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I saw a similiar design on Cake Central but can't find it for the life of me -- I wanted to thank that decorator for their inspiration.  Wherever you are -- THANKS!  I love your idea.
Three Tiered Cake for a 4 year old.  Imagine that??  Cake is covered in MMF with MMF decorations - utilizing luster dust, coloring and dragees.
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By CakesUnleashed
Sep 7, 2008
This is a sheet cake covered in fondant for the wood floor.  The bed is a smaller cake covered in fondant, everything is made of fondant.  the bed frame is made from royal icing.
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By Taralynn
Sep 8, 2008
Thanks to several  people who have made ones like   to this!
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By Barbend
Sep 12, 2008
This is the cake I entered into our county fair for their character cake competition (first time entering).  Cake form used (equal to a 1/4 sheet cake halved and stacked.)  Head/foot boards and Curious George are gumpaste, all other details are fondant.   Thanks for looking!

The number of cake entries at our fair has really increased over the past few years.  This year there were about 20 cakes (a guess) and everyone did a great job.   Congrats to all who entered!
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By chovest
Sep 12, 2008
Slumber party mini loaf cake for girls sleep over party.
White cake with fondant accents. Each girl got their own bed with their initial on top of the headboard.
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By poshcakedesigns
Sep 20, 2008
marshmallow fondant
By Nilda
Sep 30, 2008
My icing problems cake.  Thanks to kakedecorator for help with the face. This is nothing like  the original design. She wanted a large cat last minute. TFL !
By calynmom
Oct 7, 2008
This was another cake display for our town's Apple Festival.  It is iced in all bc with a white candy melt hood and gumpaste flowers.
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By jammjenks
Oct 19, 2008
Cupcakes for twin baby shower
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By Shazzicakes
Oct 28, 2008
Pound cake with buttercream.  Bed is chocolate cake covered in fondant.  Gumpaste head board and foot board.
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By mooj
Oct 28, 2008
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Nov 3, 2008
This is a chocolate cake with strawberry filling. My mil asked me to do it for  her aunt. It turned out better than I thought it would.  Her aunt loved it and I enjoyed doing it. Next time I will use butter cream vs. that stuff in the store that they claim is frosting. YUCK!!
By slwhittlinger
Nov 3, 2008
This cake topper is all hand sculpted from gumpaste. It is for a little girls 2nd birthday.
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By donnalane
Nov 13, 2008
Made this for a 30th pyjama party.
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By jo0312
Nov 16, 2008
ok.. so, this is SUPPOSE to be a chihuahua.. but not too sure it looks like one.. lol... I did make him out of fondant and the bone and frisbee too.. the rest is buttercream. I used an oval shaped pan for the bed and when i got it out of the oven, I just pushed down in spots so the rest was still raised.
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By sand1364
Nov 20, 2008
Bassinet cake for baby girl shower...... half chocolate with whipped ganache filling,half white with strawberry fluff filling...... all butter cream icing with fondant blanket, booties, and "toys"....... Boarder is marshmallow rope............THANK YOU DINKADOO for the inspiration !
5 40
By grama_j
Nov 21, 2008
This is a half sheet cake in bc with chocolate covered grahamcrackers for headboard and chocolate covered icecream cones for the four posts. A lady asked for a birthday cake with a sleepover theme.
