MUCH FUN!
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By Avaie
Apr 17, 2008
These where so much fun too! Skulls with white chocolate covered rum balls with cherries in the centers, BC icing, and red drizzle for blood!
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By Avaie
Apr 17, 2008
Made for Nurse's Week.
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By FiveRushings
May 9, 2008
Another batch of cookies that I made for my sister-in-law to give to the hospital staff.
sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By bonniebakes
May 20, 2008
My brother's birthday fell on Friday the 13th this year.  This was a last minute cake.  All buttercream with red gel blood marks.
By Heatherly30
Jun 18, 2008
i was asked to do a cake for a toy convention in knoxville tn this past weekend, which was also friday the 13th.  they were hosting a special v.i.p. birthday party for "Jason Voorhees", the character from Friday the 13th movies, and the actor who portrayed him in 4 of the movies, mr kane hodder...i had alot of fun doing this, and it was cool getting to step out of the box for a bit!!
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By mixinvixen
Jun 20, 2008
This is the closeup of the heart inside the torso.  Fondant heart covered in piping gel with red writing gel around the edges. TFL!
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By bdrider
Jun 21, 2008
2, 11X15 French Vanilla cakes iced in buttercream.  The lower one has a BCT of their logo, top was a freehand blood drop.  Gotta work on my writing!
By tripletmom
Sep 20, 2005


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