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The little boy who I made this cake for, wanted to grab it to play with it. It was so funny.
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By awela
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was made for a 3yr old boy celebrating his birthday on the 4th of July.  The bear was baked in the stand up bear pan and was placed on a star cake with cupcake accents.  The bear's hat and bowtie were made of fondant.
21 239
By bcreations
Apr 13, 2005
This is a Care Bear Cousin cake using the huggable teddy bear cake.  It was my first attempt at cake decorating a character cake.
By curiegas
Apr 13, 2005
This was my 1st cupcake cake.  It was 50 cupcakes for my niece's 4th B-day.  She loved it.  I made it along with the elephant cake since that is her favorite character.
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By curiegas
Apr 13, 2005
8 28
By KimAZ
Apr 13, 2005
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Apr 13, 2005
Baby boy baby shower.
3 5
By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
used marshmallow fondant to make banner
By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
This is a Chicago Cubby Bear cake I made for my dad's birthday, but could be used for fathers day as well.  I also decorated the back with our last name and his "jersey number".
7 10
By CakesbyKimmie
Apr 12, 2005
I did this cake for a friend's baby shower. I got the idea from an older Wilton Year Book. It's iced with butter cream icing. Every one loved it and didn't want to cut it LOL.
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By CherryBear
Apr 14, 2005
10 25
By awela
Apr 16, 2005
A girl teddy I delivered last weekend. A 4 year old wanted so bad a teddy in brown and pink. I gave the idea of a teddy with a pink dress. And a light pink nicker. It doesnt show in this pc. First time I delivered a b-day cake, and I could see their face. It was a hit. :)
7 20
By elin
Apr 24, 2005
I'm fairly new to cake decorating and I'm lucky enough to have friends willing to let me experiment for them :)  This was my 1st attempt at a 3D cake.  I'll be making it for 'real' next week for a friend's 2yrs old Bday.  Had a lot of trouble with the faces...I think they look a little scary!
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By sugartopped
Apr 29, 2005
13 23
By Lisa
Apr 13, 2005
Baby shower 3D Winnie The Pooh stacked on a 10" and 12" cake with candy molds as decorations.
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By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
Practice cake.
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By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
This is cake #1 of 2 cakes that was done for a little girl's first birthday party.  The mother wanted a character cake and a sheet cake.
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By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
I did this for my neice's baby shower, she is crazy about the Pooh bear.  Because she had so many people, I had to do a Pooh sheet cake also.
10 10
By stephanie214
May 13, 2005
This is cake #2 that goes with the Winnie Carousel for my neice's baby shower.
4 12
By stephanie214
May 13, 2005
i was asked to make this cake for a christening for a little boy and girl.  It is a white chocolate mudcake on the bottom and dark chocolate on the top, all the decorations are sugarpaste.  I have never worked with white fondant before, it could have been a little better, but you learn from your mistakes
7 9
By shan1975
May 14, 2005
This was the very first cake I decorated. I did it about a year ago.  The cake was for a friend. The picture isn't great quality.
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By amourette00
May 15, 2005
This is the sheet cake I made for my little girl's 1st birthday.Everyone loved it.I also made a care bear smash cake for her to eat (play in).
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By mom_of_4girls
May 18, 2005
I duplicated a cake used on the cover of the 1998 Wilton Yearbook. The teddy bear is the baby's "smash" cake.
5 11
By Michele25
May 20, 2005
Tenderheart Care Bear on clouds gel transfer for a little girl's first birthday.
5 2
By stephanie214
May 21, 2005
I made this for my best friend's baby shower. We aren't sure if it's going to be a girl or a boy so we decided to go with her 3 yr old daughter's favorite color. I didn't start on this cake until 1am the morning of the shower - I finished at 8am. Fortunately my friend let me make it at her house and she cleaned everything as soon as it became dirty. So she got a free cake out of the deal and I had the joy of not having to clean everything myself. Everyone loved it and I've got a paying order bc of it.
By eryka1842
Jun 1, 2005
That cake is made with the 3D bear Wilton Pan. Covered with storebought frosting with the startip (wow, never thought it will take THAT long *smile*). The bear is surroundet with christmas cookies
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By Esther
Jun 6, 2005
One of my first attempts at using fondant....fur is still buttercream, baby's body is marshmallows wrapped in fondant.  Used Wilton bear on top of shortened Wonder Mold.
10 18
By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005
Itty bitty 3D bear for baby's first birthday!
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By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005
Teddy Bear holding a blanket & bottle and sucking a pacifier.
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By cakes_by_jess
Jun 22, 2005
I made this for a co-workers daughter's first birthday.  I made her christening cake also.  It is vanilla cake iced and filled with strawberry bc.  A pink teddy bear was the only request.  I made the smash cake in the same colors ~ different theme.
10 7
By thecakemaker
Jun 27, 2005
This was a 3-layer buttermilk chocolate fudge cake.  The sides were iced and piped with Dawn's bc.  The clouds were made of my "family" recipe bc which is too soft for piping but perfect for clouds.  The Care Bear was a figurine.  Everyone was in icing heaven with all those clouds!
7 4
By llj68
Jun 30, 2005
Stand up teddy bear in playpen made from plastic dowel rods.
9 35
By msbask
Jul 4, 2005
I made this for my daughter's dance recital.  It is a variation of a cake from the 2005 yearbook. Chocolate cake buttercream icing.
5 14
By domzgirlz
Jul 5, 2005
Customer wanted a Care Bear look alike.  Doesn't look exactly but it has all the traditional Care Bear markings!  Now i have the actual 3D CARE BEAR Pan!  Lots of fun!
5 5
By TinaRe
Jul 15, 2005
Care Bear cake. (sigh) my star did not come out right, but it's still cute. I added a little more icing to the BCT. It looks so different in person. Came out real cute and furry I even added more icing to his belly where the cupcake looks I guess you can say 3d. Marble cake, buttercream icing and a BCT.
6 4
By briansbaker
Jul 16, 2005
Simple Fall cake for a Bride getting married on a farm in a Barn! All the leaves were made ahead of time in different fall tones, then wired and taped together. The branches coming out from under them was a last minute add. Sides were frosted smooth. The bears along the bottom cake were made from fondant and kept soft on a board until time to place, bear topper was purchased and placed on a sugar coated base with smaller sugar fall leaves, including the tree.  Leaves and greenery on table were real.
14 38
By Ginger08
Jul 22, 2005
Ballerina Bear cake, smash cake, and cookie bouquet for my daughter's first birthday party.
4 2
By sweeterbug1977
Jul 24, 2005
2 Tier lemon blueberry cake covered in fondant.  All decorations molded from fondant, booties painted with luster dust.  Momma-to-be took top tier home to hubby.
37 342
By tripletmom
Aug 5, 2005
Each kid got their own polar bear for dessert! They loved it!
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By thecakegirl
Aug 6, 2005
This cake was done for the local Forest Service District.  They wanted a cake for Smokey's birthday!  It's 2 11x15's, one marble and one white, with bc icing.  Smokey is made out of fondant, I wanted to do a bct but I couldn't get the browns to look right.  So I used Wilton's fondant that was already colored.  Thanks!
By Cakemaker
Aug 8, 2005


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