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An 8" square mudcake. I got this idea from some of you clever CCr's. Thanks for that. Stacey's favourite is pink and I though brown and white matched it perfectly. Fondant bows. Had to add some bling bling
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By Briarview
Jan 13, 2007
My son wanted a "bling" cake.  Don't ask me why.  This is what I came up with.  Gold bars are mini loaf pan cakes covered with fondant stacked.  All other decorations in fondant
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By joellephillips
Feb 10, 2007
This is an 8" white cake w/ strawberry flavored BC and magenta MMF to cover.  All the decorations were done in fondant including the "J".  That was wilton fondant cut out using a pattern and then left to dry for several days.  I painted it in Nu Silver luster and superglued real crystals on to it.  The buckle also had real crystals on it. 
 All I had to go off of was that the daughter liked pink and "bling" and that she was turning 25.  So I thought this embodied that well with an element of sophistication.
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By sjlarby
Feb 26, 2007
i messed up a little bit but i semi-covered it up. im really pleased with it.
By howie
Mar 19, 2007
Spongecake with caramel buttercream filling and sugarpaste. The instruction was to make an 18 cake with BLING! I used shattered clear mints for the top crystals, silver lustre dust and edible glitter. Sugar crystals around the name badge.
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By Bayamoy
Mar 20, 2007
Buttercream with real ribbon and strands of rhinestones.  Sugarpaste monogram on the top tier and fresh roses.  Hint: I cut the rhinestones apart for the top tier since its SMBC and I didn't want them sliding off!
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By KoryAK
Jun 25, 2007
This is my version of a baseball cap.
Only this is a real lady cap !
Made of pink sugarpaste with my own logo (sc = sassiescake) in gold dust, the pink sugarpaste is also covered with dust.
Decorated with golden sugarpearls.
The cake is a orange-chocolate cake.
Jun 30, 2007
Just try saying that title three times fast, lol! This cake was very fun to make.  I used edible dragees.  I really liked the the heart shaped dragees for the rock-star look (although they didn't look much like hearts).
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By TToomer
Aug 5, 2007
I used gumpaste to make the martini glasses, number, and streamers.  Then accented them with silver dragees.
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By TToomer
Aug 14, 2007
Musical notes, stars and circles made from Fondant.  You can't tell in the picture, but I put some "sugar rocks" on the cake to make it look like it was scattered with diamonds (bling).
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By sweetthingcakery
Oct 13, 2007
The bride wanted lots of bling and peacock feathers.  Cake is all dummies, in 18, 16, 14, 12, &10" layers covered in ivory fondant.  We served cupcakes for dessert.
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By gingsd
Oct 21, 2007
Made on really short notice for my manager's final staff meeting. We work in a scrapbook store and she likes the shiny "bling" embellishments. I covered the cake in fondant, added BC stars with silver dragges, a silver painted RI tiara and a shiny fabric ribbon for colour.
Lesley B.
By CanadaLes
Jan 12, 2008
This cake was ordered by a mom who had a list of items she wanted her son to be "wearing"  It was a challenge, but I got them all in there!  The figurine is made of a base of modeling chocolate/gumpaste and then the clothes are made of fondant.  The cane was a stick I painted black and all the bling was made with royal icing and then painted silver with luster dust.  The big cake is a $ sign, that I airbrushed grey and then applied edible glitter.  I think this cake is truely one of a kind!
By loriemoms
Dec 31, 1969
This was a dummy cake I did to paractice icing square cakes.  If it was real I would have used a nicer cake board and it needs a cake topper.
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By pennywells
Feb 23, 2008
This was for a 13 yr. old rap-loving boy!  His mom was very specific about the design.  She loved it, she hugged me when she saw it!
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By gakali
Mar 2, 2008
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By Mendulica
Mar 5, 2008
Yellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. The theme for the bridal shower was Bling! The rings are candy clay, painted with luster dust and vodka. The "gems" are dragees.
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By Ro40
Apr 19, 2008
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By misslibertysmom
May 19, 2008
The mother of the girl said she just like pink, purple, green and hearts and bling.  This is what I did.  The number is custome foam cut and painted by my DH.  I added the rhinestones.  This cake is a 9" round with a 6" on top.
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By sunnybono
Jul 14, 2008
This was taken from 2007's Wilton Yearbook, but I made it two tiers and added more pizzazz.  I changed the color flow colors to match my friend's wedding colors.  Two of the bows broke, despite making about six bows for breakage.  I still like how it came out, though.  It's a lemon cake with lemon filling and covered in fondant, of course.  I'm still saving money to buy a decent leveller, though.
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By dandrus3
Jul 26, 2008
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By darylrc
Aug 9, 2008
Made for a "jewelry party."  Rings and gems made out of white chocolate decorated in luster dust.
