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By Aitza
Sep 12, 2005
This is a full sheet, white/chocolate, with whipped topping.
I hand drew the picture, then transfered the drawing onto the cake with a tooth pick, then filled in design with gels.
I made this for a co-worker who also had short curley black hair.  It was a big hit!
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By mcginnis
Aug 15, 2005
I made this cake for my daughter's school secretary for secretaries' day. It is a 6". The picture is a BCT.
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By CakeDesigns
Oct 11, 2005
The 3-D Betty Boop is cut out of Pound cake.
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By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
This was made for my friend's little boy for his first birthday today. Chocolate sour cream cake soaked with coffee liqueur syrup, whipped chocolate and coffee liqueur ganache and Italian meringue buttercream. My first time with IMBC and my second FBCT - I had a lot of fun with this one!
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By edencakes
Nov 7, 2005
Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream.  It looks like Betty went to bed with her make-up on but Oh well!
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By dsoutherngirl
Sep 18, 2005
First FBCT I ever did.  This is the cake that cracked before my mother even saw it.
By havenleigh
Jan 13, 2006
I made this Betty Boop cake for a Cuban friend's Mom.
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By megamommy
Jan 14, 2006
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By GinaJuarez
Feb 6, 2006
My girlfriend love Betty so I though why not make her this for her birthday.  She loved it.
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By deniseniece
Apr 4, 2006
I love doing bc transfers!!! I only learned about a month ago how to do them thanks to all of the wonderful info here at CakeCentral.  Atomic Betty is a bc transfer and the rest of the cake is also bc.  I used my (clean) fingers to make impressions into the "planet" green to make it look like craters.  The stars are a combination of bc tip #16, and gold dragees.  The little girl loved this cake.  I was very pleased with it too.  The text was done using a bc transfer too.
By hockeymom
May 2, 2006
This was a full sheet, chocolate with fresh bananas.
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By marina34
Jun 12, 2006
Buttercream icing Betty Boop and stripes on the side are edible images.
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By Sherry0565
Jul 1, 2006
My mil, who is also named Betty, LOVES Betty Boop.  This is an 11X15 1/2 chocolate - 1/2 vanilla cake decorated in buttercream.  Nothing spectacular but she thought it was great!
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By NottawaChelle
Dec 8, 2005
Cake made for my DD friend.  Would have like to known about FBCT when I did this cake.  White cake with BC.  Just outlined with BC and filled in with BC.
By cakesbybert
Aug 21, 2006
I did this cake for a friend of mine who absolutley LOVES Betty Boop.  The cake is a marble cake covered in all MMF.  Thanks for looking.
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By nalyjuan
Sep 1, 2006
A customer could choose between a Betty Boop cake or a beach cake for her daughter, so we had Betty on the beach!
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By dkcrooby
Sep 21, 2006
This cake is covered entirely in bc. The picture started out as a fbct, but when transferring, Betty Boop broke apart so I had to pipe over it.
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By KimmysKakes
Sep 23, 2006
Betty Boop birthday cake, my girlfriend is crazy over Betty Boop and with no pan out there, I had to take matters into my own hands.  Hope you enjoy I was very proud of this cake!
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By Kwitadahl
Oct 4, 2006
I did this for my daughter's 18th birthday.  The top tier is a dummy and she is sitting on the edge of the cake held by a skewer.
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By Sparklepop
Oct 4, 2006
I got a call last night about making this cake for today. So this is my quick version of Betty Boop. I hope the customer likes it. BCT of Betty!
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By ken
Oct 7, 2006
Betty crocker pan (filled with chocolate pudding)  I made this for our end of the season cookout today using marshmellow fondant for the black decorations.  It was perfect but sure got eatn fast with lots of compliments about how cute and original it was!
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By tblachly
Oct 7, 2006
I made this cake last night and I would like to know what everyone thinks before i give this cake to my mom. She really loves betty boop,I hope with your opinions i will feel better with giving it to her. This cake is done with the dora the explorer pan with a little carving..
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By deihls
Oct 27, 2006
Cake was for a girl who was getting her room completely done in Betty Boop.  I delivered the cake on Tuesday, they had a family birthday party that evening and after the girl saw the cake, she told her mom she wanted to save the cake for Saturday when her friends would be there.  That's how much she loved the cake.  So they wrapped the box and froze the cake lol.  Cake is devil's food and icing is cream cheese.
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By sun33082
Nov 11, 2006
This was for a birthday party for a big Betty Boop fan.  She's a little chubby but hopefully you can tell it's her.
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By Cyndi1207
Nov 13, 2006
Betty Boop 21st Birthday Cake
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By Delitful
Dec 12, 2006
This is the Betty Boop birthday cake I made for my 12-year old daughter. It is moist red velvet cake filled with dark chocolate mousse and seedless raspberry jam. Frosted with whipped cream butter cream - Betty is my first FBCT. I topped it off with one of the lips sugar cookies I made for the party favors. My daughter loved it!
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By writer_mom
Dec 18, 2006
This is probably one of my favorites even though she is not quite perfect
By sweet_T7
Dec 29, 2006
This is one of the small bouquets I am doing this year...NF with antonia's royal
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By yankeegal
Jan 11, 2007
This is a cake for my uncle's birthday. His wife is a nurse, and the text on the cake (not added yet) is going to read "bottom's up!." This was my second FBCT ever, and the first one that turned out right.
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By jinxy543210
Jul 26, 2006
Just a practice cake today;-)  I am a stay at home mommy and love to work on cakes!  It is snowing alot her (supposed to get 12 inches:-o) so just thought that I would have some fun wtih the cakes!! Just some questions though, how do I get a deep deep red with the MMF?  And I use powdered sugar to roll out the MMF so it wont stick, but then I am left with a residue on the MMF and it it hard to dust off, any suggestions?  Thanks!;-)
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By kden3980
Jan 15, 2007
This is an airbrushed Leopard gift with a gumpaste red betty loop bow.
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By KelCake
Feb 10, 2007
First chocolate transfer. Made this for my daughters friend who collects Betty Boop.
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By mommabear
Mar 7, 2007
11x15 Buttercream with RIT of Betty Boop, inspired by a cake here on cc!
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By LoriMc
Apr 23, 2007
Betty Boop is buttercream.  I tried to do a FBCT but was unsuccessful, so I ended up putting her on the cake freehand.
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By meowkitty30
Apr 30, 2007
I made this cake with heart in chocolate for decoration and use carnelli lace in the mirror with springles lips.
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By suky
Apr 30, 2007
Another angle of the fbct pic
By Erika513x2
May 4, 2007
this is a cake i designed for my best friends mums 60th birthday
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By daftarseuk
May 12, 2007
I need a lot more practice on this one, but here is my attempt at 
the boopster.  I made this for my aunt who is a huge betty boop fan.
She loved it, flaws and all.  Sugar cookie with royal
By freddyfl
Jun 1, 2007
Lemon/Vanilla with White Choc IMBC.  Color flow pieces.  Betty Boop is FBCT.
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By kelleygirl
Jun 2, 2007


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