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By Spilarski
Nov 23, 2008
This is one of 5 cakes I did for a customer. They were all differnt
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By psurrette
Nov 29, 2008
This a fondant topper I did for a cake I will be doing, for my grand daughter's class Christmas party. I pick the theme from story "T'was the night before Christmas". I thought the part "While visions of sugar-plums dances in their heads" would be a great idea for the kids. Everything edible, but the mattress and the 2 sucker sticks to hold the cloud. I few touchs up to do, then it's all done.TFL, God Bless & Happy Holidays, Sharon
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By grannys3angels
Dec 14, 2008
10in. & 8in. cakes iced in BC. Decorations are made from fondant. The theme was "While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads". The kids were very happy with the cake, and what a gift to me... to see the joy on their faces and smiles in their eyes. There is a close up of the topper in my photos. Many "Thanks" to those who posted photos of their cakes, that gave me inspiration for this cake.TFL. Merry Christmas & God Bless
27 83
By grannys3angels
Dec 23, 2008
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By lynnmar
Dec 23, 2008
This cake was inspired  by a cake posted by "rachelbradley"!  Your cake was so AWESOME and I was finally asked to make one!  Thanks for the inspiration!  The bed is a 1/2 sheet cut in 1/2 and stacked.  All buttercream with fondant and edible image accents.  The birthday banner is a non-edible keepsake!  TFL!
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By cambo
Jan 2, 2009
Baby Bassinett -- gumpaste canopy; everything else fondant.  Chocolate cake, chocolate fudge/ganache filling.
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By jr33176
Jan 5, 2009
10X10X2 with buttercream icing.  Cradle is made from candy melts using a mold.  Pillow/blanket are MMF.
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By jammjenks
Jan 14, 2009
I made this cake for my niece who was having her first slumber party! Vanilla cake with gum paste and fondant decorations.
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By bailey4302
Jan 23, 2009
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By v_holtkamp
Jan 23, 2009
Bed and sofa are cake. Everything cover with fondant
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By Cmaysa
Jan 25, 2009
Gumpaste bed and Lizzy the little girl was hand sculpted with gumpaste
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By donnalane
Feb 3, 2009
Each little girl at the slumber party was given a personalized mini cake. I did the cakes to specific hair styles that each girl normally wore as well as eye color of each girl. 
Thanks for looking!!!
3 1
By Lefemme410
Feb 4, 2009
By mommyle
Feb 14, 2009
I made this cake for a friend having a boy. She wanted a "baby in a blanket"
She was very happy with the cake!
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By vivisoph
Feb 16, 2009
Gumpaste bed and miniature flowers.  Rest is fondant.  Large silk flowers on cake board.
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By stampinron
Feb 16, 2009
Inspired by many sleepover cakes on this site. The cake is chocolate with cream cheese icing. The sides are a basket weave with a leaf tip as seen on a cake by cakedesigner59. The blanket is the same icing, but I froze like a FBCT to avoid fondant. The girls are also balls of the cream cheese icing. Their bodies are milano cookies under the blankie. Headboard I printed on cardstock and laminated.
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By ctorno
Feb 20, 2009
I made this for my mother in law's birthday. She loves to make quilts. Thanks to all for inspiration.
15 95
By 2chae
Feb 26, 2009
12x8 inch (approx) butter sheet cake with bc, then bar cake with bc and fondant quilt, sheet and pillow. This was my first go with fondant ever as I am just getting into this whole cake addiction. Not the world's best piper either but wanted some practice
By Leashy
Feb 27, 2009
This cake was created for a 5 year old's Pajama Party. She wanted a bed to match the one in her room and wanted the bedding to be pink with sparkles!
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By simplye
Feb 28, 2009
Cupcakes made to represent a little girls bedroom. I was inspired by the chaise lounge which belongs to a flickr members daughter.
 These are butter cupcakes with butter cream icing and fondant. The cupcases are made of fondant also as I couldn't get any decent ones here. Everything except the foil I used for  the mirror is edible!
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By Brontecakes
Mar 2, 2009
First attempt at a dog. A little bug-eyed. Dog was RCT covered in fondant. Dog bed fondant covered with royal icing accents.
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By dukebrees
Mar 3, 2009
My husband's colleague is turning 60 and my husband asked me to make a cake, based on a german popsong, about old men, needing viagra, being hot, always ready for the next fling, cause it could be the last.....
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By Ursula40
Mar 4, 2009
White cake with fondant accents and figures
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By klacrawford
Mar 15, 2009


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