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This is a bortjday cake for my son for his borthday's kind of a joke, he loves to sleep and he loves Coronas so I combined the two.  My "guy" could use more work but I was pleased on how the bed youngest daughter and I had loads of fun creating this.
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By CIndymm4
Aug 6, 2005
Cake designed for a co-workers sister.  When asked what her sister liked, she said "Sleeping"! So I figured why not replicate her in bed. All items were made of fondant, including rug and lamp.  Decadent chocolate cake filled with hazelnut buttercream filling sealed with rolled chocolate fondant.
48 302
By Godiva
Jul 11, 2005
My entry for the OK Sugar Art Show.  The matresses and dog are all cake. I painted everything with a paintbrush. The base is fondant covered and painted to look like wood. The bed frame is half gumpaste and fondant and also painted to look like wood.
99 508
By talmas
Oct 7, 2005
This cake was done for a slumber party. Each girl was personalized with hair color and name.  Even the cat joined in the fun!
13 24
By amandasweetcakes
Oct 9, 2005
Cake for my 10 yr old niece.  Chocolate cake with buttercream - pillows, heads and headboard were fondant.
4 6
By susgene
Jan 18, 2006
I made these for my daughters today.  Lots of firsts-fondant heads, corelli lace.
3 13
By momlovestocook
Sep 28, 2005
My happy news is I got second place in the Sugarcraft competition! I am very excited about this. Congratulations Franjmc on your first place! Your beautiful work deserved it!
11 7
By melissaanne
Mar 10, 2006
This is a fun cake to do!  I have done 1 before.  Thought I'd try the flowers this time!  I also try to match girls hair color and length with party guests.
10 20
By amandasweetcakes
Mar 14, 2006
1/2 Chocolate BC, 1/2 Vanilla BC.  Bed is a loaf pan, marble cake with chocolate BC filling, covered in MMF.  Sleeping man, blanket, etc. is all MMF.  Sheep are also MMF suspended on florist wire.
6 7
By ChrisJ
Mar 14, 2007
3 3
By thecakegirl
Mar 30, 2006
Here's my latest. Sleepovercake for 6 tenyear-olds. Choc cake with choc filling, white and blue bc accents, fondant blanket and Gumpaste/fondant heads and headboard
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By Ursula40
Mar 30, 2006
This cake was done for a friend of a friend who took my old bed to the trash.  To be honest I just wanted to practice making a bed cake.  I tried to be scientific about the whole thing and measure and even made and exact replica of the quilt on power point but in the end I had to improvise because I didn't take into account the rise of the cake (I didn't want to level it because I bed is fluffy) and the extra inches added on by the frosting.  Anyway lessons learned
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By kelleygirl
Mar 31, 2006
This cake was for my father-in-laws birthday. He owns a sleep center so I used the same colors that are in the comforters at the sleep center. I used melted chocolate to make the head board and his logo which is on the head board. Everyone loved it so much they wouldn't cut it. I had to.
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By jenurator
Feb 15, 2006
Got this idea from a cake decorating book. My first time using (and making MMF). Almost blew up my electric mixer! Sponge cake covered in buttercream. Bed linens and mouse made from MMF. Sorry for poor picture quality..taken with camera phone.
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By cindww
Apr 14, 2006
This is yellow cake with Buttercream frosting.  The kids, mother, quilt, pillows & head board are made from white fondant and then painted with food tint.
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By naotter
May 16, 2006
Customer loved this cake and added some details to personalize it.
11 72
By Godiva
May 20, 2006
i made this cake for graduating from american red cross as a c.n.a so i thought it would be cute to make a bed and a comode i hope everyone likes it the head board is made of choclate the rest is all b/c  i made the floor the color that was at the nursing home.  thanks for looking
By heavensgirl1734
May 24, 2006
This cake was to me modeled after the story of the princess and the pea and her many mattresses. I made this for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She is like the princess and the pea because she never has a full night's sleep.  She always whines for something!
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By icingonthecupcake
May 28, 2006
This is the top view of the cake.
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By icingonthecupcake
May 28, 2006
a birthday cake for a co-worker. It is a girl dreaming of being a figure skater
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By kgunn
Jun 6, 2006
White cake with buttercream icing and fondant accent pieces.  I didn't allow enough time for the "hood" which began as royal icing to dry.  I wound up baking a layer using the other half of the egg pan (the first half held the still drying royal icing).
