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Landon's birthday cake.
7 22
By Laura102777
Jan 18, 2007
Ben 10 character cake. MMF accents
4 1
By donyell
Apr 3, 2007
I was watching Ron Ben Isreal on Sugar Rush a few weeks ago and decided to challenge myself by making a dummy cake with his same design.  Following my belief that I have to challenge myself (since I am a beginner) with difficult projects, I decided to give it a try.  VERY labor intensive.  I used Satin Ice chocolate fondant, made the appliques by rolling lace and fondant/gumpaste together through pasta machine, then outlining in royal icing.  The ribbons were a nightmare - solid bands all around.
127 1,487
By DesignerCakes
Apr 15, 2007
Ben 10 Characters done freehand with buittercream
4 6
By krispy
May 5, 2007
FBCT, Marble cake, Chocolate Pudding
1 1
By zoraya
May 20, 2007
FBCT, Marble cake, Vanilla pudding
I posted this earlier but it looked to plain to me so I added the black and white dots to it after searching the galleries.  Much happier with it now.
By zoraya
May 20, 2007
1 1
By abeverley
Jul 23, 2007
There are several Ben 10 characters, the customer told me to choose.  It was a karate birthday party, so I chose this guy because he looks like he is wearing a karate ghi and he reminds me of a grasshopper (as in Kung Fu).
3 4
By LittleLinda
Aug 18, 2007
Did this by tracing the outline of his body and drew the rest in myself....kind of hard for someone who is new to this
3 8
By melyndagb79
Oct 3, 2007
This is made with the wonder mold pan and I used yellow candy chocolate for the flames. All buttercream icing except for the flames. Thanks for looking! The birthday boy loved it!!!
2 6
By turtlemom
Dec 15, 2007
these were made to go with the Heatblast cake that I made. All buttercream except the flames and they are chocolate melts.
By turtlemom
Dec 19, 2007
Hand-modelled figure of Ben 10, made using modelling paste (fondant mixed with CMC/tylose)
10 47
By kelly75
Dec 30, 2007
4 6" rounds stacked. Covered in fondant and handpainted in bc.
10 18
By KimmysKakes
Jan 20, 2008
Ben 10 birthday cake with aliens and I used Wilton Spray paint colors. Firts attempt with that!
By rocketmom32000
Jan 27, 2008
It was made for my sons 7th Bday. He loves Ben 10 and he loved the cake!
By madred2boricuas
Apr 10, 2008
Objects are real toys.  Buttercream icing....
2 1
By duhknees
Apr 24, 2008
I made this for my son's birthday this weekend.  Couldn't find ANY toys or anything of Ben 10 and don't have an EIP so I had to improvise. The images are actually printed on paper then glued to a piece of thick poster board and then attached to an 18 gauge wire with transparent tape. The cake is made of BC with fondant accents. TFL!
3 39
By LovelyCreations
Apr 30, 2008
:-)  I LIVE to, plastic, newspapers, ... gift bags, cake decorations! Hahaha! I was begged by my son to make cupcakes for his class too, so I recycled the decorations from his birthday cake and put them on this BC iced CCC.  Took me a whole 15 minutes to get this one done!  Fastest yet! Haha! Looks pretty plain in the pic, especially since I forgot to add the little black accents like on the cake, but it wasn't too bad in person.  TFL!
2 4
By LovelyCreations
Apr 30, 2008
Whew! Thanks to ALL the CC'ers who came to my aid when I didn't know much about Ben 10 (Character on Cartoon Network series). 12" Choc+9" White. All SMBC with choc transfer logos, fondant cutout letters, fondant Ben Tennyson (angle not right to show the Omnitrix on his arm).  Also did matching cookies posted separately.  Special thx to playinwithsugar for advice.  Thanks for looking.
4 21
By PattyT
May 17, 2008
Cookies to match Ben 10 character cake. (Cartoon Network Series) Toba Garret sugar cookies, antonia74 Royal Icing, chocolate transfer logo dropped on while icing still wet.  Picture of final packaging in corner.  AS ALWAYS, most credit goes to CC'ers who helped with tips and advice.
5 13
By PattyT
May 17, 2008
This was for my 10 year old son Matthew.  He loves Ben 10.  Rainbow cake, buttercream
with FBCT.
