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This cake was ordered at the last minute.  Took me forever to figure out the design I wanted to do (changed several times, too).  Edible image of Madagascar stars, BC frosting and yellow fondant bamboo that is painted with thinned brown color for effect.
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By Mac
Feb 16, 2006
Japanese kimono with cherry blossoms and bamboo.  Characters spell out "Happy Birthday". All buttercream.
7 28
By KimAZ
Apr 13, 2006
japanese cake.  i saw a similar one on ACDM and loved it so I did my own take on it for my mom adn her sister's birthday.  Carrot cake with crusting cream cheese icing, all accents made in gumpaste except for the flowers which were done using gelatin.  plants on second tier were painted using a japanese brush
11 16
By riagirl
May 6, 2006
Another one of my creative funk cakes!!  This cake design is from our very own KIMAZ.  Was a very last minute order (needed the next day!!).  So I wasn't able to get permission to 'borrow' this design!!  But the lady was moving to Japan...and this design was perfect!

Fondant bamboo painted brown, fondant flowers & leaves w/a chocolate transfer kimono! 

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By sugartopped
May 25, 2006
3 1
By millie
May 29, 2006
designed after the waverly pattern. it is a 1/2 sheet white cake with sprinkles and mostly bc. the leaves are green mmf painted with emerald ld.
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By tabs8774
Jul 1, 2006
I made this for my boss as a housewarming gift.  The lucky bamboo plant is supposed to be a gesture of good luck for your home, so instead of getting him a real plant I made a lucky bamboo cake.  Chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter filling covered in MMF.  Bamboo and rocks are MMF, dirt is crushed Oreo cookies.
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By JulieBugg2000
Aug 4, 2006
used small iced cakes to make dragon, with toothpicks and marshmallows for face and bumps on spine.  Bamboo trim from a fondant mold.  Airbrushed red and painted gold luster dust.
By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
Fondant bamboo with gumpaste orchids.  Display cake for a wedding show.
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By peterlori1
Sep 21, 2006
Fondant Bamboo, Gumpaste Water Lily, silk flowers for a Luau
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By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
Created for the East Central Arts Council juried art show which opens November 11, 2006. She is a torted one layer sculpted butter cake folded like a sandwich. Except for the four cake dowels in the screen behind her and the one cake dowel in the cake, this artist doll and screen is entirely edible. Satin Ice Fondant, royal icing, piping gel and luster dust accents. Thank you for looking.
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By tiptop57
Nov 10, 2006
This was definitely not my favorite cake, but the bride and groom loved it.  They took the dragon idea from a cake they found online and I replicated it the best I could.  The dragon took forever to do but I am really happy with the way it turned out.  The bride asked for all of the different colors to be used, and luckily, she liked them b/c I was afraid after she saw them all together she would change her mind, but she didn't!  YAY!  French Vanilla cake with chocolate WCBC filling and BC icing.
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By chocomama
Dec 20, 2006
This was a fondant covered butter cake imprinted with bamboo.
By lcabralacores
Jan 27, 2007
all edible! bamboo is fondant covered praline cookies covering 3-tiered cake. pot is airbrushed fondant
By ducky918
Feb 21, 2007
My first wedding cake,  Mississippi mud cake with white choc MMF. Lilies, bamboo and drapes are sugar paste.
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By torki
Mar 8, 2007
This cake was done for a co-workers daughter who was turning 40.  She grew up in Hawaii and her favorite flowers are plumeria (frangipani) white with the yellow centers.  So i made a real lei out of fondant plumeria which i made by hand, one by one, about 55 of them.  All the bamboo were made of MMF as well as the leaf.  the sign was wilton fondant that I hand painted with diluted gel colors.  The sand was a combination of graham cracker, brown sugar, and sugar in the raw.
12 53
By sjlarby
Mar 21, 2007
Mini butter cake covered in buttercream icing with Fondant accents and 50/50 fondant/gumpast bamboo. Your honest and open critique is extremely valued.
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By tiptop57
Mar 27, 2007
Buttercream cake with piped bamboo, fondant leaves, and fresh flowers.
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By KoryAK
Apr 10, 2007
cake for a little boy who loves Webkinz..this is my interpretation ...he has a panda named bamboo..
I modeled the panda from fondant/gumtex and piped the fur on with tip #1..tried the grass tip but it was too big for the panda..this is an 8" cake..choc scratch cake with choc SMBC icing..bamboo is modeled with same but over bubble tea straws..nice and light ..leaves just cute by hand and veined..