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By all4cake
Jul 3, 2006
I made this for a fellow teacher's daughter's birthday.  Originally there were supposed to be more girls, but you know how things change!  It's a yellow cake with chocolate bc and covered and decorated with mmf.  I used twinkies for the bodies.
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By casebit
Jul 22, 2006
This was such a fun cake to do-- Hostess wanted funny cake for anniversary party. Cake is frosted in buttercream with MMF accents :O)  Thanks for looking!
3 20
By elvis
Aug 12, 2006
Fondant on chocolate cake, gum paste roses & leaves.  Pillows are cake trimmings in fondant cases. I borrowed the quilting design from the gorgeous "pink beauty" by Prisock.
7 4
By daryal
Aug 15, 2006
3-d bed for girls sleepover party
6 29
By mykidsarekillingme
Aug 30, 2006
The client requested that Sleeping Beauty be modelled to look like the birthday girl & that Prince Charming had to look like the boy she had a crush on. Models are fondant, headboard is gumpaste.
5 65
By sillyoldpoohbear
Sep 6, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with pink spray on white icing and sugar crafted sides and accssories
4 3
By ibcablr
Apr 3, 2006
Pirate Dreams. Made for my nieces baby shower, covered in buttercream with fondant waves. The topper is gumpaste, the sailboats white chocolate. The flag banner says "Ahoy, it's a boy!" Thank you Debbie Brown for the inspiration
25 11
By ShirleyW
Sep 25, 2006
Baby bassinet made with lemon poppy seed cake, filled with lemon curd filling.  The bassinet body was done in a buttercream basketweave, the hood pillow, and blanket are made of fondant.  The cake is finished with shell trim and fondant for-get-me-not flowers.
12 66
By khoudek
Sep 29, 2006
I made this for my daughter's 8th birthday. She wants a real dog, but her dad is allergic, so this will have to do! :)
Bed is 2 12-inch square 2-inch layers of strawberry cake, torted and filled with lemon cream cheese filling. It is covered in MMF and details are done in royal icing. Dog is yellow cake with chocolate cream filling, chocolate buttercream fur and MMF details.
69 404
By HollyPJ
Oct 2, 2006
8" square w/ fondant sheets, bedskirt, girls & rug.  Gum Paste head board & foot board.  The little girl was thrilled with the cake.  :)  Lots of fun to make.... next time I would like to try a more detailed quilt/comforter.
5 20
By bjfranco
Oct 8, 2006
My entry in the OSSAS.  It made 3rd in the adult advanced novelty category.  Puppies and bed are Madeira cake covered in fondant.  The rug is buttercream.
10 22
By talmas
Oct 10, 2006
Cake for my step-father's 60th Birthday.  All but headboard and footboard are rolled fondant.  Coffee can is cake.  Marbles and can are dusted in shimmer dust to look like frost from freezer.  (The story behind this is that my step-father used to threaten to dump frozen marbles into the bed if we were sleeping late.  He'd walk down the hallway shaking them in a coffee can.  If you can imagine, frozen marbles will seek the lowest point in the bed, which is where you're laying...and they don't ever melt!)
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By olekebbie
Oct 16, 2006
I baked this cake to say "welcome to our home" to a house guest. Almond sponge with almond flavoured MMF.
By tporbz
Oct 23, 2006
I quickly put this cake together this afternoon for us to enjoy tonight.  It is our third anniversary. :)  The cake is a Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake, covered in ganache with fondant accents.  I thought since it was just for DH and I, I would have some fun with it.
14 22
By meghanb
Oct 25, 2006
i had seen this cake done a few times here on cake central and when a customer wanted a baby shower cake done...i knew i had to do this one!!!! thanks to all of you who gave me the idea.
6 22
By pookster
Oct 26, 2006
Chocolate cake with buttercreme frosting. I think this cake is a mess but it was fun and a little challenging I must say.
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By esqui
Nov 7, 2006
Everything is about love!!!!!
40 500
By LeonardoLi
Nov 10, 2006
Chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate filing covered in fondant with modeling paste figures. TFL.
5 17
By LeonardoLi
Nov 10, 2006
My friend wanted me to make a bed w/clothes all over just like her daughter's bed for her 18th birthday.  White cake w/bavarian cream filling cover with BC and fondant accents...headboard white chocolate
3 8
By cowgirl58
Nov 12, 2006


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