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I made this cake for the employees of a school for children with disabilities. My husband works there and is their HR person. I figure that these special workers need a treat every now and then. Yellow cake from scratch with butter cream frosting!
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By angelwaggoner
Aug 21, 2007
I made this cake for my sister who is a teacher’s assistant. 
I used the Wilton sports ball pan for the apple… it is white cake with BC icing and Raspberry filing.  
The bottom cake is a 10” round two layer White chocolate cake with White Chocolate Cheesecake BC icing and is filled with raspberry filling. 
The fall colored leaves were made using Wilton candy melts and a maple leaf mold.
8 7
By Juliequeen
Aug 22, 2007
Butter recipe cake with buttercream frosting.  Eyes and mouth made from shaped and rolled-out AirHead candy.  Eyebrows made from shaped yellow Starburst candy.  Black gel frosting used for outlining and pupils.
5 17
By coloringbook
Apr 10, 2006
Cream cheese sugar cookies with Wilton Royal icing.  I did a couple of these for my son's teachers and the principal and vice principal at school.  They are clelebrating teacher appreciation week at his school.  I cut out the cookies freehand using a pizza cutter.
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By msg1474
May 11, 2006
Mini Cookie Bite Bouquets to "Welcome" my teaching team back to school!
11 72
By cakesonoccasion
Aug 16, 2007
Funfetti cake with buttercream icing.  Fred was a gel transfer from a coloring page.  This cake was for a Flintstone-themed back to school party at the Children's Hospital where I work.
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By Mandy2221
Aug 21, 2007
For my twin son's birthday. 3D basketball on backboard shaped from 10" square.  Pattern on ball from printed paper towel.
4 43
By KimAZ
Jun 20, 2006
4 1
By Susan94
Aug 18, 2006
Our church has a Christian school and they just got a new principal this year.  She ordered this cake for her staff to eat during the first week of school.   Kinda basic.

Thanks for looking.
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By luv2cake
Aug 31, 2006
Celebrating back to school for kids and the kids at the bus stop. I got this idea years ago from familyfun magazine. The bus is made from sugar waffers w/ corners cut, chocolate chips for wheels. Thanks to this site, I now fill my cupcakes w/ filing mmmmm....hope they like it.....Thanks for looking :)
6 50
By my2sunshines
Sep 5, 2006
Cake covered in MMF, tires covered in chocolate clay, and front loader and back hoe are made of gum paste.  Took me a week to make of the pieces for this cake.  My grandson just loved it.  He refused to let us cut it.  Saving the patterns on this one for my book.
21 38
By froggyjustjumpin
Sep 17, 2006
I also made these apple cookies to give to the teachers.  They are made out of Cream Cheese sugar cookie mix and decorated with Wilton Royal Icing. I wrapped individual cookies in cellophane and a bow and gave them to my son's teachers.
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By msg1474
May 11, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I used regular cocoa and dark cocoa for the chocolate frosting.  I made this for a church Back to School party.  The ruler and chalk are fondant.
8 22
By darkchocolate
Aug 12, 2006
Bouquet i made for my friend's son for his first day of kindergarden!  Royal icing.  No fail sugar cookie recipe
2 15
By mangiamangia
Oct 11, 2006
Thanks to Carolyne from Flickr whose pic I used to make this cake.
2 5
By Kiddiekakes
Oct 13, 2006
Saw this idea on CC and fell in love... don't remember who you were but THANK YOU!!! My client loved them and said she can't wait till her kids are old enough to ride the bus so she can order for the driver!
2 33
By Lambshack
Oct 20, 2006
1/2 sheet...french vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, decorations are all FBCT, made for a teachers aide who was moving on... I enjoyed making this cake and it was a hit... Thanks for looking!
6 12
By southrnhearts
Dec 11, 2006
This is just a view of the back.