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
May 4, 2007
This is 6’’ round single white cake with fondant bamboo around the cake and fondant leaves. I tied the flowers to the stick and covered fondant around them (I didn’t make the flowers), Thanks for looking.
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By ThanhThanh
May 6, 2007
6 14
By ThanhThanh
May 6, 2007
I loved makign thsi cake. Everythign that could go wrong did but I wasn't phased. My son kept staring at the Buddha and smiled back.
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By MamaBerry
May 10, 2007
My daughter chose an Asian theme for her 10th bday party.  The cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.  Decorated with fondant bamboo and cherry blossoms, chocolate transfer fan and name plate that says Happy Birthday summer in Japanese kanji.  1st time doing chocolate transfer and I was happy with the way they turned out.  This was fun, thanks for looking!
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By crystalina1977
May 13, 2007
Second picture of plumeria cake.  Top view.  Took hours to make all the bamboo and plumeria flowers, but I think it looks great!  Cake is lemon pound with a lemon juice and sugar drizzle and rasberry filling.  Plain white icing.
7 20
By rittenhouse
May 18, 2007
This was a simple and fun cake to make for my step-daughter Michel.  She loves Pandas and her favorite color is pink these days.  Chocolate and vanilla (dyed pink) swirl cake with buttercream icing.
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By saptally
Jun 2, 2007
This was a buttercream cake accented with real bamboo.
22 66
By lcabralacores
Jun 15, 2007
9x13 french vanilla cake iced & decorated with traditional buttercream. Bamboo stalks and panda are fondant. This one didn't take me long at all (for a change) and I kinda like it (for a change!).
19 118
By tripletmom
Jun 30, 2007
6,8,10,12, ivory BC. light green BC design piped free hand. fondant hibiscus flowers. thanks for looking
21 71
By beccakelly
Jul 12, 2007
All bamboo was had from MMF, very fun cake to make!
21 68
By heathercarnold
Jul 12, 2007
This cake was made for a Jimmy Buffet / Luau themed 40th birthday party. Made of Buttercream and Fondant.
7 5
By Carterjes
Jul 13, 2007
This was to welcome someone to okinawa,red velvet fan, lemon square with butter cream the bamboo is fondant please let me know what you think :)
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By tiffanypatton79
Jul 16, 2007
This was made for a ten year old girls camping party. She reqested pandas and I wanted to somehow include the camping theme. I think it turned out pretty OK, especially since I made the entire thing from scratch in one day (except the pandas... I made them the night before). Oh, and the writing says "happy birthday"
34 79
By hollyz1
Jul 18, 2007
This cake was done with fondant "cover" and fondant for the bamboo.  its is a replica of a cake from Martha Stewart Wedding magaine
By PhishTech
Jul 25, 2007
buttercream with fondant. bamboo is fondant.
10 158
By eor112
Jul 31, 2007
Buttercream iced with fondant bamboo, painted with a bit of gel colours mixed with clear vanilla. Actually, my first buttercream wedding cake!
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By tatania199
Aug 3, 2007
This my second project for college. The bamboo and leaves are made out of petal paste/ gum paste and coloured with moss green. The dish is made from MMP (mexican modelling paste.) This took me six weeks to make in total, but i am pleased with the end result.
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By lynseyg2002
Aug 17, 2007
They wanted something different and chose this combo of colors to match their invitations.  Covered in fondant.  They wanted it very plain but with some type of bamboo on them.  Bamboo are fondant and leaves are gumpaste.
10 15
By avenje
Aug 24, 2007
This cake was done for a couple that was married in Hawaii and having a reception here in the States. It is iced in buttercream with fondant flowers, leaves and bamboo
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By pinkflamingo
Aug 24, 2007
I made this cake for my friends suprise 24th birthday party.  It's chocolate cake with raspberyy cream cheese filling and chocolate buttercream.  The Bamboo is made out of MMF and the orchids are gumpaste dusted with yellow petal dust and painted with burgundy gel color.
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By EmilyGrace
Aug 31, 2007
This cake is entirely edible. Consists of a fondant covered "bowl", chocolate rocks, and a cake surrounded by bamboo made of a coffee-flavored candy covered in white chocolate. Last year for my grandma's birthday, we gave her a real bamboo plant. So I decided to give it a try for her birthday this year. She got a kick out of it and wouldn't have cut into it had I not taken over! 'Course this is the same grandma who has the bell-shaped cake I made for her 4 years ago displayed in her china cabinet...... :-D
7 4
By mcvick6
Apr 13, 2005


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