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By CakeCraze
Jan 23, 2007
Same cupcakes  from before mmf fondant on strrawberry and vanilla cupcakes. but before i headed out I remembered about my stand. I bought it a while back and almost forgot i had it .....
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By lastingmoments
Dec 15, 2005
storybook doll pan. Made for my 5 yr old.
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By KimAZ
Apr 20, 2005
Barbie cake done with Wilton Wondermold and than put on another 9" cake for the base.  Covered in fondant with buttercream swirls painted with 24K gold.  Individual cupcakes for the kids each with hand modelled ballet slippers and a name tag.
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By tripletmom
Jan 13, 2007
Sheet cake with airbrushed adges, sculpted buttercream slippers with fondant ribbons duated with luster dust. Lastly, finished off with cake sparkles.
I went all out on the girly stuff because my life is filled with boys!
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By flamingobaker
May 9, 2006
Gumpaste Bow, fondant ballet slippers.  Assembled the cake, bow and slippers at the dance!  Buttercream frosting.  Posted this cake a few days ago without the finishing touches!
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By PinkPreppy
May 14, 2006
my Daughter was having her last ballet class and party before the Christmas break and she wanted little ballerinas. So I made about 24 of these for her class, and the teachers. grape flavored MMF yummy taste kinda like that bubble yum gum but not as strong, and mmf for everything. Just used my left overs from my recent cakes.
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By lastingmoments
Dec 15, 2005
MMF Ballet slippers with edible ink writing inside.  Thanks to peacockplace for the template.  Cake is vanilla with strawberry preserves filling and IMBC icing.
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By LaylasMommy
May 23, 2006
I finally got an order to make the balletslippers, in bright red. The little girl wanted something in really, really red, well she got it. Took a while to find something which could be made that red and was for a girl and her mother thought was appropriate, lol.
By Ursula40
Apr 6, 2006
A very last minute cake!  I got a call at 8PM, the lady wanted a cake to take with her to Florida the next day!  Luckily, I had frozen some 6" cakes earlier in the week from left-over batter, so voila.  Her niece was having her 1st dance recital (she's only 4!) so she asked me to make a pink cake with ballet slippers.  I didn't have time to make the cute fondant ones, but I did make the ties out of fondant.  It's a 2-layer 6-inch banana/pineapple cake iced in buttercream.  The little girl loved it!
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By mommymarilyn
Jun 20, 2006
Bananacake with buttercream frosting and gumpaste accents, made as a thank you to my daughter's ballett teacher. Three kids took their exam last week and the teacher put a lot of effort in extra classes. The cake says
Thank you teacher, which is what the kids greet her with every week
By Ursula40
Jun 29, 2006
Choc cake with bc and gumpaste accents, I duplicated the costumes and shoes, that the 3 girls wore for the exam last week.
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By Ursula40
Jun 29, 2006
This was for a 9-year-old girly-girl ballet dancer.  It's not my favorite cake, I can see many flaws, but the grandmother (who ordered it) called today and told me the birthday girl squealed and screamed and jumped up and down when she saw it!  She has saved the ballet shoes from the top (that's supposed to be a little stage they're pirouetting on -- with the curtain pulled back and her name 'in lights').  She has also saved the ballet shoes, the pearls holding back the curtains and the roses, as keepsakes.
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By Ksue
Jul 2, 2006
Choc. Chip Cookie & Mocha Cakes, filled with buttercream and covered in MMF.The roses are buttercream, it's hard to see in the picture but the roses are very sparkly. the ballet slippers are molded chocolate. The roses holding the candles are a few shades lighter than the rest, DD wanted those to be a "special color pink".
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By monstersmom
Jul 8, 2006
Birthday cake for a girl who loves dance. This cake was based on two diffrent cakes from CakeBaker, hers are far better then this, but I thank her for the inspiration and help! Gumpaste shoes, butter cream frosting with fondant decorations.
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By peacockplace
Feb 27, 2006
I made these for a ballet recital.
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By eromero
Aug 7, 2006
Just a basic sheet cake with buttercream and pink bc roses.  Shell border is two-toned light pink and white
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By cakesbyjackie
Aug 8, 2006
This is a cake I made for my twin's 3rd birthday party.  It was from Debbie Brown's Enchanted Cakes book.  I made two smaller versions of this on top of cupcakes so each one of my girls would have their own cake and candles to blow out.
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By hilde
Aug 26, 2006
Small fondant covered cake. Flowers and ballet slippers made of fondant also.
