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I made this cake for a special friend who turned 15 and happens to be a Justin Bieber fan. Happy Birthday Danielle!
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By jwalton
Mar 26, 2010
By Cathy26
Mar 28, 2010
Yellow cake with passion fruit BC. I was asked to create a figure of Justin Bieber for a young girl celebrating her 12th birthday. (Apparently his a big hit with this age group) I did my best but as you can see I am not an artist more like a cartoonist.:) Thanks for looking.
By Superstar2
Apr 19, 2010
This was done for a Justin Bieber fan...her request was for his picture to be on it, and to be blue.  All done in fondant, with gumpaste CD's.
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By apetricek
May 12, 2010
justin bieber edible image
By maralin
May 12, 2010
What to do with Justin Bieber?  This is all I could think of :)
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By TxBama
May 20, 2010
Justin Bieber themed cake for an 11 year old girl! All is fondant except for beading made of buttercream.
By pood
May 21, 2010
9X13 choc cake, bc icing,Justin made with royal icing, accents fondant
thanks for looking
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By alene
May 28, 2010
Cake is marble w/ BC frosting.  The boy this cake was made for loves Justin Bieber, so made this cake of them singing together on stage.  Figures are made from Fondant.  I don't make many figures, so this was a fun challenge.  Thanks for looking!
By jcstefanick
Jun 11, 2010
I made this cake for my daughter's 10th Birthday this weekend.  Everyone loved it...thank God!  Its not perfect but I made it with all the love in the world!
By glonick2
Jun 21, 2010
For a Bieber fan's B-day.
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By GinaJuarez
Jul 1, 2010
This was for two cousins who are big fans of Justin Bieber. I copied the design from a photo of a cake they found online. Everything is fondant. The frame and stars are gumpaste.
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By TatumCakes
Jul 8, 2010
Justin bieber themed.. Stuck in the moment is her favorite song. The first tier is a dummy tier and there are concert tickets stuck to the bottom of the music note. Surprise!! :)
By Sara-belle
Jul 9, 2010
Cake for a friends' daughter who loves JB!!!! It's a French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling........she LOVED it!
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By susanscakecreations
Jul 11, 2010
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By Dalaynea
Jul 12, 2010
By kdthatsme
Jul 17, 2010
By baker101
Jul 19, 2010
By tracy1977
Jul 22, 2010
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By HehHeh
Jul 22, 2010
I made this cake for my little sister Katie's birthday. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting which was very hard to work with since it's about 95 degrees here right now! I hope she likes it.
By Sweet_Delaney_cakes
Jul 25, 2010
My 9 yr old designed this cake for her birthday.  She said it turned out better than she expected!
By michelle102571
Jul 29, 2010
Justin Bieber iPod cake. 
Cake covered in fondant. The picture of Justin Bieber is an edible image.
Thanks to all the other iPods on cake central for the inspiration!
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By missv1973
Jul 31, 2010
Biebs done with an edible image (hate how much the photo fades on the image, the purple backround was a nice, vibrant one)
By cakestiles
Aug 14, 2010
Justin Bieber Cake done for a childs birthday party. Single layer chocolate cake with bc icing. Picture is a FBCT.
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By genean
Aug 18, 2010
Justin Bieber cake
By ladyfon
Aug 30, 2010
For a 10 year old Birthday cake who loves Justin Bieber
By BobieMT
Sep 6, 2010
Thanks to those on CC that already have done a Bieber cake... I had no idea where to start on this one!  The picture was supposed to be smaller and in color, but that just goes to show how much grocery store bakeries care, right?  Time to get my own printer ; )  Buttercream covered with fondant stripes and fondant/gumpaste stars.
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By Spills
Sep 9, 2010
Derived from the Hannah Montana designs...this is now "justin bieber" style. Bow handmade from gumpaste as well as music notes. 8" WASC. TFL
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By step0nmi
Sep 17, 2010
Edible images used for Justin and wilton star power mat. Painted stars with luster dust.
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By puppygirl39
Sep 21, 2010
I made this cake for my best friends daughter. She loved it!
By Sweet_Delaney_cakes
Sep 24, 2010
Justin Bieber star cake . JB images all around the cake. Gumpaste name, number and photo frame.  This is a strawberry sour cream cake with banana creme bc. yummy!
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By TammyRiley
Sep 27, 2010
By MistyConfections
Sep 27, 2010
By pluney
Sep 28, 2010
Made this cake for a little girl who was getting Justin Bieber concert tickets for her BD.  Photoshoped her image standing next to JB.  TFL  Ps. I think I spelled Bieber wrong.....
By inspireddecorator
Sep 30, 2010
Justin Bieber edible image cake for a painting birthday party. All buttercream with fondant paint brushes, palettes, hearts, swirls and silver dragees. TFL!
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By Mb20fan
Oct 4, 2010
Other than getting the song stuck in my head, this was a super fun cake to make for a super sweet little Justin Bieber fanatic! Mainly buttercream with some fondant accents. I printed edible images of JB and attached to a fondant/gumpaste mixture and cut out with star cutters.Thanks for looking!
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By caseyt
Oct 5, 2010
Birthday cake made for my sister and her friends who love JB!!!!  Edible image!
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By cakesnkisses
Oct 9, 2010
"Blue Lagoon" Flavoured Cake, with buttercream filling. Red fondant with blue and purple fondant accents. All images are edible!
By M3lly
Oct 10, 2010
Three tier Justin Bieber tier is a dummy cake, bottom two are vanilla with buttercream under fondant.
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By dholdenrn
Oct 16, 2010
One of my co-workers wanted a cake for his daughter and she is a huge Justin Bieber fan.  I guess his favorite color is purple and so is hers, so I wanted to make sure the cake had purple in it.  The image on the top is edible.  I guess there was alot of girls screaming when the cake wass brought out :)
8 58
By cherrooh
Mar 24, 2010


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