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This was a vanilla, chocolate, strawbery cake for a childs 1st birthday.  The party was held at a "barn" with hayrides, etc for entertainment.  The silo was removable for the child to make a mess with...
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
I made this cake for a co-workers son. The second I arrived at the house with the cake the little boy and his sister wanted to see the cake. So of course they both were looking at the cake and the birthday boy went to touch it and his sister also went to touch it. The birthday boy put his little finger in the cake and his sister wiped out the corner. Luckily I had some blue spray and I touched up the corner. Unfotunately I didn't have any extra icing to fix the hole. The cake was a hit and the kids loved it
4 6
By Connie515
Apr 26, 2005
This was my first time using marzipan.  The barn was a Wilton stand up pan.  The silo was a stack of fudge stripe cookies with icing as glue and a dowel in the middle.
26 101
By KarenOR
May 10, 2005
Marshmallow fondant animals, darth vader fudge stripe cookies for the silo, rice crispie treat hay bales.  I used the wilton stand up house pan for the barn.
8 16
By zoozieqv
Jun 20, 2005
"Who let the pigs out!" Fair themed cake. Made with fondant: pigs, cow, farmer, fence, "slide". Sunflowers, corn, lawn chair is molded chocolate. Haystacks are coconut marshmallows. Hopefully the molded chocolate items will hold up through the fair!
7 31
By Amylou
Jun 27, 2005
garden and barn cake really had fun doing this cake this was my first cake like this
2 8
By klsrtr
Jun 30, 2005
The cake I entered into our local fair won 1st place for its division AND Best of Show for the fair theme "who let the pigs out!". It did suffer some meltdown...the farmer's arm got amputated and the fencing fell down...although it kind of just looks like the pigs ran the fencing over! This was my first time entering anything into the fair!
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By Amylou
Jul 8, 2005
11 X 15 chocolate cake iced with buttercream and fondant.  The barn disintegrated when I started to ice it so I had to go to plan 'B' and make one out of cardboard and cover that with fondant.  It actually turned out better than the cake version would have!
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By tripletmom
Aug 20, 2005
This is a chocolate cake made for my neice who loves horses and wanted a cake with a barn, fence and animals. This is my second time to do a frozen buttercream transfer, so I'm happy with how it turned out.
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By Kimlk
Sep 2, 2005
I made this cake from a photo given to me by a customer.  It is a picture of one of the barns on their family ranch.  He wanted it for a family reunion.  It is buttercream colored and painted with a paint brush.  It is my first order for one of these.  I was so excited even though it took me most of the day to do it.
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By talmas
Sep 17, 2005
I made this cake for my son's 2nd birthday last month.  Everything on the cake is edible except for the horse.  I made all the remaining animals out of royal icing...for the life of me I couldn't get the cow's head right that was supposed to be in place of the horse so I decapitated one of my son's plastic  This was very time consuming, but alot of fun!!!
7 17
By rs3560
Oct 10, 2005
These where both sculpted thank you Sarabells for the hen instructions!  The hen was suppose to be a smash cake which I definitly will do smaller next time!  After all this work the birthday boy did not get to see it do to lovely Hurricane Katrina They had to evacuate and party got cancelled!  Gotta love Mother Nature!
By meme
Oct 17, 2005
Pink Barn with buttercream piped animals. The picket fence is made of chocolate using a chocolate mold. This was for a friends daughters birthday who was turning 3!
4 13
By mommiesboutique
Oct 19, 2005
This is four 8 inch cakes. Pound cake with buttercream icing. Butter snap pretzels, shreaded wheat, grahman crackers, and plastic animals. 
This was the most fun I had when doing the cake. The final cake had "happy birthday" written on the side of the roof. It looked really good there.
5 7
By momoftwogirls
Oct 21, 2005
See other picture.
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By momoftwogirls
Oct 21, 2005
Saw this picture at Wilton's site, decided to make it and I'm really happy with the results.
6 15
By allissweets
Oct 28, 2005
Farm cake out of Wilton book with little animals
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By Kitagrl
Nov 12, 2005
My first attempt at sculpting ~ horses of all things!  My 4yo birthday boy wanted a horse on his cake and his party theme was horse/cowboy western, so a barn full of horses seemed appropriate!  Horses are made of fondant.
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By wyatt
Jan 27, 2006
I used crushed graham crackers instead of nuts for the lane and sides of cake.  I used a cupcake at the top of the silo for height instead of piled up icing.  Otherwise, I followed most of the instructions on the Wilton website for this cake.