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Jun 14, 2006
This was for a 5yr old's birthday. The ruffles took forever to make!!
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By swillshaz
Sep 11, 2006
Hand drawn slippers with fondant laces and edible spary around the border.
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By alicia_froedge
Sep 18, 2006
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By staceysha
Oct 8, 2006
A quick bear for my daughter's last minute party.  Grabbed the idea from the 2004 (?) Wilton book.  All is Buttercream...Just did a fast job but thought I'd share... Happy decorating
By paradisepalms
Oct 9, 2006
Figure modelling using Wilton people moulds
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By cakesunlimited
Oct 12, 2006
I made this cake for my daughter's 16th Birthday. She is an eighth year ballet & pointe student.  The cake is a triple chocolate cake with Godiva chocolate coffee buttercream in the center.  Iced in buttercream with fondant for the top of the dress and a completely hand molded fondant torso, head, feet and pointe shoes. The facial details were hand painted.
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By Icemom
Oct 17, 2006
Closeup of Ballerina cake details.
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By Icemom
Oct 17, 2006
For my niece's birthday using the wilton ballet slippers pan.  The ribbon ties are real ribbon.
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By Audraj
Oct 22, 2006
This cake was ordered by the girls grandmother. She wanted a pink cake with a ballet theme, but wanted something "grown up".
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By sillyoldpoohbear
Oct 25, 2006
I made this cake for a friend's daughter's 5th birthday.  The mom requested a maypole cake with girls dancing around it.  I tried to use Cakes by Nancy's idea for the ballet dancers, still need some practice.  The cakes are covered with buttercream and MMF, the girls are cupcakes with MMF and maypole is a chopstick covered with MMF.  All the girls at the party loved it!
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By stephanie73
Oct 26, 2006
This was for a little girl's birthday who just LOVES ballet.  The ballet shoes are fondant.  BC frosting with fondant accents.  I dusted the slippers in luster dust.  The little girl's Mom said all the kids just wanted to touch the slippers to make sure they weren't real.  Talk about an ego stroke!!
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By cakeatty
Nov 3, 2006
From Debbie Browns "Enchanted cakes for children".
You'll never know how easy to make this untill you actually try to make one!
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By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
Graduation cake for a girl who loves to dance, thanks to everyone on here for the help making the ballet slippers.  Iced in buttercream with fondant flowers, letters and ballet slippers.
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By bunnypatchbaker
Jul 9, 2006
made this for niece's ballet shcool fundraiser. Problems :pudding filling wouldnt thicken properly, so it was oozing out the sides despite making a dam between layers. And I should have levelled the layers but didnt so it was sloppy and I couldnt smooth out the BC -well not enough time or patience to lol. Had other ideas but ended up star-tipping the shoes freehand onto the cake. UGH I have a whole year to practice until the next one LOL
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By oceanspitfire
Nov 25, 2006
also for niece's fundraiser. I gotta say I LOVE the 1M tip lol. I mean my technique STINKS because I'm still practicing, but it looks so much more decent than just slapping on. As seems to be the norm with me, had I more time I would have sat down and patiently made my lil MMF ballet slippers not look merely like MMF chunks with indentations made by the bottom of a paring knife =))
NOTE to self: Get more organized with my time so this is no longer an issue HAHAHA yeah right that's gonna happen
By oceanspitfire
Nov 25, 2006
Devil's food cake with Chocolate syrup Frosting and Buttercream decorations  This cake took next to no time at all to do.  I like that kind!
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By kerririchards
Dec 4, 2006
BC iced cake with edible images and edible image plaques and a bunch of pixie dust.
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By missyek
Dec 8, 2006
for nutcraker play, I had to make my own cookie cutters. oh, did i mention   I HATE COOKIES!!!!
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By dawnbakescakes
Dec 21, 2006
This is my first attempt at a sculpted 3D cake. Cake is chocolate with fondant and BC icing. The "pearls" are fondant dragees coated with pink luster. I will also be uploading a pic of the back.
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By CakeL8T
Dec 22, 2006
Here's a picture of the cake and stand.  I covered the cake stand with fondant and then tied tulle around the base to make a tutu.
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By hilde
Aug 26, 2006
Barbie doll Wilton pan with fondant, lustre dusts and buttercream for details with airbrushed colors.  Crown is fondant with royal swirls painted with gold lustre.
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By sugarnut
Jan 29, 2007


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