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How To Make a 3D Bunny Shaped Cupcake

  • by mvap

Posted by mvap This adorable bunny has eaten all the cupcakes while he was saying: I didn´t do it. I’m sure that if you make the cupcakes for your kids, they will love them as much as he! In this tutorial, you'll learn about how to make a 3D bunny-shaped cupcake with fondant and gum paste. You'll also learn about how to make cupcake wrappers with fondant. I hope you enjoy it! List of Materials - Rolled Fondant - Gumpaste - Buttercream Icing - Modeling Tools - Black, White, Blue, Aquamarine and Pink Food Coloring - Brush #000 (Very thin brush) and Brush... read more

Lemon/Lime Virgin Cocktail Cake

Posted by yummyfun3040 I am always trying to think up fun recipes to write. One of my favorite fruit flavors is lime and I thought I would put together a fun "drink" cake recipe with this flavor. I have never heard of a "Drink" cake before. This is how Lemon/Lime Virgin Cocktail came about. You can also make cupcakes, but be sure the cupcakes only stay in for 20 to 22 minutes or they will be too dry. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. Enjoy! (The assembling of cake is down below all of the recipes.) Ingredients 3 cups sifted cake flour 2 1/2 tsp.... read more

Mum's Real Buttercream Frosting

Posted by jtp139 This is my go to buttercream. My mom taught me how to make it. It's very simple but takes a while to make. It can be used alone or as a great base for fondant. I usually make it a few days before and stick it in the fridge to give it time to meld together. You will need to re-whip it before frosting. Ingredients 12 Large egg whites 1-2 Lbs. Superfine Sugar (depending on you taste) 6 sticks (3 Cups) of Unsalted Butter cut into chunks (about 1Tbs. per chunk) 1 Tsp. Vanilla Enough to cover at least a 4 layered 10" cake using 2" deep pans.... read more

Marshmallow Fondant

Posted by WillowWend This is the easiest fondant recipe I've ever used. The fondant has an elastic-like quality, which makes stretching without tearing very easy. The marshmallow flavor is a favorite, especially with the kids. Ingredients *1-16oz. bag mini marshmallows 2 Tbsp. water - more if necessary 2 lbs. powdered sugar 1/4 c. shortening *NOTE: If you can't find a 16 oz. bag, you can reduce your sugar by approx. 1/4 Instructions Combine marshmallows and water. Microwave on high approx. 45 seconds. Mix well. If marshmallows aren't completely... read more

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