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Pints of Guiness for St.Patrick's Day. The logo is done with the edible gold powder. The icing is made super dark with Dutch cocoa.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I made this for my boyfriends 19th birthday. It's a New York Cheesecake with a bluberry glaze. The penguins are made from marzipan and the beer cans are Wilton Candles
7 7
By Jelena
Jun 1, 2005
I stacked three sheet cakes. I used a foil cake pan slightly smaller than the cake and cut the center of the top layer out so that the pan would nestle inside it. Put four dowel rods into the bottom layers to support the pan and bottles. I used BC over the edges of the pan and filled the pan with clear gelatin cubes I made using several ice cube trays. I tried to find mini bottles of beer but had to use full size bottles instead.
3 16
By BoofyJo
Jun 8, 2005
this is 4-- 8 " rounds iced in buttercream
3 20
By Mommyof2Angels
Jul 7, 2005
This was for a friends birthday, HES A PARTY ANIMAL
7 24
By sheilaattaway
Jul 23, 2005
I didn't want to do a traditional Over the Hill cake so this is what I came up with for my boss' 50th birthday. He likes to have a cold beer on the weekends so I gave him a six pack on ice. The "ice cubes" are clear rocks used for flower arranging. The cake, which is under the beer level, is two 11" x 3" layers of white cake with raspberry filling iced in buttercream. Beer cans and lid are styrofoam covered in fondant. The bottom board has "You know your old when..." sayings all around.
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By mary-ann
Sep 5, 2005
This was made for my neighbor's boyfriend, he turned 25 and is a big Simpson's fan...Vanilla cake with brandy syrup and Butter flavored Crisco Frosting.  Rice paper was used to trace the Homer.
By gegon
Sep 12, 2005
The label reads "Old Buzzard Beer - Regurgitating Swill since 1936"
Many disasters involved with this one. See Disaster forum for the full story.
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By alimonkey
Oct 10, 2005
Birthday/Halloween party themed cake. The guy loves this beer so this is what I came up with.  All buttercream.
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By KimAZ
Oct 29, 2005
3 9
By Chef_Mommy
Dec 4, 2005
What an experience! the cake is a 11x15 chocolate sheet cake cut into 3 pieces, layered with whipped chocolate caramel ganache, mixed media decorations. Beer bottles are modeling chocolate, bottlecaps and sides of box are fondant, lettering is white chocolate. Of course there are things I would do much better, but everyone at the party was floored when they saw it, and the birthday boy was particularly happy.
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By alimonkey
Dec 7, 2005
Sorry for the crazy camera angle. 8" cakes cut in half and stacked on their sides. Buttercream and piping gel.
10 38
By Jenn123
Jan 7, 2006
Pity my other half doesn't like that taste of these as much as the real thing!
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By taniabanana
Jan 9, 2006
This was my first attempt at decorating cookies using the tutorial and recipes on this site (No Fail Sugar cookies and Royal Icing). I made the cookie cutter myself out of galvanized steel ribboning. The ones that are cut backwards are the work of my dear boyfriend who was helping me! Despite my lack of decorating skills I skipped the outlining and did straight flood fill-- and I had such a fun time decorating!
10 24
By girlfrosting
Jan 10, 2006
My second attempt at the cooler cake.  The Ice is Old Fashioned Rock Candy and the limes are sugared lime candies that I found at  our local candy store.  (Yes, we use limes for everything in Texas!!)
6 53
By cakescouture
Feb 2, 2006
This was a great cake...until the neighbor's dog at the entire thing before the guests could cut the cake!  Yes, the dog was fine (and full!).  The cake had already been delivered and paid for!  Rock Candy Ice and BC on cardboard for the lid
8 53
By cakescouture
Feb 2, 2006
my enthusiam exceeded my talent here :) but I had fun making this cake for DH's birthday. The mug is cake baked in a small can (this was a disaster-the cake came out all distorted) Chocolate IMBC, beer mug s regular IMBC with white chocolate handle. The handle is attached to the beer mug with toothpicks
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By talking_head
Feb 21, 2006
Here's a beer barrel cake. This was alot of fun to make Lol! I was watching the episode of Sugar Rush with the girl who made an apple basket cake ,and i had to try making something with wood. It was suppose to be a apple basket ,but turned out to look more like a barrel than basket. So instead of apples i put beer in it. Enjoy!
By FerretDeprived
Feb 21, 2006
This Miller Lite beer can was made from 4 french vanilla rounds, cut in half, with raspberry filling in between each layer and frosted with vanilla buttercream icing.  It was for my husbands birthday - he LOVES miller lite!
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By bonniebakes
Mar 6, 2006
These were two of the sets of "six packs" of miller lite cans that I made for my husband to take into work to celebrte his birthday (before I packaged them).  They matched the cake that I made for his brithday dinner.
9 5
By bonniebakes
Mar 6, 2006
favorites for a 21st! fondant beer bottles, plastic clown heads, happy sprinkle icing, *yay*.
