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I used Wilton's Shell pan and Mini-Balloon pan to create this basket of flowers. All buttercream.
7 35
By JeanneG
Apr 13, 2005
My first attempt at the basketweave - Lemon Cake with Lemon filling
6 2
By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
This was a variation of a cake that my son and nephew picked out of Kate Sullivan's book kate's cake decorating.  This was my MMF test cake with the basket weave they wanted to see over it and candy clay birds and flowers in a color I had handy.  I made it and then we ate it!
13 2
By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
Basketweave and BC flowers on this b'day cake.
By awela
Apr 13, 2005
Buttercream icing, royal and gumaste flowers with an edible image and edible butterfly!
12 55
By MrsMissey
Apr 13, 2005
This was the final cake I made in my cake decorating class. All the flowers are buttercream. This is the second cake I ever (seriously) decorated. The butterfly is a bc transfer and the wings actually stood up! But fell during the night when I had it covered.
9 2
By dragonwarlord1969
Apr 13, 2005
I just finished Course 2 so I really wanted to do the basket weave with color. I had also made extra color flow birds in class just in case of breakage. My mom really liked the cake.
10 16
By Kimlk
Apr 13, 2005
This is my first basket weave outside the course 2 cake. Royal icing flowers and buttercream on everything else.
8 48
By KimAZ
Apr 13, 2005
My first bridal shower cake
12 25
By Apieceofcake2
Apr 13, 2005
A friend was moving and I needed a Spring idea, so I made this.  I like how the basketweave turned out, but the daffodils were my first attempt, and I've since practiced and improved, but here is the cake.
3 2
By stuttgartkim
Apr 13, 2005
This was my first time making the basket on top of the cake. Taken 2004.
1 2
By Apieceofcake2
Apr 14, 2005
This is the cake I made for my cousin's baby shower.  It was a gift so I didn't have any restrictions.  I had seen the little shoes on the internet somewhere, and came up with the design for the cake.  I thought it turned out really cute and is one of my best cakes.
9 13
By SarahJane
Apr 19, 2005
Finally, here is my course II final cake from February.  Comments please! :)
6 4
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 29, 2005
Just a cake for my child's teacher to say thanks. Sides are basketweave with two colors.
By KimAZ
May 5, 2005
Though time consuming I really enjoyed decorating this cake. I let my best friend have it bc I'm on a diet. Turns out that it was the moistest cake I've ever made - obviously bc I couldn't eat any of it! And I pnly broke 2 of my royal icing flowers.
By eryka1842
May 25, 2005
First try at beasketweave and roses.  Not happy with roses, but basketweave came out OK for 1st try.  Will also put close up of basketweave
4 6
By sls0812
May 25, 2005
Two-toned basketweave is my favorite because it makes the weaving really stand out. This cake is done in buttercream with a very simple design. I hope you all enjoy it!
4 15
By thecakemaven
Jun 3, 2005
Heart shaped 2-layer white cake with a fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream icing. Decorated with basketweave and rope border then topped with royal icing daisies and drop flowers.
5 19
By mamaof4
Jun 15, 2005
I was pretty happy with how this turned out. Alot better than I thought it would :)
3 2
By kgil1124
Jun 16, 2005
Course II basketweave.  First time working with color flow.  My poor little birds look like they are shading. lol
By stephanie214
Jun 27, 2005
This was done for my sister's 51 birthday.  Got a chance to practice on my basketweave.
9 4
By stephanie214
Jul 3, 2005
This cake was a strawberry jello cake with whip cream icing.  (double stacking the jello cake was quite a feat!)  The basket is chocolate whip cream.  I filled the basket with real strawberries.
8 13
By mdurbin1961
Jul 18, 2005
Basketweave Cake with White cake and white chocolate mousse w/ fresh strawberries and White Chocolate buttercream icing
4 6
By Mchelle
Jul 19, 2005
This was made for my friends surprise 30th birthday party. There are 30 roses on top, 10 of each color. I was really happy with how this cake turned out.
6 5
By Kimlk
Aug 2, 2005
By amberlicious
Aug 8, 2005
This is before the table decorations.  They were not there when I set the cake up - hopefully they send the finished pics to me soon!
9 11
By sunlover00
Aug 14, 2005
Basketweave with roses and drop flowers done for a baby shower.  Booties and teddy bear are candy molds.
2 2
By stephanie214
Aug 21, 2005
Simple cake, Vanilla cake, bc icing, white chocolate bow
5 22
By Rexy
Aug 21, 2005
BASKETWEAVE!!!! My hands still hurt!!!!  There were a many flaws, but I was pleased over all.
6 6
By umfalcon
Aug 22, 2005
My client was really pleased with this cake. It was strawberry with strawberry jelly filling.
By angelcake4u
Aug 23, 2005
fist attempt at basket weave.  had fun with this cake, and the family loved it.
3 2
By isabella
Aug 24, 2005
cake is nut lovers herseys, frosting is basic BC.  flowers are all royal frosting.
By isabella
Aug 24, 2005
10" square double layer white cake with ivory buttercream and ivory basketweave.  The flowers are also made from buttercream.
4 9
By thyterrell
Sep 3, 2005
Buttercream basketweave with Royal icing daisies.  Silk daisies were scattered on the table for decoration.
2 6
By sunlover00
Sep 3, 2005
I did this for a friend's wedding. Chocolate fudge cake w/ strawberry buttercream filling and Dreamy Cream Buttercream. (thanx PolishMommy) It was my second bow and first time cornelli lace. Everyone loved it!
5 1
By eryka1842
Sep 6, 2005
I almost didn't do this cake for the fair, but I got a lot of compliments for a cake I did for a friend like this one.  
It's a dummy cake, crisco buttercream (because they weren't going to eat it) and handmade fondant roses dusted with pink petal dust.
It won blue ribbon for the category of special occasion cakes and then a blue rosette ribbon for judge's choice.
5 2
By montanakate
Sep 6, 2005
I have to say thanks to Tripletmom for the inspiration.  This is for my own mom's 47th birthday.  It's a 9x13 chocolate cake cut and stacked with mocha bc, royal icing flowers and strawberries.  This was my first time doing a basketweave and rope border, so it was a little nerve racking!  Thanks for looking!
2 3
By Cakemaker
Sep 9, 2005
This was a practice cake - my firt time trying basket weave, rope border, and cornelli lace (which doesn't look very delicate as I had hoped).  It is an orange dreamsicle cake and the frosting has whipped cream in it and did not lend itself to smoothing - thus the lumpy appearance of the cake.  I also had trouble with the frosting getting too warm and soft while I was working with it.  But I learned from it :)
By Fancymcnancy
Sep 17, 2005
Strawberry cake with BC icing. My neice's 16th birthday party. Her friends asked where they bought the cake, and I was very proud!
4 8
By Piper
Sep 23, 2005
My husbands Grandpas 80th birthday cake.
3 3
By theservidios
Apr 13, 2005


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