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This is the cake that I did for one of my sons team party.
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By Fishercakes
Aug 17, 2005
Cake is covered in MMF with buttercream icing drawings and MMF moons.
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By _ChristyB_
Oct 14, 2005
I made some cookies today and decorated a few with mmf.
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By momlovestocook
Oct 18, 2005
Bats, witches, pumpkins, ghosts, cats & spiderwebs......spoooooky!
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By antonia74
Oct 30, 2005
No fail sugar cookies with Antonia's royal icing recipe.  Since my son's preschool was only allowed a "fall festival" party, I decided to make pumkins instead of jack-o-lanterns.  I struggled with the bats, I thought they needed some outlining or something else but nothing I tried looked good.
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By smileyface
Oct 31, 2005
This was white cake carved out to be 10" wide and  8" tall. Filled with cookies and cream covered in butercream accented with MMF eyes, mouth, teeth & stars. The handle, ears and wings are gum paste. I carved out the top to hold the candy corn. I designed this cake after my halloween candy basket. This was for my sons preschool class. They all loved having black teeth and tongues.
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By SweetTcakes
Oct 31, 2005
2 tiered cake with pumpkins, bats, ghosts, skulls,bones and a witch's head on top.
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By cuillere
Nov 5, 2005
I made these cookies for my daughters class.  She asked me Sunday night at 7:30 to make them for her for Monday morning, Holloween day.  It was worth the lack of sleep the next day when I saw all there faces.  This was my first attempt with Royal Icing.
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By vie
Nov 12, 2005
This cake was made according to specific instructions by the birthday girl (12 yrs. old!).
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By desertm
Jan 18, 2006
This was the first of three cakes I made for a celebration of the 70th anniversary of my father-in-law's Bar Mitzvah.  Tradition is to pass a basket of candy and when the Bar Mitzvah boy finishes chanting his portion of Torah (Hebrew Bible) to throw candy at him to wish him a sweet life.  This was my first basket weave and the "candy" was very small cakeballs wrapped in squares of natually colored fondant.  The cake was orange cake with Grand Marnier flavored chocolate Mousseline "Buttercream"
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By itsacake
Jan 29, 2006
For my best friend's big boy! He loved it! I did all the bats free handed. There is one bat on each side of the cake.. the big emblem is Devils food cake with vanilla pudding filling the bottom is 10 inch square white and yellow cakes with Rasberry kahlua filling. Icing is all bc. The black is chocolate bc darkened with wilton black.
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By AndiSue
Feb 4, 2006
I free-handed this Batman onto a sheet cake.  I used the plates from the party for the pattern.  It was a hit!
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By divaofcakes
Feb 9, 2006
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By AlamoSweets
Feb 18, 2006
This was an 8" carrot cake made to look like the reader's stand in a synagogue.  It was torted and filled with Grand Marnier flavored IM"buttercream" with orange curd and crushed pineapple and covered with chocolate and vanilla fondants.  The decorations are gumpaste and rice paper.
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By itsacake
Feb 27, 2006
This cake was cursed from the moment I took the order last year at 50% off the price I would usually charge. The customer was practically in tears begging for it to fit into her "budget", then I found out her venue was one of the most expensive hotels in the city! More fool me. I've said it before and I'll say it again...don't lower your prices. A server at the hotel ripped off one side of my fondant board after I asked him to please not attempt to move the cake. Grrr!!!! Glad this one is done.
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By antonia74
Apr 23, 2006
I made this cake not long after having started cake decorating and it's still one of my favorites. Pound cake decorated with fondant. I love all the colors and I always wonder what the two of them are talking about when I look at the pictures :)
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By bmote1
Apr 25, 2006
These Cakes are made with regular store bought frosting. I tried to make it with mmf , but failed at it. So I had to do with what I had.This is my second cake I have made. I hope to get better within time.
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By babyscake
May 6, 2006
This was a white cake with lemon curd filling for a Bat Mitzvah.  It was to look like a scroll similar to the one that she would be reading out of.  Thanks for looking!
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By MellyD
Jun 24, 2006
I made this bouquet for a hugh Atlanta Braves fan. The cookies are no fail with royal icing.  I had a lot of fun doing these cookies.
