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Lalaloopsy cake
By Tante Kiki
Feb 17, 2014
Another pic of the "Rugrats" b/d cake. This is one the client took of it. Not great but at least not fuzzy/blurry like the ones I took. I figured out why the ones I took didn't come out that good. The lighting over the island in my kitchen has halogen lights that put off a lot of heat. I had adjusted them so they wouldn't shine directly on the cake and soften the icing. I forgot to readjust them when I took pictures & that's why I think they didn't come out that well.
By eicie
Jul 18, 2013
By ClaudiaFiori
Jul 20, 2014
3 layer vanilla cake (10 inch)
Frosted in all BC
Butterflies are chocolate
By KimErskine
Aug 31, 2013
50th Birthday Celebration!
By jdun1686
May 23, 2014
By Emily_cakes
Jun 17, 2013
By joslynnfae
Apr 18, 2014
iPod cake by Tante Kiki
By Tante Kiki
Feb 17, 2014
By emwise
Jan 22, 2013
Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. 2nd Birthday cake.
By helavacakes
Apr 27, 2014
By SliceOfSweetArt
Jul 1, 2013
Moshi Monsters Cakepops, Cherry Bomb, Fizzy, Suey, Boomer
By welcometreats
Mar 28, 2013
soccer ball cake
By Hephzibah_joseph
Mar 25, 2013
Henry the Train birthday cake.
By rozeza
Aug 20, 2013
By Rodriguez-km
Mar 10, 2013
This cake was for a birthday girl whose nickname was "The Mouth". Makes sense, right? Chocolate cake, butter cream frosting and the mouth was covered in fondant. Sculpting the mouth was really fun, so was the MMF tongue. The teeth got on my nerves a bit.
By Amberleigh
Jun 22, 2013
Zoo Animal Cookies
1 1
By SheriSproles
Apr 17, 2013
Twilight cake for a 16th birthday - four stacked 'books' on a chess board, with chess pieces and a book worm
By bluemonkeycakes
Jul 16, 2013
By dynee
Aug 14, 2013
A rich fruit cake with hand made Lilly and flowers.
By Littleladybird
Sep 9, 2013
ladies birthday cake pink flowers pastels
By jacesterr
Jul 13, 2014
a tiger popping its head out of a carriage
By cutesycakes1
Jan 22, 2013
Blue raspberry cake, buttercream iced with fondant snowflakes & topper. Elsa toy figurine.
By autumnwind
Oct 10, 2014
School wrestling cake, singlet, asics shoes, head gear, medal, trophy with cake sparklers
By melodym38
Feb 6, 2014
70th Birthday 'Chevron' Cake
By Handmade Queen
Jan 12, 2014
Betty Boop white almond cake, buttercream iing and Betty Boop in rice krispies and fondant; fondant bubbles
By Binky1223
Oct 28, 2014
By JessicaRobyn2
Apr 11, 2013
By Cake-sprite
Mar 15, 2014
my sister-in-law birthday
By bakerchick85
Mar 12, 2014
By ebielefeld
Jun 21, 2013
By TheFrenchCakeCompany
Sep 3, 2013
dragon cake
By masha0013
Mar 3, 2013
Mickey clubhouse cake with Mickey and Pluto.  This was made for the cutest little boy who loves Mickey and Pluto, and the mom asked to make sure to include Pluto somwhere.  Cake is Vanilla bean filled with dulce de leche caramel and covered in fondant.  All decorations are handmade using fondant.  I have to say special thanks to Kidacity and Torte in Pasta di Zucchero Sugar Factory for their wonderful Mickey tutorials, and to Le torte di Ale e Vale for a great tutorial on pluto via youtube.  I was very pleased with how these turned out being my first time making a 3D Mickey and Pluto.  Thanks for looking :)
By abCakes1
Oct 15, 2014
Little Mermaid birthday cake
By HillyMillsCakes
May 14, 2013
By anamaria123
Jul 17, 2013
Batman birthday
By Taralynn21
Aug 12, 2013
Ladies hat cake with shoes and handbags
By CakesSoCool
Sep 5, 2013
Sons of Anarchy cake. My first time doing the frozen transfer technique (love this technique)
By ecb8r2
Apr 13, 2013
Grown and ***y Cake
By DimplyDelicious
Jan 8, 2014
By AHCakes
May 19, 2014


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