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Police-themed cookies for the department's graduation tomorrow.

Made the badges with a template because couldn't find one that 4" size in time...but did see one a I liked!

Cars are from the Mustang cookie cutter on the same site and just cut the 8 sides from a regular circle for the stop signs.

Cookies are gingerbread and chocolate sugar cookies.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
This was done for a retiring County Sheriff.  Badge is FBCT and the cuffs are MMF.
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By mhill91801
May 30, 2006
This was a double layer chocolate pound cake covered in chocolate buttercream using a basketweave design.  The badge is made of gumpaste and I free handed the design on it.
6 33
By CakesBySandy
Jun 4, 2006
I did this for THE Texas Rangers (not the baseball team).  Italian cream cake w/ cream cheese frosting.  They loved it (thankfully). :)
By divaofcakes
Jun 11, 2006
This was the royal icing badge I created.  I was so proud of myself.  I cracked when i pressed it down on the cake.  I was careful peeling it off the wax paper and then....THE CRACK HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.  It was a clean break though, i was able to just push it back together and most didn't notice.  Choc. cake WC IMBC, Royal Icing wording and dots
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By kelleygirl
Jun 14, 2006
The cake is yellow with Buttercream Icing.  The star badge was for the baby's first Birthday to "tear into".
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 3, 2006
This is a cake I did for my husband and the guys at work here at he SO.  The middle round part is not decorated because I ran out of the colors I needed for the light blue and brown colors that go on it.  I think it came out okay despite the fact.  Cake is a 10" round butter cake with BC icing and MMF decorations with hand painted lettering.
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By reenie
Jul 25, 2006
I did his graduation pic as an edible image. His kids got a kick out of being able to eat
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By chefdot
Jul 27, 2006
Here is the complete view of the cake. Complete with gold glitter flakes on the part of the badge that was extra shiny.
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By chefdot
Jul 30, 2006
This was ordered by the county sheriff's department on election night.
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By SnowiDawn
Sep 15, 2006
made for my hubby and several other cops that had birthdays that month.
By srod911
Sep 20, 2006
Here is a picture of my police badge cake.  It is a 10" round chocolate cake with choc mousse filling and choc BC frosting covered in MMF, with MMF accents.  The badge is painted with luster dust.  I made this for a friends' husband who is being promoted. :)
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By shelie
Oct 24, 2006
This is the back side of the cake (for 50).  Love that 'new sheriff'  baby shower theme (maybe 'cause I'm in Texas ;-)   Anyway ... a 12, 9, 6 inch chocolate cake with buttercream, covered and accented in all fondant.  Gumpaste sheriff badge.  Everything painted with silver luster dust dissolved in tequila.  Hey!  It's Texas!
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By Ksue
Nov 19, 2006
Airbrushed with silver luster dust. Cake for my hubby's b-day.  This is my first attemp at airbrushing a cake.
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By MommaLlama
Jan 19, 2007
These were so much fun to make!  Brownie Troop with their badges all in RI.  Each cookie had the girls individual names along with their hair color, about 30 girls in total. I did these same one for a Girl Scout Troop.
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By cookiecreations
Jan 19, 2007
1/2 white 1/2 choc, white chocolate bc; MMF & chocolate plastic emblems for Scouting & Wood Badge
By bkdcakes
Feb 3, 2007
This is a Yellow Cake with Strawberry filling and Chocolate Syrup Icing.  The decoration is a replica of a police badge (pictured to the left).  I painted the image on fondant and laid it on top of the cake.  This cake is for a Life Celebration of a Police Lieutenant who was killed in a car accident.  She was off-duty at the time.  Very tragic story, she was only 41yo and a 17yo boy who was driving too fast killed her and himself.    I am hoping her life partner likes it, I think she will.
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By cindy6250
Feb 16, 2007