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By steph95
Jan 31, 2006
Just a yellow cake with graham cracker barn, coconut hay, pretzel stick fence and plastic farm animals
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By KHalstead
Feb 14, 2006
Hostess asked for a cake to coordinate with mom's choice of Baby Gap "Barnyard" bedding theme.  Ice cream cake - yellow cake w/raspberry sorbet, cool whip icing.  Lettering and side panels done in tinted white chocolate.
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By jlh
Feb 22, 2006
I really enjoyed making this cake, all the animal are hand sculpted using fondant, the barn is made out of gum paste and painted with gel colors and vodka. The golden cake was filled and crum coated with dulce de leche (is kind of like caramel) and covered with mmf. Thaks for looking!
14 40
By Claudine1976
Feb 22, 2006
I made this for the Knoxville Fair and actually won 1st Place Blue Ribbon.  I was so excited, I've never won ANYTHING before.
41 38
By StandingForJesus
Feb 28, 2006
My first stand-up cake.  Siloh is made of cookies and the animals are plastic.  It yellow cake with bc frosting.  Had trouble during transportation, but the 2yo loved it anyway.
5 4
By slingmama
Mar 11, 2006
This was for my son's 2nd birthday!  He absolutely loved it.
5 21
By JenniferRemington
Mar 30, 2006
Barn cake for 1st birthday party...chocolate fudge and vanilla marble cake with chocolate filling and buttercream icing. Tractor covered in fondant...animals are chocolate(inspired by Whimsical Bakehouse).
5 10
By micfish
Apr 6, 2006
Quick cake for a child's birthday. There was a miscommunication on the pick-up time and I didn't have time to do anymore detail. I would've like to have added more animals and details to the barn. At least the customer was happy!
4 1
By Genna
Apr 12, 2006
Just practicing a 3D cake.  Made by cutting shapes from a 10x10 cake and then covering with MMF.  Then I painted it w/ food paste and vodka mix.  Next time I will use plastic chocolate for the roof shingles...  It would already be the right color.  It was fun to make!
By namaman
May 4, 2006
This is my first cake with the barn and animals and I thought it turned out so cute!  Lots of ideas came from CC!!  Thanks to all of you that have done them!
7 97
By _ChristyB_
May 27, 2006
I made this cake for my son's First Birthday party on June 4th.  Everything but the animals is edible.  It was really a hit, and everyone loved it.
2 3
By jlaman79
Jun 5, 2006
My first ever try at doing a fondant covered cake.  I made my own and it was way to soft.  It kept sagging out of shape.  This experience has actually made me afraid of trying a fondant cake again!
7 3
By veronika
Jun 15, 2006
Take a closer look at the melting pigs, if you dare.
1 1
By veronika
Jun 15, 2006
The animals are marshmallow fondant and modeled after the animals on the family farm. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. The roof is graham crackers coated with almond bark and frosted.
9 29
By Edibleart
Jun 30, 2006
I made this cake for the same woman I did the sheep cake.  My oldest DD is now my official fondant animal maker!  She did such a fantastic job on these little pigs--they were so cute and each one belongs to a specific birthday person.  This is a yellow sheet cake with vanilla BC; the "dirt" is crushed oreos.  The mud hole is chocolate icing with brown piping gel. I made the barn out of cardboard covered in fondant with RI "hay;" this was the first fondant building I've ever done.  My friend loved it.
By egarman
Jul 2, 2006
this was my very first cake for my sons 1st bday. boy did my hand hurt :)
and the amount of red coloring...yikes! coconut hay and was fun
By cakeladee
Jul 6, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's little boy who was turning two.  Her son is infatuated with farms, John Deere tractors and holstein cows in particular, as my uncle owns a dairy farm.  It was a last minute request so the local dollar store was able to help out with the farm themed props.  Half vanilla, half chocolate cake iced with buttercream.  The lane is graham wafer crumbs.  Guests thought the 'grass' was really fun.  Thanks for looking.
5 7
By CarolynE
Jul 16, 2006
Stand-up house pan.  Fondant animals mostly but some are piped with buttercream.  Graham cracker road.  Silo is made of stacked cookies.  Standing sheep and haystack are marshmallows.
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By dsoutherngirl
Jul 17, 2006
Made to match the baby-to-be's Pottery Barn 'Baby Boats' room theme.
9 23
By msbask
Aug 10, 2006
All frosting (except of course the cow/tractor candles and the fence/pigs toys).
2 5
By heyjeni
Aug 13, 2006
This was for my 2 yo and 3 yo shared b-day party.  The thought of all of the 3 yo guests running around after eating a frosting piped pig or cow scared me, so I used Little People!
13 20
By momsandraven
Apr 13, 2005


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