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By srentreken
Aug 31, 2008
I posted a picture of this cake previously and tried to edit it.  I somehow managed to delete it instead, so I'm uploading it again.  Was for a lady who loves all things sparkly.  Thanks for looking.
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By jillycakes
Sep 20, 2008
For a sweet sixteen. Chocolate cake and strawberry buttercream covered in fondant.
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By amberhoney
Sep 26, 2008
This was a rather tough one to figure out how to make.  They wanted a man's bling ring with a diamond.  As usual, now I know what I'd do different! TFL!
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By bdrider
Oct 5, 2008
My cake is Cinderella-inspired. It is said that Cinderella's step-mother was a real witch. It is also believed that the Prince's ball took place on Halloween (hence the pumpkin coach).
This is two bundt cakes covered in bc and then fondant. I added some painted fondant bling and a fondant stem and ribbons.
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Oct 26, 2008
This client requested a giant cake cupcake decorated with a 50 and a tiara. Smaller cupcakes surrounding it.
Giant cupcake is 3 6" cakes and one mini round on top.I'll do a bigger round next time. (It took a  lot of work to make it look cupcake-ish instead of male part-ish)
Covered in sparkle/luster .
By luvscakes
Dec 1, 2008
6, 8, 10, 12 rounds on a 14" square.  All butter pecan cakes and stenciled names on the square.  SIlver Dragee borders have a ton of bling.  Diamonds are quilted and accented with dragees.  Buttercream scrolls.  TFL
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By Denise
Dec 10, 2008
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By icing_fever
Jan 24, 2009
Finally got to make one of these:)  8" and 6" square cake stacked tiffany boxes.  Use sky blue with teal for the tiffany blue--it could have gone lighter.  I bought the non edible bling at wal-mart to trim out the lids.   Thanks to Wendy [Dolittle] for always answering all my questions!!  TFL!
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By margery
Feb 6, 2009
This is a pound cake carved and inserted in a chocolate "jewelry" box. Fondant pillow and "satin" lining.
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Feb 12, 2009
This was a dummy cake I did for a wedding show.  It had edible gems in the centers of the flowers and scattered on the top and ledges.  Rhinestone ribbon at the base of the tiers on top of black satin ribbon.   I wanted a kind of sophisticated but bling-y look.
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By SueBuddy
Feb 12, 2009
This cake was for my friend's "BLING" birthday party.  The damask wasn't planned out very well, so I improvised and 'tried' to pipe out a pattern in royal icing.  Everything else is MMF.  And lots of diamonds!
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By jannanners
Mar 5, 2009
topsy turvy 6-9-12 rounds 6" high...i love the b/w contrast i may have done a 6-9-13 (a 4" high 13" round?) next time....  tfl:)  the bling was added onsite by request of the b day girls momma--fun cake to do:)....inspired by pink cakebox
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By margery
Mar 9, 2009
This cake was also an entry in the Queen City Cake Competition last first competition!  Designer fabric inspired the design.  The bag is all fondant with diamond impression details, the flap is fondant with hand-piped royal icing and gel color details, the bottle is solid chocolate and the diapers are fondant.  The shoes and pacifier are gumpaste with edible glitter "bling" and the keys are fondant made with a custom mold.  The cake won 1st in the 3D Division as well as The People's Choice Award.....I was thrilled with the outcome!
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By cambo
Mar 14, 2009
This is a close up of the bling bling shoes that accompanied my Queen City Cake Competition entry.  I tried to use the template posted here to make them, but it just didn't match-up for me, so I made my own templates and it worked much better!  These were my third set of shoes.....whew!!!!
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By cambo
Mar 14, 2009
This cake was for a wedding that was being held in a gorgeous house with the ocean as a backyard... simply gorgeous... the bride called me as soon as she say it telling me that it was beautiful... i was not too happy with it untl we were done putting the cake together and then i absolutely loved this cake... it was keylime cake with mango filling (top to tiers) and then it was amaretto canilla cake with amaretto buttercreme for the bottom tier... We wer happy to ge a trip to the keys included with this delivery... yay... any comments are appreciated...
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By pinklesley1
Mar 16, 2009
This is my first (and hopefully last) topsy turvy cake.  :-)  6 and 8 in with fondant accents, glass gems and gumpaste flowers.  Thanks to all of the wonderful cakes on this site for inspiration and very helpful instructions.  TFL
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By jennabell441
Mar 21, 2009
This is half chocolate, half vanilla, whipped frosting, mmf and royal accents, the bling is non edible flat back rhinestones pressed onto a piece of glad press and seal wrap.  It really sucks without the red fondant bow I added across the front of the 40, but I didn't get a pic, I hate when I do that!
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By mw902
Apr 4, 2009
40th birthday cake for a customer who loves her bling bling and hearts.
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By mykidsarekillingme
Dec 15, 2006


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