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Baby Shower with Pregnant Belly.  Took idea from didi5's wonderful cake-Thanks!  It was a big hit at the party...  I put one carved 10" against another 10" to come up with a 10"x12/13" sheet for bottom base.  I wanted something wide enough to fit the ball pan belly, but then a 10" square wasn't long enough to look right.
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By doc_farms
May 2, 2006
I just had to try my hand at this one.  The cake is lemon with bc. Thanks for the inspiration!  Didn't turn out as well as the orignal creator's!
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By mtdk454
May 6, 2006
Thank you ellyrae first off.  Your creation was the inspiration for this.  Sorry I'm such a copy cat., but your cake was really awesome.   I wanted a fun but still a little elegance  for my sister in laws shower.  And I think this really did both.  The cake is strawberry with butter cream icing.  The roses are royal icing and the belly is covered with fondant.
39 556
By meomy
May 22, 2006
This is my version of the pregnant belly cake originally posted by didi5 and Ellyrae.  Thanks for the great design-the cake was a big hit
11 48
By bradleysmom
Jun 6, 2006
Power went out, storm raged and my MMF went to the birds, so I ended up icing this cake. It was my first time to do Cornelli lace. I think I did a mighty fine job :) What a miserable day for icing, but fun making cakes and just lounging around with the kiddoes!
2 6
By Kailahana
Jun 25, 2006
Baby shower cake I did for my cousin.  I used half of the Wilton ball pan for the belly and two cup cakes for the breasts.  The cakes are 12" and 14" rounds.  Almond cake, Bavarian cream filling and BC icing.  Can't really see the silver painted detail on the shirt... but it's there.
18 98
By reenie
Jul 14, 2006
I made this for my husband's boss. White cake with buttercream frosting. Fondant flowers and dress. Lots of fun to make. Thanks to all on CC for the great idea!
8 13
By Jen5600
Jul 21, 2006
this cake is done for my cousins baby shower today. she wanted whipped so it is iced in bettercream with bettercream and fresh strawberries filling. thank you to bradleysmom and didi5 for the pm help with the cake, and the others who have done these for the inspiration.
4 11
By lilthorner
Jul 22, 2006
belly cake done recently,
5 73
By gingerkitten79
Jul 27, 2006
This is yet another belly cake. It was my first time doing one, I am fairly new to decorating! This was for a friend and was a big hit. It is a 1/2 sheet yellow cake with almond BC frosting with fondant accents and BC designs. The dress/belly was a souvenir so it is done with styrofoam instead of cake. Thanks to the inspiration of EllyRae, Jen5600, HEATHERMICHELE7, and others, this cake was a big success!
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Aug 21, 2006
vanilla sheet cake with strawberry filling.  Vanilla belly baked in bake n fill pan, filled with strawberry and 2 babies.  Iced in almond BC and shirt in fondant
6 20
By Lalana
Aug 25, 2006
I made this one for a baby shower for a mom expecting a little boy.  9 inch round bottom layer with half of ball pan for belly and 2 cupcakes to complete :)  Bottom layer is done in buttercream with the belly and clothes in fondant.  My favorite part was the belly button peaking out!!  Thanks for looking.
11 36
By mom2madisyn
Sep 3, 2006
Cake was a 1/4 sheet w/ half ball pan and mini wonder molds, iced in buttercream w/ fondant bikini.
13 60
By cakesbyallison
Sep 11, 2006
The title tells you how I feel.  I've done belly cakes before, but this will go in my disaster file.  The color scheme sounded good.  But that's 'bout it.  The cake was chocolate.  Iced in buttercream.  Blue and dark brown trim.  Pastels are the way to go for sure.  I did another one the same day and it turned out great.  It was off white and pale pink.
17 70
By meomy
Sep 16, 2006
A better color scheme.  Sour almond cream cake with cream cheese icing.  Looked and smelled good, haven't heard about how it tasted!  My fingers remained crossed as most of yours do also when a cake goes out the door to wherever!!! :)
11 94
By meomy
Sep 16, 2006
Each month I make a cake for my co-workers that have birthdays in that month. This is the cake I made for the June birthdays. The cake is marble with BC icing. The figures were made with MMF.
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By bfelt
Sep 24, 2006
This is my second pregnant belly & buggy cake.  The customer saw the first one on my website and wanted the same cake for her SIL's baby shower.  The belly was vanilla and the buggy was buttermilk devil's food.
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By AgentCakeBaker
Oct 8, 2006
I have been wanting to make a belly cake since I saw them on CC. I was asked to make the cake for this shower and decided to make 2 smaller cakes, one for each mom-to-be. One was having a boy and the other unknown. First time to use mmf...loved it...tastes great! Reading posts helped avoid troubles with it being sticky. These were a huge hit and really surprised everyone. One was chocolate and the other white cake with lemon flavor. Made body to come off as separate cake, each mom took own belly home intact
50 538
By ctorno
Oct 21, 2006
My first belly cake for my best friends surprise baby shower. I did not wait long enough to smooth the belly though. Everyone loved it!  I even put a baby in the belly as a game! The shirt was made to look like her crib blanket. Thank you to kjt for the great instructions!
By momof4grtkdz
Nov 5, 2006
This was for my good friend's daughter's baby shower.  This was so much fun to make!! I got inspiration from several decorator's here on Cake Central.  Ctorno and LisaS - thank you so much for the ideas!!
