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"cracker barrel" birthday cake.  Red velvet with buttercream, MMF, saltines.  Made for someone who loves the restaurant!
By cryssi
May 14, 2008
Chocolate and White Almond layers with Coconut Pecan Filling and Chocolate Ganache, iced with Chocolate Buttercream. First time doing a Chocolate transfer, barrel racer curled up abit so had to fill under with icing so it is raised slightly. Details in Chocolate. Got idea from gma1956 but no where near her talent. Birthday gal liked it though, so all is good.
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By freddie
Feb 27, 2006
I digitally removed the lucy from this picture because my boss made her and did a very very bad job doing it. 
This barrel is something I'm pretty proud of, I made the woodgrain in the fondant with a toothpick and then washed several shades of brown to give it the old wood look.
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By Hula_girl3
Jun 8, 2006
Thanks to everyone for your ideas and pictures sent to me for this cake ... They loved it!  Inside is french vanilla with buttercream icing ... barrel racer was done in fondant as well as the letters.
8 11
By ntertayneme
Nov 12, 2005
3 Tiers of yellow cake with strawberry filling and bananas. Fudge BC on outside and barrel is fondant. Top is real berries with green icing as more vines (kinda melted though). Not too shabby for my 1st time!!!!
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By Bunceroni
Sep 21, 2006
Thank you Jackie for your instructions and support with this!
Fondant apples and barrel covering a carrot-spice cake with cinnamon frosting.
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By Zmama
Sep 25, 2006
These are one of my other set of cupcakes for a cakewalk. Inspired by Meagan's bobbing for apples on this site. its a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting and flavored MMF. Hopefully these will sell too. Sorry I guess the shot is a lttle blurry, sorry
16 55
By susanscakebabies
Nov 2, 2006
I was up all night making this cake...but I feel it was worth it!  It was created for a western and rubber ducky themed baby shower.  The men, women and children were all invited.  The tables were decorated in denim with red bandana runners.  In the center of the tables were mason jars, decorated with rubber ducks and filled with daisies.  So, I got all the elements in the cake.  It was a huge hit when I dropped it off!
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By CakesUnleashed
Dec 20, 2006
This was a cake for my husbands grandmothers 82 birthday.  She loves daisys so I make 65 and placed on cake I was going for 82 but I just could not fit them all.  I used staws as the feet and handles.  This picture does no justice to how pretty this cake really was. Its all BC with Royal icing for flowers.
By bubbiesbougie
Aug 27, 2006
Here's a beer barrel cake. This was alot of fun to make Lol! I was watching the episode of Sugar Rush with the girl who made an apple basket cake ,and i had to try making something with wood. It was suppose to be a apple basket ,but turned out to look more like a barrel than basket. So instead of apples i put beer in it. Enjoy!
By FerretDeprived
Feb 21, 2006
I got the idea from some one on this site, I loved it so much I had to try it out!!!  Its all MMF other than the bubbles that were buttercream.
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By sarahleecookies
Nov 30, 2006
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By SGordon
Jan 13, 2007
I made this cake out of cake scraps that I had after making a puppy cake. So I just threw some stuff together trying to make it resemble the whiskey barrel that jenntatum did. It was a small cake about  four layers of 4 inch rounds filled with chocolate ganache and lemon cream cheese filling.  Covered in fondant and royal and buttercream accents.
By Akesunflower
Feb 20, 2007
This was a last minute request.  The mom forgot to order the cake and Grandma came to the rescue. and called me.  I didn't have any cakes due so i said yes.  two six inch rounds stacked and doweled and carved a little to look like the barrel.  Lid is a six inch single layer.  Made the monkeys and label out of leftover fondant from another project.  I added Tylose so they would dry quickly.
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By Granpam
Mar 9, 2007
Last min cake order for a friends daughter to bring to day care.Cake is a small 6inch that made for the horrible handwriting! LOL ! A huge Thanks to Cakesunleashed !!!!! for her incredible ducky cake she posted in a thread!!!! I know it doesn't compare but I think this came out cute
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By spottydog
Mar 12, 2007
I made this for a friend today.  Lily loves rubber ducks so that was the inspiration.  For the barrel, I used "cakesunleashed" idea of her beautiful cake.  Thanks for looking.
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By sandralita
Mar 23, 2007
Inspired by pictures from YouTakeTheCake and Cakegirl0315.  It is a WASC with buttercream and cover in chocolate MMF.  Flowers are all starbursts.  Apples are WASC cupackes covered in RBC.  Alot of fun to make!
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By butters7
May 8, 2007 it is.  I ended up using silk flowers..and I don't think it turned out too bad.  I do need to paint in the cracks of the barrels, so it's not blue inside there. :) I really like how the barrel turned out, but don't like my fence around the bottom.  It needs flowers or something, but I'm too tired to do it. :) Thanks to Moydear (I believe) for the idea!