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By tanyascakes
Jan 29, 2007
Made this for my daughter's class for their 100th day of school celebration.  Inspired by several cakes her on CC...thank you to the members I got ideas from (sorry for not mentioning you by name, cannot remember)
7 65
By Schmoop
Feb 12, 2007
This was my very first cake for profit!  Done for the baby shower of a wife of a pro football player.  Though you can't see it, I did sculpt a mini football and placed it in the crib as a nod to dad.  The crib, rocking chair and wall (incl. chair rail & waincoting) are gumpaste.  The bear, mom, quilt, rug and curtains are fondant.  The cake is covered in fondant.   Top is chocolate cake with raspberry mousse; bottom is coconut white cake with mango coconut mousse.
12 29
By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
Bird's eye view.  You can see the football here. as a nod to dad, as well as a a litte more of mom's detail.  I sculpted mom from a photo.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
Here is the back of the cake I made for my to-be niece's baby shower. There are simply three hearts...the bottom pink lining wasn't completely sticking yet. ;-)
By Anjoli
Mar 27, 2007
This was a cake for a first time Special Ed Teacher.  Buttercream, Bc roses with little fondant faces in the roses.  Fondant Chalkboard, Chocolate Alphabet  and numbers on sides
1 1
By bcake1960
Apr 3, 2007
2 1
By darylrc
Apr 27, 2007
This cake was made for our school's Open House!!  It is a white cake with a buttercream icing.  I made the school from a die cut template then transferred it to the cake.
2 8
By bamagirl92
Aug 10, 2006
My very first freehand modeling experience.  What incredible fun!  I was inspired by a cake I saw here by Boween.  This is a carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing.  Fondant and gumpaste figures.  I got a little carried away, but it was easy and way too much fun.
10 30
By DesignerCakes
May 5, 2007
Also for back to school basket.  ANother simple use for the rectangle cutter!
8 50
By Lambshack
Sep 20, 2006
this is a pic of all the cookies I did for teach. apprec. week
11 75
By helipops
May 14, 2007
vanilla-butter pound cake with Madagascar vanilla bean butter cream dream icing filled and covered then covered in vanilla satin ice in black and the fondant ribbon is satin ice too. The apples are real and the crowns are too.
8 9
By 2sdae
May 17, 2007
8 35
By mariprincesa
May 20, 2007
Chocolate cake with BC.   Girls graduated to kindergarten, 1st grade and 5th grade.
2 2
By steffy8
May 27, 2007
I made this for my workplace when it was time to come back to school. Everyone enjoyed and so did I. It was not near as hard as it looks.
1 6
By miranda1129
Jun 16, 2007
This is the back view of the "Seven O'clock train"  I just posted.  I had lots of fun making the cake.  I cannot wait to see the reaction from the customer.  He's a former high school classmate reacquainted via Myspace. LOL  Thanks for looking   (All choc. BTW, even the fondant! )
8 7
By lynda-bob
Jun 28, 2007
back of cowboy hat.  My first attempt at this type of cake.  Had help from a CC member, Kim C.
1 1
By krysoco
Jul 4, 2007
This is the back of the Elvis Teddy Bear.  Sorry is a little blurry...think my camera batteries were going dead.  :(
By blueeyedmomma
Jul 22, 2007
Made this cake for a friends husband that had just returned home from a 6 month deployment to Iraq.  It was a choc cake with cheesecake filling and decorated in bc.
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By acadian
Aug 1, 2007
Made this for my school for preplanning along with some cupcake flower pots. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Viking hat yellow cake covered with fondant and accents are melted chocolate.
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By ATLcutiepieDST
Aug 3, 2007
Made these for the teachers going back to work for the new 2007-2008 school year!  The books are fig newtons, btw...
4 18
By RoseArcadia
Aug 13, 2007
Made this for a mom going back to work as a teacher
4 23
By KellyKrocker
Aug 15, 2007
All buttercream except apple stems, pencils, ruler, and worm which are fondant.
1 24
By kathybenitez
Aug 22, 2007


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