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Nov 12, 2006
Carrot cake w/ CC frosting & filling.  Belly is white almond sour cream cake.  My first belly cake.  Mom to be loves carrot cake & lots of walnuts.
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By susieq76
Nov 15, 2006
11x15 Carrot Cake Strawberry belly and breasts.  Cream Cheese Icing With Fondant accents and dress.  Mom to be requested a blue dress (it's a boy) but the napkins were green and pink (see pic)  Thanks for all the great ideas!!
2 3
By debbilicious
Nov 15, 2006
My attempt at a belly cake. Dissapointed a bit with this. Not intended to have lattice, and the angel seems hidden.
12 30
By spottydog
Nov 18, 2006
This is my first "belly cake". I did it for a girl at work. It didn't turn out too bad one will be better.
The writing says "welcome baby" ...its so light you can't see that. Almond cream cheese pound cake for the bottom and choc for the belly and boobs.
2 25
By CakeRN
Nov 20, 2006
White almond cake with Buttercream Icing. Accents and dress are MMF. My husbands co-worker saw my other belly cakes and requested this for her daughter who is having twin girls. I wanted to dress it up more with flowers and such, but time did not permit. Thanks for looking.
4 29
By ctorno
Nov 25, 2006
FINALLY got to do a belly cake - yay!  Wilton egg pan and mini Wondermolds, SatinIce fondant, tinted black and painted with luster dust as well.  Base is covered in ivory fondant rolled with the Wilton impression rolling pin, not perfect, but worked okay.  Rolled fondant roses, Duff's buttercream for the vines and accents and under the fondant, French Vanilla cake with chocolate bavarian creame filling.  You can see the image of the shower invitation, which is why it is all black and ivory.
38 362
By SweetResults
Nov 28, 2006
This is my very first cake done for someone outside the family. After some stubborn fondant, crusting buttercream that refused to crust, and a couple of panic attacks...I'm pretty proud of it.  The "mommy" isn't centered on the cake and the roses at the hem line were a spur of the moment "oh no gotta cover my screw up" addition. Not what I had planned but I'm happy with it. :D
10 29
By HoosierMomOf5
Dec 2, 2006
Pregnant belly cake with protruding belly button.  Hanger made from floral wire.  Rolled fondant for dress to match the invitation.
3 9
By aztomcat
Dec 7, 2006
A pregnant belly cake I did for a baby shower, wanted it to have WAY more details but the power went out ARG!!!
3 4
By glitterkris
Dec 7, 2006
All credit goes to those before me...I was requested to do a cake for a pregnant friend whose husband told me "she's huge and her belly button is about to pop".  I went to CC for ideas and fell in love with the tshirt and hospital gown cakes.  The boobs and belly are molded with rice crispy treats and the skin and sari are MMF.  Such fun!  Thanks for the inspiration!
11 15
By tisaex
Dec 10, 2006
This was for a family member who wanted something fun.  I think we have all seen this cake a hundred times but this is my attempt at it.  She wanted to keep the molds I used to make the belly and boobs and suggested that maybe I should have drawn in a Caesarean scar line.  Although I think that would terrify alot of first time mums!!!  Anyway all went well look out for a Christening cake for Ruby Ida.
3 5
By randel
Dec 30, 2006
first belly cake made for friend, first time using mmf any advise will be welcome. loved the cakes on cc and was waiting to make one of the belly cake
By meraricruz
Jan 6, 2007
A pregnant belly cake on top of a 11x15 sheet cake.  French vanilla filled with French vanilla mousse iced in almond BC.  The belly and boobs made with 1/2 sports ball pan and the mini ball pan covered in fondant with other fondant decorations.  The sides of the cake is done is basketweave with a shell border in yellow.  The cake wasn't as dark in color as it look in the picture.  Thanks to all the CCr's who have gone before!  TFL!
2 11
By MrsAB
Jan 11, 2007
This is my first baby belly cake!  Thanks to everyone who has posted a belly cake; I used every single one for inspiration.  My friend requested something simple & I thought this was perfect.  Body was on a separate board for the MTB to take home.  Cake is white w/Cheesecake pudding w/SB BCD filling (BC Dream & SB Preserves, yum!) & BCD icing.  Dress is MM Fondant.  I found great baby wrapping paper & used it to cover the board - matched perfectly. Thanks for looking.
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By Cakerer
Jan 13, 2007
2 4
Jan 14, 2007
2 1
Jan 14, 2007
This is a belly cake I did for my little sister's baby shower.  It is just a chocolate cake covered in MFF.  My inspirations was a little of all the belly cakes here on CC.  Thanks for looking.
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By nalyjuan
Jan 18, 2007
4 6
By glitterkris
Jan 18, 2007
Finally had an oppurtunity to try a belly cake. Thanks meomy for your help and inspiration. No one has done a cake like this around here before.
6 5
By bug101
Jan 23, 2007
I made this for my SIL's baby shower. Used a standard sheet pan and trimmed half of the Wilton ball pan. Fondant body and dress. Cake crumbs for hair. I had already made 2 of these years before. Even won 2 blue ribbons in a mother’s day amateur cake decorating contest, though there weren't many entrees, lol.
6 14
By soygurl
Sep 28, 2005


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