1 1
By lbass
May 19, 2008
By bafishr
Jun 2, 2008
9x13 pan with 8" round ontop. covered in CBC.
1 2
By brokester
Jun 6, 2008
My son's favourite animated character. He wanted me to make XLR8 but I struggled with that BIG time! I decided to make the watch and drape it over the cake and he thought it looked awesome!
2 4
By Hey_Becky
Jun 17, 2008
My son loves Ben Ten so I made this cake for his birthday,  The one I made from
a sheet cake I cut free handed, the zero was a two layered circle.  The one was Butter Pecan, the zero was french vannila colored green.
By Ajellybn
Jun 17, 2008
Fondant and butter cream.  I had to saw the character in half to get him to fit on cake.
1 2
By cocodivine
Jul 10, 2008
This is a cake that I made for my sons best friend. He loves Ben 10. The cake was made by stacking two chocolate sheet cakes with marshmallow mocha buttercream in between the layers. I first froze it the carved it into a fist using a serrated knife. I iced the outside with the remaining buttercream. The omnitrix (watch) is totally made of fondant and was very heavy so I inserted a couple  dowel rods under it to support it. This was great practice for me and hopefully I will get better at carving. TFL
4 12
By zoey2jack
Jul 17, 2008
Picture drawn on 1/2 sheet cake with buttercream.
2 5
By waterlily
Jul 22, 2008
Edible image nightmare!
By seraphim
Jul 27, 2008
Last minute cake for a Ben 10 fan!!
Only had couple of hours notice, so not very elaborate!!!
He liked it though - that's the main thing.
By krnpl
Aug 4, 2008
I made this cake for my cousin, who is a Ben 10 fan!! He loved it!
Ben 10 is made of cold porcelain. Omnitrix is made of vanilla with chocolate chips cake filled with dulce de leche, covered in fondant. TFL
3 22
By lasdulzurasdelaura
Aug 17, 2008
This cake was for my sons tenth birthday and what more fitting than a Ben "Ten" character cake.  He loves these characters and thought they would make a good cake.  I am an engineer, but I play with cake making on the weekends, so any tips are appreciated.  Thanks for looking and "Keep on Cakin'..."
1 2
By WildWires
Aug 25, 2008
This is a fondant cake that I made for my son's 6th birthday. He is a huge Ben 10 fan so this cake is made from that show. The cake itself is the omnitrix and the figures that surround it are the 10 aliens that ben can turn into by using the omnitrix. They are sculpted out of clay and then painted.
By sweetmandie
Sep 7, 2008
This cake was made for my 5 year old nephew. Ben 10 and the watch were made of fondant.
2 1
By jeannewade
Sep 20, 2008
This cake was done for a 4 year olds birthday party.  He absolutely loved it!!!  Its a french vanilla cake with bc icing, the character and logo is made out of fondant.
3 8
By sweethartcakes
Sep 29, 2008
This is supposed to be Ben 10 - lol from the cartoon on t.v.
Made for a friend of mine for her sons birthday cake, she is baking the cake and i made the decorations. with this i made her some different sized circles, in the varigated greens with some edible glitter on.
Thank you for looking
By janine1972
Oct 3, 2008
this was done for a boy who liked ben10 in alien form as swamp fire. don't know the cartoon, but heard of it. I tried to make a vine border to go along with the swamp theme. all buttercream. after I frosted the cake with blue icing, little white dots emerged...anyone have any idea why? thanks for looking
4 5
By renee2007
Oct 4, 2008
This Ben 10 cake was for my son's 7th birthday.  Made as he wished including Ben, omnitrix and all aliens.  Ben and logo is a chocolate transfer, omnitrix is a fondant covered cupcake and the aliens are bought figurines.
2 9
By teebee
Oct 8, 2008
This was a 9" sq and 7" rnd vanilla cake covered with fondant with vanilla bc and raspberry filling made to look like the omnitrix from ben 10.  Figures are made from gum paste and were great fun to make.
Thanks for looking x
5 24
By newsums
Oct 25, 2008
It turned out ok.  Wasn't really pleased.  The top had a lean to it.  The faces on all sides are traced onto rice paper with edible ink.  All edible except support rods and cake circles (squares).
14 4
By sherik
May 27, 2006


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