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buttercream with fondant bow and chocolate covered strawberries
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By sampy
Nov 24, 2006
4 Tier Wedding cake that I made for my sisters wedding.  16" German Chocolate, 13" Confetti, 10" Butter White, 7" Red Velvet.  All filled and iced with Buttercream and covered in Satin Ice Fondant.  Edible pearls made by Lowerys Loft.  Satin Ribbon and real flowers rounded it out.  This was my first wedding cake and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
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By MamaAmity
Feb 12, 2007
4 8
By gracefull
Mar 24, 2007
Ok, I have to admit this was the hardest cake I have ever done. The groom gave me a pitcure of his race car tire and I got as close to it as I could. It was a problem from the get go. It was a vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling  and chocolate frosting airbrushed black. When I delivered it, he was amazed so I guess that is why I enjoy doing this...
By fmcmulle
Mar 25, 2007
This is a cake I made for my SIL.  It is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and a fondant bow.  This was my first time ever working with fondant so I'm happy with the way the bow turned out.
3 2
By meggers
Apr 3, 2007
This is an 11 x 15 slab...with Black & white decore. 
The flowers were added at the customers home..she bought the flowers.
4 9
By DuckyChickenLady
May 6, 2007
I made a scratch butter cake, topped with MMF and a Buttercream transfer. He turns 30 on May 12 and asked for a Raiders cake for his party. It was my first time making black fondant, it was rough! AND my first time making a transfer, it turned out pretty well I think!
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By stephanie_akerman
May 10, 2007
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By EvangelicalCreations
May 18, 2007
This was for a little girl who was having a Saints themed birthday party.  The mother said all the decorations were very football so she wanted the cake girled up. 14/10/6 stack covered in fondant with fondant decorations and bows
7 5
By sarahnichole975
May 22, 2007
Vanilla cake with Real buttercream icing.  Fondant bows and edible pearls.  Sorry the picture isn't great, I found out I had a smudge on my camera.  This was the best picture I had.
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Jun 1, 2007
This is the back view of the "Seven O'clock train"  I just posted.  I had lots of fun making the cake.  I cannot wait to see the reaction from the customer.  He's a former high school classmate reacquainted via Myspace. LOL  Thanks for looking   (All choc. BTW, even the fondant! )
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By lynda-bob
Jun 28, 2007
This is a 'Welcome Back" to work cake for a friend that took a leave of absence to be home
with her baby.  The flowers are Maryland's state flower--the Black-eyed Susan.
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By beth1369
Jul 7, 2007
All buttercream with black scroll work
3 23
By cakelady45
Aug 27, 2007
I have done one before but this one turned out much better and the person was very happy too! It was done for a autistic boy (don't know if spelled right) so I wanted to give my best!
7 22
By Cancook
Sep 14, 2007
8 " fruitcake covered with patterned fondant with fondant details - made it in class
TFL !!
26 37
By jules06
Oct 3, 2007
I just copied karicroop for this cake (hope you don't mind) it was the cutest idea I could find. I just saw it and thought "that's perfect". I don't quite think I struck the cuteness factor she did. Hers looked like quite a character. While mine is a little more generic. But I'm pretty happy with it. And it was really fun and easy to make.
5 48
By dorispepsi
Nov 1, 2007
4 17
By krystalp
Dec 11, 2007
Iced in cream cheese icing with fondant accents,lettering is also fondant
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By lynsey
Jan 26, 2008
Made for my dd 13th "Addams Family" bday party. I have wanted to make one of these for so long! I ended up using the dowel method but would like to try the wedges next time. Bottom 2 layers were fondant covered. Middle layer was hand painted. Top layer was bc with fondant diamonds. So many firsts on this cake but I loved making it. Thanks for all the topsy turvy cakes posted on here!
9 11
By coreenag
Jan 29, 2008
Chocolate buttercream frosting and plastic spider ring
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By sweetsaracakes
Feb 1, 2008
Full sheet cake for a local organizations annual handball tournament.  Half vanilla, half chocolate, vanilla BC.  All stars are fondant and the design inspired by Cakery.  Thanks for looking!
3 9
By pish
Feb 20, 2008
This girl LOVED bows, so I was hired to make a 2 tier pink cake with black bows.  I made the Monogram  and accents from floral wire and beads.  Cake is covered in pink MMF, real ribbon, Silk Peonies.  Super simple but I really liked how it turned out.
3 30
By aimers
Mar 16, 2008
14-10-6 WASC and chocolate, fondant-covered with fresh roses.  Thanks for looking!
2 2
By Steffen74
Mar 30, 2008
For my dental assistants wedding; rolled fondant covered cake with black fabric ribbon. Flowers were placed on site by us.
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By Ginger08
Apr 4, 2008
2 1
By mamajan61
Apr 14, 2008
MMF, R is made with royal icing.
3 14
By Lidunka25
Apr 27, 2008
Not great, but my bf and I are improving.  Learned a lot on this one, and my writing still sucks.
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By IrishEyes
Jun 8, 2008
14",10" 6" , Fondant with RI cornelli lace,Black grosgrain ribbon fondant bow and gumpaste stephanotis w/ pearl stamens,,thanks for looking. My hand was just about dead by the time I finished piping this cake,,WHEW !
30 91
By cakelady48
Jul 15, 2008
8 13
By sweetlikepie
Jul 24, 2008
This was done to go with a anniversary cake for the same party. She wanted both cakes to tie in with each other. She wanted to have the fondant circles for the birthday cake and something "pretty" for the anniversary cake. So this is what I came up with. She was really happy. 11x15 sheet cake, chocolate, with buttercream, and fondant circles. Thank you for looking!
5 39
By shelleylynn
Jul 25, 2008
Well, here it is! Thanks for the suggestions from the CC gals :) I am so very happy with this cake. Top is vanilla w/ raspberry filling, iced in BC. Bottom is dark chocolate with black Satin Ice. 80s decorations are all fondant.
9 55
By APrettyCake
Aug 2, 2008
this image was sent to me from the girls boyfriend who is setting up a surprise for her. super cute pink and green and skulls and bones,,, and stars too
By pinklesley1
Aug 21, 2008
Here is another view of the cake. One of our fellow cake lovers had asked for a pic with less distraction behind it so here it is!!
1 7
By mommakristin
Aug 24, 2008
Strawberry Cake.. Buttercream icing..
2 30
By briansbaker
Sep 1, 2008
A cake themed for a band (forgot the name) but this design is from their CD cover.  A totally different idea than what I am used to - but it was easy to do.  Thanks for looking!
2 1
By Suzycakes
Oct 7, 2008
Another entry for OSSAS but NOT what I had planned.  The idea was inspired by a blouse a co-worker wore. Unfortumately, I ran out of time and it was not what I had planned. Covered in fondant with gumpaste leaves and flowers. TFL!
5 18
By tracycakes
Oct 12, 2008
I was given free reign on this cake and decided on a black and white colour scheme.  I never plan anything in advance (very poor oranisation skills!)so the patterns were just trial and error!  Stars made from modelling paste, all other coverings are sugarpaste.
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By seraphim
Oct 18, 2008
Sugar cookies with Antonias royal icing shaped like bats for a Halloween birthday!
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By liapsim
Oct 18, 2008
red velvet sock with Black &White Whisky  vanilla butter cream
By nadia101
Nov 1, 2008
BC cake with fondant attempt of a bratz doll and fondant balls on wire for balloons.
5 16
By helipops
Aug 19, 2006


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