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By di55
Jul 25, 2006
A father contacted me to do his daughter's Bat Mitzvah cake. Not being Jewish I explained the cake would not be kosher.  Being a person grounded in God, though, I did understand what a blessed event this is in a young person's life before God.  The girl's father requested a cake with clowns and a circus theme.  In reverence to the occasion, the father and I came to a more mutually agreed theme.  Candles with foil "skirts" were placed on the top to accommodate the ceremonial lighting & prayers of dedication.
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By CShields
Aug 5, 2006
Jack's head is cake from the sports ball pan. Shoulders are an 8" round cut in half and standing up side by side. Stripes are painted with silver luster dust. Neck is cardboard paper roll. Everything is frosted in buttercream. Bats wings are paper. Totally inspired by MelC's version.
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By KimAZ
Aug 19, 2006
For Bat Mitzvah with colours in fuchsia & orange. I used Chocolate No-Fail cookies with a very very dark cocoa to make the ladybugs. Yum!
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By antonia74
Aug 28, 2006
This woman came to me wanting a very gothic style cake for her Corpse Bride party...I would have liked to put the figurines on it myself at least to take a photo, but I left them in the box as requested.  They're a little hard to see, but we have a few worms here and there, black roses, bats...etc.  They totally loved it.  :D  Oh, and the girl was turning 13.
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By candy177
Aug 30, 2006
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By Hardygirl18
Sep 2, 2006
This was my first attempt at a hat cake. I learned a lot about drying times etc. The bill I made with 1/2 MMF 1/2 gumpaste. It wasn't quite dry when I attached it to the round hat portion and it started to sink a little.I had to hold it up with a toothpick until it dried. The bat is bc.
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By shenninger
Sep 4, 2006
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By jdogga
Sep 15, 2006
The base is two layer chocolate sponge cake. While for the batmobile, I use butter cake. For the car's wing, I use white cooking chocolate and coloured with black colour food.
all the cake and batmobile are covered with whip cream.
By samandjamie
Sep 16, 2006
Sculpted yellow cake.  BC Frosting. Bat from mini loaf pans and ball from small wonder mold.
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By jewels625
Sep 21, 2006
I don't know where to put this - birthday cakes, or Halloween cakes. This is a cake for my friend. We all LOVE Halloween, and do our own haunted house every year. He turned 22 yesterday, and this was my gift to him. Choc. cake w/ white choc cream cheese filling, buttercream icing. All bats, ghosts, skull, and tombstone are made from Tootsie Rolls. Hope he likes it!
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By oneprimalscream
Sep 29, 2006
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By aggiedecorator
Oct 2, 2006
I made this cake for a customer who was throwing a baby shower for a friend.  This friend is due to have her baby girl on Halloween.  So the baby shower was a Halloween fun!  
The cake is 10" & 8" chocolate round tiers with buttercream icing, accented with hand molded gumpaste figures.  It was soooo much fun making this cake!
Thanks for looking!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Oct 2, 2006
The icing on this was a little messy, but I was more just testing out the shape.
By Galxcbaby
Oct 3, 2006
I did this for my grandpa's birthday, he's a big Brewers fan.  The bat and ball are both fondant.  The Brewers logo is a FBCT, my first attempt at was definitely a learning experience!  Hopefully he'll like it!
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By simply-cakes
Oct 5, 2006
This is what the customer ordered...hmmm...white cake with french vanilla mousse filling on 1/2 sheet covered in BC, ball is yellow cake with french vanilla mousse covered in BC, and bat is single layer chocolate.  Candies on outside are poured milk chocolate molds.  I don't care for this but she drew it and I made it.
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By lcottington
Oct 7, 2006
These are the practice Bats for Halloween.  I am a novice, so I'm still trying to figure out how to do this all without a mess.  These are so fun to do!
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By allibopp5
Oct 13, 2006
Wilton design ideas.  Went faster than expected and customer loved them.  I plan on doing these again and coming up with a few more ideas! Yellow cake, BC frosting. Thanks for looking!
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By jewels625
Oct 13, 2006
Cake my son did (in collaboration with me) for his work.
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By RRufus83
Oct 16, 2006
Bat & Spider sugar cookies w/ chocolate rolled buttercream icing. Attached with a bit of royal icing to the cookie.
By imartsy
Oct 22, 2006
All buttercream halloween theme setting.  Chocolate ghost and pumpkins on the sides
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By cakedeco
Oct 23, 2006
Done in 3 2" layers, covered in lavender fondant with the shawl in fondant also. Star on top was made from colorflo and then dusted and painted with gold dust.
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By Ginger08
Aug 10, 2005


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