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I made this in october for my grandaughter's 3rd b-day. It was my first appempt at a doll cake and I was pleased with the final result. I used a real Barbie rather than the doll pic that came with the pan. I used a 10" round 3" high for the base. I made a hole thru the dress cake (and filled it with icing) to accommodate the doll and had to backfill with icing to form a midriff because the doll was pretty tall. But it was pretty easy and Maddy's reaction to it made it worth the work.
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By CarolAnn
Apr 13, 2005
This is actually two cakes, wonder mold for witch's skirt and two bowl shaped cakes for the cauldron.
43 300
By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005
This was made for a silent auction at an elementary school. The dress is my fondant rendition of a ballgown from the 1840's.
8 23
By steph
Apr 15, 2005
This is a cake I did for the neighbor's daughter's birthday tomorrow. I don't really like to use the shaped pans, but it made it easy for me to do today.
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By tanyascakes
Apr 16, 2005
This is my version of Fairytopia barbie. Golden cakes. Iced with butter cream. Dress is MMF and the wings are rice paper.
Thanks for looking
6 8
By sweetie
Apr 30, 2005
I made this cake for a 5 yr. old using a Barbie the parents had bought for their daughter.  Sorry the picture isn't better.
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By Calejo
May 11, 2005
made for my daughters 5th birthday - I used the pampered chef measuring bowl for barbies dress.
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By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
I made this cake for my nices 6th birthday. It has a full Repunsle dall inside. For anyone who wants to you a full dall make sure you bake another ~8" round if using the Wilton Wonder pan becuase it won't be high enough! I learned that the hard way lol
8 11
By Jelena
May 29, 2005
Made this one for my neice's 5th Birthday...
Use Wilton's Barbie Pan
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By mamaof4
Jun 11, 2005
My daughter's teacher was having her 2nd wedding and so she wanted something different. The colors are not the traditional white (of course!!) She wanted these colors to match the colors her and her husband to be wore
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By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005
Chocolate ganache barbie doll cake I baked for my god-daughter's 10th birthday. The kids love it.
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By nanzz
Jul 8, 2005
CCC iced in buttercream. I used one of the goodie bags for the middle deco.
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By chikie
Jul 12, 2005
By Fishercakes
Jul 22, 2005
4 5
By cakeconfections
Jul 25, 2005
I used the Wilton Wondermold cake pan and the doll pick that came with it.  I just took off the head of a Barbie we had and put in on the pick.
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By midwestmom
Aug 7, 2005
this was hard because Barbie is so tall I kept having to add layers to the bottom so it ate into my profits. she is purple and pind sometimes the pix looks blue, hubby helped a lot doing this one
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By tracyscakes
Aug 26, 2005
5 4
By Aitza
Aug 31, 2005
Cake I made for my friend's daughter Birthday.
2 6
By texasmichele
Sep 13, 2005
Showing several views. Royal icing flowers. Buttercream frosted except for all pink parts on dress which are royal. Yellow cake with raspberry filling.
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By KimAZ
Sep 17, 2005
For a lady's birthday.  Barbie is stacked on a 12" torted round yellow cake.  Her skirt is made out of mmf.
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By stephanie214
Sep 25, 2005
First time doing one... baked 1 cake mix in a KA bowl and then 2- 8" rounds on the bottom for height. MMF dress.
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By beccal
Sep 26, 2005
Bday cake for 4 year old......BIG hit!
3 1
By edcjenv
Sep 28, 2005
This was for my daughter's 7th birthday. The Barbie's skirt was made with the Wondermold pan and is on top of a single 8-inch layer. It is on top of 8-inch and 10-inch tiers. The dress bodice is made of marshmallow fondat. The skirt petals (inspired by a cake on this site-thank you!) are MMF mixed with a little gumpaste. The rest of the cake is iced in meringue buttercream. The roses are meringue buttercream also. The heart is gumpaste dusted with pearl dust. Wings are edible wafer paper with pearl dust.
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By HollyPJ
Sep 28, 2005
This was my first doll cake made with the Wondermold pan. I didn't realize that a full Barbie would not fit in that cake so my hubbie got to do some "surgery" on her. Thankfully it was for my best friend's 2 year old who didn't play with Barbies yet. Everything is buttercream except for the fondant bow and sash.
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By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
I made this cake for my four year olds birthday.  Fondant covered cake with chocolate wings and hair.  Cotton candy clouds.
By gabpeightysmom
Oct 1, 2005
Made this for a 7 year old girls birthday.
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By cakecre8tor
Oct 2, 2005
I made these for a lunch at my dd's school.  Yellow cupcakes with chocolate chips.  I used the wilton pink and purple sprays and the some candy melts on top.  Added a few barbie sprinkles as well.
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By momlovestocook
Oct 6, 2005
Customer ordered this for her four year old.  MMF used with buttercream design work and cake sparkles to give the skirt a "shimmery" effect.  This was my first doll cake.
4 18
By _ChristyB_
Oct 8, 2005
This is my first try attempt at a doll cake, I had to try it!
3 7
By icingonthecupcake
Oct 8, 2005
From the Wilton '06 yr book.  Flowers are cookies covered w/fondant.  Barbie is an icing image (thanks boween for the great idea).!!
3 12
By sugartopped
Oct 9, 2005
Small cake for the bday girl.  I had to cut the center out of the larger one for the cookies, so bday girl got her own cake!!
1 5
By sugartopped
Oct 9, 2005
I made this cake for a co-worker.  I drew the picture first, then transfered it onto a frosting sheet by tracing it with a food coloring pen.  I then colored it in with gels.
4 4
By mcginnis
Oct 11, 2005
First Decorated cake, first fondant cake, first Wondermold. Sorry that the whole cake isn't in the pic.
By PastryChef2B
Oct 15, 2005
Enhanced Photo Cake.
7 14
By djjarrett88
Oct 22, 2005
6 6
By charman
Oct 26, 2005
4 4
By edcjenv
Nov 3, 2005
This is a character pan of barbie. This was my 1st time ever using a face plate. I hope I did it right. The little girl loved it, and her parents were so glad to have something that tasted better than a ***-Mart cake. LOL!
By mistygaildunn
Nov 21, 2005
Stacked Barbie on MMF covered 14" round torted.  Tulle is used for her wings.  This Barbie was a challenge.
5 5
By stephanie214
Nov 21, 2005
Pink floral dress BARBIE
3 1
By ibcablr
Nov 22, 2005
My little grandaughter wanted a Barbie doll cake dressed in "LELO" yellow.
5 8
By awela
Apr 13, 2005


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