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By sharibearie
May 19, 2007
My daughter wanted to make her teacher a Topsy Turvy/Apple Barrel cake.  This is what we came up with!  Thanks again to YouTakeTheCake and Cakegirl0315 for there inspirational pictures.  The cake is WASC 2 8 inch rounds fill and crumb coated with buttercream and CMMF barrel slats and apples are cupcakes covered in WCMMF and painted.  The others decorations are RI and Chocolate.  Thanks!
By butters7
May 21, 2007
8" square cake covered in green fondant and a 6" round covered with fondant to look like a wooden barrel.  bubbles are made of buttercream.  Baby is handmade out of fondant.
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By neurnr
Jun 9, 2007
made this for a birthday. Made the barrel out of fondant. Haven't worked much with fondant before. Also tried luster dust for the first time.
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By jenntatum
Nov 18, 2006
Baby Shower cake for my SIL, BC and MMF figures. Thanks to all the inspiration from you terrific CCers!!!!
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By monkee73
Jun 25, 2007
Just fooling around with fondant.  Trying to get used to making 3D figures.  Idea taken from another CCer. :)
By abbystepmum
Jul 23, 2007
A friend of mine was having a baby shower for her daughter-in-law and asked me to do a cake.  This was way overboard but that's what makes it fun :)  There's 4 10" cakes making the barrel and then the 3D duck on top... fondant "wood" pieces and royal icing flowers.
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By mommabuda
Jul 27, 2007
4 layers of 8" doctored Devil's Food with chocolate buttercream and covered with pettinice fondant colored gray and painted with moonstone silver edible image and words, stole the idea from cakeconfections, thanks
3 5
By notjustcake
Aug 13, 2007
Saw this on cc and had to try it! I did this for my cousin who loves ducks and also made another one for the fair. It won first place for the best decorated category!
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Aug 30, 2007
Barrel racer/sunset scene on top of cholocate buttercream.  Thanks for looking.
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By ByTheSlice
Sep 14, 2007
This is for my very dear friends baby shower.  I had alot of fun planning this one using the many ideas from this great site. Thank you all so much for your inspiration. I am now hooked!MMF, Creamcheese BC, & Antonia74 Royal icing.
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By mitcheechee
Sep 19, 2007
I know you won't believe it but my 8 yr. old son made this cake with virtually NO help from me and I think he did an awesome job!!!!  It was for a cake decorating contest/cake auction at his school and 5 min. before we left the house the cake exploded!!!  The apples were too they showed this photo of the cake and auctioned it off anyhow with an I.O.U. that he would make another for the winning bidder!  He was thrilled it went for 20 bucks!
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By KHalstead
Oct 6, 2007
I donated this cake to a St. Baldrick's Foundation silent auction, there was a bit of a bidding war on it and it did quite well for the cause!! My husband also shaved his head for it. All the decorations are mmf.
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By aligotmatt
Oct 6, 2007
Cake for my niece's shower.  My interpretation of the "baby in the bath" cake.
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By skeet1zp
Oct 7, 2007
While looking through Dumbo coloring pages, my DD says, "I want my cake to look like THAT for my 5th birthday!"  So, here it is!  2-8x3's stacked, covered in BC, then fondant, hand painted.  Fondant bubbles, water in tub is RI, spilled water at base is poured sugar, as well as water spout (wires dipped into sugar solution.)  Dumbo is RKT covered in RI, then fondant.  Ears are fondant/gum paste mixture.  Fun to do and she LOVED it!
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By chovest
Oct 29, 2007
Baby shower cake. Thanks to MarkBolin and CakesUnleashed for inspiration and advice!
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By caryl
Nov 2, 2007
Barrel of Water is 3 Layers of Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Icing for the Water and Bubbles, with a Vanilla Bavarian Cream with Mini Chocolate Chips for a Filling.  Rubber Duckie is Pound Cake with Vanilla Icing.      Barrel, Duckie and “It’s A Boy†soap are covered with MMF.
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By LvMy4Runner
Nov 13, 2007
This is a 2-layer devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream icing, then covered with a fondant barrel and leaves.
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By AmyShu
Nov 23, 2007
So this was my first time using fillings (other than BC) so I guess we'll see how it goes!  I used a raspberry filling and a mint chocolate chip (mmmm....).  Thanks melysa for all your help!!
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By Rachael1013
Dec 6, 2007
made for someone born in 1924, made with mini tins sponge, buttercream and fondant, they took forever to do!
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By evieellen
Feb 2, 2008
This is one of three   cakes being made for a shower with the theme of I Love Lucy. Will post the next two when they are completed . Thanks for looking.
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By Irishnurse
Feb 8, 2008
Total of six 10" round cakes stacked and carved to shape.  Covered in fondant, textured and stained with brown concentrated food coloring diluted with vodka.  Grapes are made of fondant and colored with food coloring and luster dust.  
This cake was made at the last minute.  I only had a few hours to create it.  But, I really like how it turned out.
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By CakesUnleashed
Apr 14, 2008
I did this cake for my step mother's 50th birthday.
12 19
By mlharvell
May 24, 2008


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