My son's cub scout leader asked me to make a cake for my son and another boy's birthday so they could celebrate at cubs. I decided to make a sheet cake and put various cub badges on it. The cake is frosted with chocolate buttercream and the badges are buttercream as well.
By boosqmom
Feb 22, 2007
I made this for a friends brother-in-law that is a policeman.
By klsrtr
Mar 14, 2007
Police Badge Groom's Cake
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By Eliseawood
Mar 25, 2007
I had a tough time deciding which category to put this in.  Technically it is a retirement cake but the last retirement cake I made, was not viewed much so I am taking a chance with putting it in here.  I guess it can be used if a father/husband/brother, etc.  in your life is a cop.  Buttercream icing, chocolate and white checkerboard cake.
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By SarahsSweets2006
Mar 25, 2007
For our Chief's going away.  It's our squadron patch.  I hate those dark colors!
By oohlalacakes
Apr 3, 2007
I got Ideas from this site.  This cake is for a little boy who is having a Walker Texas Ranger B-day party.
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By Barbend
Apr 18, 2007
This cake was so much fun - after the nightmare of breaking cake layers!!  It is chocolate fudge cake  with chocolate covered strawberry filling.  Covered in mmf with mmf and mmf/gumpaste details. Wish you could see all the details better but any closer and the pic doesnt show the whole cake.
10 41
By steffla
Jun 7, 2007
Girl Scout Cake decorated with a box of samoas and thin mints with fondant cookie decorations and a fondant sash.
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By icingonthecupcake
Jun 12, 2007
This was a 50th vol. fire dept cake. I used their patch as the design
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By klsrtr
Jun 23, 2007
I made this for my husbands chief for his birthday
By Pamela1206
Jun 23, 2007
FBCT of father-in-law's police badge.
By Flur
Jul 6, 2007
This is one of the cakes the the fire dept ordered. They wanted one with the old badge and one with the centennial badge. I just basically freehanded the badge onto the cake with silver grey frosting. It's bc.
4 1
By chaptlps
Jul 8, 2007
This is the centennial badge. It's on a full sheet cake (18x24) I also freehanded this one with gold and various other color icings all buttercream
The gents at the fire dept. loved all three of the cakes. The discoloration at the bottom of the cake is from shadows from people standing around LOL
By chaptlps
Jul 8, 2007
This is a groom's cake carved from a 12" x 18" sheet cake. Covered in fondant with fondant accents. Painted with silverluster dust first, then a light coat of gold lusterdust.
20 56
By KimmysKakes
Jul 28, 2007
This was a grooms cake in the shape of a NJ State Trooper hat.   Chocolate cake covered in fondant/gumpaste mix with gumpaste accents.
8 21
By bdrider
Aug 12, 2007
This was the badge on the state trooper grooms cake from this weekend.  Sculpted out of gumpaste/fondant mix.  Thanks for looking!
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By bdrider
Aug 12, 2007
I copied this cookie from a badge that included the logo for the school district which is a big letter "U",  sun, two stars, and the state of Texas.These are no fail sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By di55
Aug 12, 2007
This was for a trooper recruit that was graduating the NJ State Police academy.  Covered in fondant, RI and fondant accents.
6 3
By bdrider
Aug 23, 2007
For a lady's husband who works for the ATF. All BC. Colors in picture look a lot brighter than in real life.
3 2
By ahmommy
Aug 25, 2007
Grooms cake
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By cykrivera
Sep 9, 2007
My first attempt at a CT. 11X15 white with BC with CT Jedi badges and Obi-wan Kenobi are CT's. Hope you like.
Sep 16, 2007
Groom's cake for a guy who was a police officer.  They didn't  have any ideas and wanted me to just come up with something so I asked the couple to take a pic of him arresting her.  After the picture was taken, I placed a blinking light on the cake next to the radio that flashed red and blue lights like a cop car's cherry lights.  It ws a hit!
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By death_by_frosting
Sep 21, 2007
Simple sheet cake filled with strawberry filling.  Decorater icing.  The badge is made from potatoe starch sheet.
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By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005


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