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A top view of the same cake.
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By kindercritters
Feb 27, 2006
Birthday cake
By geehouse
Mar 21, 2006
By StandingForJesus
Apr 12, 2006
This cake was a full sheet, chocolate, fresh banana filling.
By marina34
Apr 22, 2006
Wow!  This was a feat.  It's what I envisioned, just not nearly the quality I hoped for!  I'm giving up on fondant for a while.  This is 5 layers of yellow cake with Whip Cream frosting, covered in fondant.  My first fondant bow - that's my fave part of the cake!  Couldn't figure out how to get the fondant to cover the corners smoothly, the fondant started breaking and wouldn't stop.  Ended up cutting the sides like a mider-cut.  There's seams at the corners, but oh well!  It's for a co-worker's 30th birthd
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By sgmaluv
Apr 30, 2006
This is for a friend's little boy.  She wanted construction as the theme.  The pieces are chocolate transfers - this is a first for me.  I love the way they aren't so fragile, but creating the color black without making the candy seize was not an easy task for me.  I haven't had much experience in the chocolate department.  I could've gotten my lines a bit more angled and evenly spaced.
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By fytar
May 12, 2006
This cake was for my Aunt's birthday and my birthday as well.  They really didn't care what was on the cake so I decided to practice with fondant.  It's my 2nd fondant cake.
By IsaacsMom
May 27, 2006
Did this one for all th summer birthdays at my work.  Wanted to do something nice before I go out on maternity leave! (And so they don't forget me! :)) It was triple chocolate fudge with a Heath Bar filling.  So yummy!  Even better the next day!
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By mrwarnke
Jun 8, 2006
Imade this cake for class on Monday.  I LOVE Mickey Mouse so this was going to be it.  I did my signature filling (pineapple) for the bottom.
By Cake_Mooma
Jul 20, 2006
Chocolate pound cake with chocolate buttercream frosting covered in mmf.
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By sandi64
Aug 5, 2006
This cake was done by inspiration from a couple of people on cake central, so thank you!  It is BC icing with fondant clouds and cape.
By rlhartmann
Aug 5, 2006
I am giving credit to jlvmorales for the bicycle design.  I coworker loves to bike so we put a bike on his cake.  He loved it.  White cake with BC frosting, royal accents.
By gtshort
Aug 29, 2006
sorry it's a picture of a picture(that I Scrp booked) of the fishing bear cake I made Mom for her B-Day last year. (Yep, she likes to fish!)
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By spitefiresas21
Sep 5, 2006
I wish the angle was better on this picture.  All white cake.  12"/8"/4".  The 8" is filled with strawberry filling.  Covered with fondant and all fondant decorations.  Took colors from invitation.  The balloons are suspended on silver florist wire.  The small 4" was used for his "smash cake".
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By sarahnichole975
Sep 9, 2006
Bottom layer is chocolate and vanila cake with almond custard filling.  Top layer is white chocolate cake.  Hubby requested that the sun be incorporated in the cake and he was happy with the outcome.  Star sugar cookies on the bottom tier where suppose to be part of the giveaways but decided to use them for the cake.
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By didi5
Sep 30, 2006
This was my first carved cake, and my first time using MMF. I made this for my son's 2nd birthday. I wanted to get the cat and dog in there because he's a little nuts for animals!! Hand-carved white and decadent chocolate cakes with buttercream icing. MMF animals, stars and smokestack. Popcorn "smoke", oreo wheels. SO FUN!!!
By lindsaycakes
Oct 5, 2006
By wehmom
Oct 6, 2006
This cake is for a Nickelodeon themed birthday party.  The characters are cut out of wrapping paper (mostly), covered in contact paper, and stuck to the cake.  I originally had some fondant shapes stuck to the cake, but took them off because I didn't like it.   I know I could have done better but time ran out!
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By bethbyington
Oct 6, 2006
My daughter wanted a Cinderella 4th b-day. I'm not all that creative, but this is what I came up with. All fondant except grass and figurines! She loved it!
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By KhymStacy
Oct 13, 2006
75th Birthday for a guy. No theme, simple cake to cut at dinner.
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By mendhigurl
Oct 26, 2006
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By gracefull
Nov 2, 2006
Quick cake for my Dad and brother's November birthdays while they were visiting for Thanksgiving.
By kris10rae
Jan 14, 2007
By kris10rae
Jan 14, 2007
Cake matched the inviations.  Did a smaller smash cake to go with it.
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By shannas
Jan 28, 2007
This is my first 3 tiered cake. buttercream with fondant accents
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By thedaygirl
Jan 29, 2007
Cake is covered with buttercream icing with basket wave on the side.  Flowers are made from royal icing.
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By dewia
Feb 1, 2007
This was my first attempt at a multi-layer cake.  The top layer was for my daughter and the bottom two layers were for the other guests.  I used an actual fish in the bottom layer in a glass bowl.
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By stfd211
Feb 17, 2007
This was done for a man's birthday--he obviously loved golf.  It is hard to see--but the name is on golf balls with the dimples on it.   My "Happy" is a little crooked but oh well.  It can't be fixed on cookies... that is the only bad part about doing these.
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By chloe1979
Feb 17, 2007
This cake is made with buttercream topped with tinted fondant. Each of the decorations and the bow is made of fondant as well.
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By kgirl
Feb 24, 2007
This is a 1/4 sheet with winnie the pooh and a 4 inch cake for the one year old. both pooh's and writing are choc. transfers
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By kayscake
Mar 7, 2007
No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe with Royal Icing
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By Daniellemhv
Mar 9, 2007
Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in fondant.  Flowers are in royal icing.  This was the first cake I sold!
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By passiongirl
Mar 28, 2007
My first cake on here! (only made 2 others that werent this style before that) Buttercream (first time workin with it) and MMF... Chocolate cake with strawberry filling.... I had made a bow myself but it got ruined while I was coloring it and I threw it away! haha Thank goodness for target bows!  My moms tears when she saw it made everything worth it tho!
By kkenny2
Apr 1, 2007
Freehand Thomas design.  He's a little asymmetrical, but I get better at drawing him every time I do this cake!
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By StaceyC3
Apr 1, 2007
This cake is covered in fondant.  I cover the cake board in fondant too so that the whole thing coordinates.
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By Jennifer9800
May 2, 2007
By infinity
May 5, 2007
This was a chocolate cake filled with cream cheese, whipped topping and oreo cookies.  This cake was for a 1 year old boy and I made a mini version for a crash cake.  Didn't get a pic of that.
By Temptations
May 6, 2007
This cake was made for a gentleman that was turning 90! As you can see from the dates and info on the book he was a very well accomplished man! This is a marble cake with buttercream icing, edible images, and a fondant bookmark!
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By sinfullydelicious
May 8, 2007
Buttercream icing with fondant accents.  I was really happy with the way this cake turned out.  I got the idea from some of the other frog cakes that I saw here on CC, thanks!
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By shelly150
May 19, 2007
Inspired by a CC friend! This was for my son's 3rd bday ~ all blues friends are colorflow.
7 16
By kindercritters
Feb 27, 2006


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