6 2
By raeniedais
Mar 10, 2006
For a bunko party
8 19
By Florimbio
Mar 18, 2006
This cake was made for my Dad's surprise birthday party.  I ran out of time and didn't quite finish the design, but my Dad and everyone at the party enjoyed what I tried to accomplish. My Dad said it tasted great!
By kimhamjohn
Apr 3, 2006
This was my entry for the 2006 Cakes on Parade Contest sponsored by the San Diego Cake Club.  The whole event proceeds went to MDA. The burger patty is dark & milk chocolate; the cheese, tomato & pickle are candy clay (tomato & pickle also piping gel); bun & onion are fondant; lettuce is gum paste; fries are marzipan; root beer is gelatin; ice cream is white chocolate.  I took second place in the hand molded chocolate/non-cake category.
17 78
By mommykicksbutt
Apr 3, 2006
This cake was made by stacking 3 9x13s. I used a cookie cutter to make holes for the beers.  The "ice" is made with plain gelatin.
34 273
By divaofcakes
Apr 15, 2006
when will I ever learn about rotating before uploading .... sorry guys!
3 12
By bmote1
Apr 22, 2006
I'm sure there must be a few of you sweet cake ladies who are a bit tired of me uploading two pictures almost every time I upload - my reason for this is that every single time I design a cake I spend a long time searching the net for detailed ideas ... which is why I upload close up off my little people - I would love to help anyone wanting to get an idea!
9 15
By bmote1
Apr 22, 2006
a beer mug made from the golf bag pan.  chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  Made very quickly - a friend was coming to visit and i only had a few hrs.  I got it done just in time and he loved it.
2 8
By dianagreen
Apr 29, 2006
This cake was carved using a paper template!  It was covered in fondant and painted to give detail.  The foam was created by making the fondant look like fluffy clouds and then attached to the cake.
2 5
By Mysweetcakes
May 1, 2006
Wilton's rolled cookie recipe.  Palm trees are royal icing, flip flops and beer mug are powdered candy fondant icing.  Need work on the flip flops. :(
9 26
By Kos
May 30, 2006
Yes... I live in Texas.  Red velvet cake with strawberry filling (made from two football pans).  Head, arms, legs, tail from gumpaste.  MMF covered body and appendages.  I had to support the bottle with some popsicle sticks.  I "glued" the bottle to them with melted candy.  Fun cake.  Only in the South.
12 44
By frankandcathy
Jun 3, 2006
Our annual trip together ALWAYS involves this cooler, so I decided to replicate it in honor of my husband and my father.  Beer Cake; Cherry BC filling; Fondant covering, zippers, strap; gelatin ice.  Unfortunately, made this the same day I came down with Strep, so it all goes in the trash!  It's the thought that counts I guess!  Thanks for looking.
5 14
By FunCakesVT
Jun 18, 2006
this is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting all homemade, Our dad's most favorite cake ever!. 

the Beck's beer is also his favorite beer. I just devided some of the cake batter to bake it separately in a small loaft pan and slice to a shape of a half beer can. All of the frosting is creamcheese frosting mix with food color.  I really enjoy making this cake and the rest of the family enjoy eating it ^__^
3 23
By pinnie
Jun 19, 2006
This was ordered for a birthday party!  I think it kind of looks like a bowling pin decorated like a beer bottle! hahaha
7 8
By jdogga
Jun 20, 2006
This was the second cake I've decorated.  I'm pretty proud of myself.
By kpetcov
Jun 26, 2006
I got a call at around 9pm from someone who was in bad need of a Last Minute Cake. They wanted the cake at noon today. I was so TIRED because I had just finished a half sheet earlier yesterday. They told me all they wanted was a beer bottle, so for a last minute cake, this is what I came up with.
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By ken
Jul 1, 2006
This is (2) 12 x 18 sheetcakes - torted & filled. One is 7UP lemon cake w/ a lemon lime curd & the other is a chocolate root-beer cake with root-beer flavored buttercream. The "confetti" are little stars - and the shells on the edge are red, white, & blue striped using Wilton's "bag striping" technique w/ Americolors.
By imartsy
Jul 4, 2006
First attemt on shaped cake.  Only had a days notice so didn't get the detail I wanted.  Oh well, it was a learning experience!
By MelissaLynn
Jul 10, 2006
This is the can of beer I had to buy to make this cake.  I used the actual can to trace the logo.  Note to self, wait for beer to come to room temperature before tracing.  Then my scanner wouldn't work for me to enlarge what I had traced, so I just used it as is.  Consequently, the proportions are a bit off.  All buttercream, hand painted.  Buttercream piping.  Lots of work.  I wish it weren't crooked on the board.    And the frosting could have been a bit smoother.  Oh well, next time!
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By peterlori1
Aug 6, 2006
this is 3 half sheet cakes stacked atop the other.i used the paper towel trick to leave an imprint so it would resemble a cooler case. the lid is a styrofoam ice box lid held on w/ bent popsicle sticks. i drained the beer from the bottom of the cans and cut them in half so the tops stayed closed. i topped the cake w/ ice candy but do not have a picture of this(sorry). it did give it a very realistic look.
9 41
By tabs8774
Apr 13, 2005


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