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By baking4ever
Mar 18, 2013
My first edible picture cake. I was supper busy the week of my sons birthday so I cheated with it a bit. Trotro makes everything cute in my opinion. Banana cake filled with cream cheese frosting.  and fresh banana slices, iced in cream cheese frosting.
By Hamaranpuu
Apr 13, 2014
Banana Cream cupcakes. My first filled cupcakes, also first time using real cream as a topping for cupcakes. Delish!
By crazyface93
Apr 24, 2014
My Banana Pudding Cake, covered with a vanilla whipped topping
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By kadeebo
Apr 19, 2013
My brother couldn't make it home for the holidays, and I wanted him to try some of my baking (since it's a new hobby). I made him and his friend cupcakes topped with their favorite thing: bacon! Banana cupcakes topped with a Peanut Butter BC, a Jim Bean drizzle, and bacon. 

This was my second attempt at Peanut Butter BC and piping frosting.... MUCH better results after almost crying over my Reeses Cake...
By KrispyKareem
Jan 1, 2014
Banana Brûlée Bundt Cake I made for a friend (and an extra one for my babies). Yummie! ❤️
By pastrypiper
Apr 3, 2014
By FinerThingsB
Oct 11, 2014
Banana, Rum and Baileys cake.

Was quite pleased with the overall effect.
By sCrumbtiousKake
Apr 29, 2014
Banana cupcakes, banana SMBC, fondant bananas
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By MBalaska
Aug 24, 2014


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