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yellow cake, chocolate and white quick pour fondant, with fresh strawberries
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By jdelectables
Feb 20, 2006
Three tier wedding cake.  Chocolate (mocha mousse), white (french vanilla mousse with chocolate shavings) chocolate (double choc. mousse /w chocolate shaving), fondant covered, dragees bottom and top tier.  Cakes were 16", 12", 8".
10 34
By vie
Mar 8, 2006
4 2
By MommyEdzards
Mar 10, 2006
This was for a wiskey lover.
By umfalcon
May 10, 2006
this cake is all white with white roses and black leaves.
By sandykay
Jun 28, 2006
Fondant covered tiers with royal dots and real black ribbon. The board is also covered with fondant and edged in ribbon to complement the cake.
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By maplecakes
Jul 5, 2006
Black ribbon accents the tiers of this buttercream wedding cake.  The black scrollwork matches the train of her wedding gown. They loved the faux fondant look of the buttercream!
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By hollysu
Jul 6, 2006
Fondant cake with royal scroll and flower design. Fondant giant ribbon rose on top.
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By peacockplace
Jul 22, 2006
I made this for my mom's birthday tomorrow.   All buttercream.
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By springlakecake
Jul 31, 2006
Made this for a co-worker's 30th bday.  Thanks to Paula (psurrette) for fixing my background!
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By cakegurl06
Sep 20, 2006
First and last wedding cake.  Used IMBC and bride ordered pure white linens.  Cake looked like it was frosted in Mayo!  Gross!  Donated my black back drop and made a big difference.  Square cakes are the kiss of death.  That and black IMBC sweating onto the white IMBC after it came out of fridge and hit Houston humidity and the K of C poorly air conditioned hall!  Aughhhhhh!  Never again!
9 21
By Lambshack
Sep 20, 2006
This was a birthday cake for a DJ.

It was covered in MMF, with gunpaste and MMF decorations.

It was a very fun cake!
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By tatania199
Sep 23, 2006
For a good friend Linda, turning 50. Fondant diamonds and Swiss dots, gumpaste roses, stars and plaque
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By ShirleyW
Sep 24, 2006
Caramel mudcake covered in buttercream. All the black was added by using a FBCT.
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By socake
Sep 29, 2006
My first topsy turvy cake. The top two layers are dummies the bottom one is cake.
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By 2yummy
Oct 1, 2006
This was a birthday cake for a co-worker.  Cake is white chocolate w/ raspberry filling.
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By jillycakes
Oct 10, 2006
French Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd Filling.  It's covered in white fondant with black fondant dots and pink and green fondant ribbon rose.  First attempt at the rose... I'm happy with it! :-) And I think Mom loved it :-)
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By Lizbvic
Oct 16, 2006
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and design.
By tgirl22
Nov 1, 2006
Here are the fondant penguins that we made to go on top of the cake!
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By CaliAngel
Dec 3, 2006
Here is the finish product.  it was so much fun!!!
3 3
By CaliAngel
Dec 3, 2006
round graduation cake covered in mmf with black diamonds made from the square cutter and black circles.
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By srmaxwell
Dec 18, 2006
This black and white cake was done in buttercream icing.  The wedding was black, white and red.
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By tammik
Dec 22, 2006
Butter pecan cake with buttercream icing, chocolate fondant accents and silver dragees.  For my dad's 50th birthday.
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By meghanb
Feb 4, 2007
Ths is a cake I did for my SIL's monthly birthday celebration at her job (I got the monthly account!!), so this is what I did for February.  It is a Chocolate Chip Amaretto Cake covered in Satin Ice and Satin Ice Ribbon roses.
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By moralna
Feb 13, 2007
Made this for Mine and Hubbys 8th Anniversary. It's a triple layer 6 inch Round (stacked inside: red velvet, strawberry, red velvet) with Vanilla Crusting Buttercream Frosting. The Individual Butterflies are each FBCT's with the antennaes piped on after transfers. I added a Fabric Bow that I made from ribbon I purchased at Michaels and wired beaded Swirls. It was a very pretty little cake and just as pretty when cut as well !
By southrnhearts
Feb 20, 2007
1/4 sheet FrVanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream, Image is an FBCT...Did this cake for a clients boy who was turning 9...He loved it...Mom said he was a big Dale and Dale JR fan...So this is what I came up with !  Found the little Flag Picks at a local cake supply shop . Thanks for Looking!
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By southrnhearts
Feb 20, 2007
This was my 1st time working with fondant on such a large scale cake!  I was in the wedding and had to put this cake together, let me tell you I will never do that again...LOL! Everyone was very happy with the look and taste.
By aceofcakes
Feb 22, 2007
This is a cake I did with MMF and buttercream underneath for my SIL's baby shower. I know black and white seems strange for a baby shower...they are her nursery colors.  This was my first try at MMF.  I liked it very much, although I was not fast enough and it dried out and cracked a bit while putting on black stripes.  Learned my lesson for next time!
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By mamabaer
Feb 24, 2007
First stacked cake and first sold cake.  They wanted yellow cake with black and white buttercream. I added more scrollwork after this pic and once I figure out how to get it off my phone I'll post it.
By PistachioCranberry
Feb 24, 2007
Cake is 4 layers, chocolate and vanilla.  Filling is raspberry.  BC frosting with MMF bow and accents.  This was for my mom's birthday....I brought it to school to surprise her.  Black and white are her favorite colors!
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By watermelon
Mar 1, 2007
Chocolate buttercream, MMF accents
By cinderella73
Mar 10, 2007
This is my first wedding cake. The bride wanted it to be modern looking. She also requested black and white. It is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
All the black is rolled chocolate fondant that I added black gel coloring to get the dark color. I was so worried about the cake but when the bride saw it she was verry happy...Thank you CC for all the information!
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By carmela123
Mar 11, 2007
6, 10, and 14 inch square cakes, stacked offset. White buttercream on all tiers. Black fondant stripes on top tier with a red gumpaste bow. Bottom 2 tiers have black royal decoration. Red rose petals were scattered to accent the red bow. This is my first paid wedding cake.
13 53
By jillcrain
Mar 20, 2007
Chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream and fondant accents.
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By meghanb
Mar 26, 2007
This is a 1/4 sheet cake made for a little girl who loves Black and White cows. Both cows and the barn are FBCTs. I added grass and other details to fill it in. ... was a really cute little cake.. Thanks for looking!
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By southrnhearts
Apr 20, 2007
buttecream w/gumpaste accents
3 30
By sampy
Apr 28, 2007
This was such a fun cake. This was for my grandparent's in-law for their 50th. She is a very classy lady with retro and eclectic taste. She loved it and even called me the next day to say how wonderful it was (she does cakes too, so that meant even more...not to mention when she doesn't like something everyone knows about it). Anyway, back to the cake chocolate cake, raspberry filling, Toba's chocolate frosting (best in the whole world), and fondx fondant. Thanks a bunch for looking!
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By CakePhun
May 2, 2007
Inspired by my fav henna design.  Black frosting with white royal icing desighn
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By hnogden
May 4, 2007
Different view so the side can be seen
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By hnogden
May 5, 2007
Italian cream cake with buttercream filling and icing with black MMF decorations.
10 14
By christinasconfections
Oct 22, 2005


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