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My very first 3D cake attempt.  I made this for my sister-in-law's baby shower, matching up the colors to go along with the stationary for the shower.
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By mvucic
Jul 1, 2005
I saw this idea in a book and I like the way it turned out
1 5
By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005
Cake carved and covered in fondant.  Cross-stitch pattern followed.  Done in royal icing.  Ruffles added in fondant to look like eyelet lace.
11 20
By SweetArt
Oct 29, 2005
4-tiered baby shower cake
11 14
By cakegirls
Nov 9, 2005
This was my first paid cake.  It was for my cousin's babyshower.  I made a 12" and a 6" chocolate cake, covered in BC with glitter.
2 11
By vie
Nov 12, 2005
...was supposed to do a tilted tier cake, but that just wasn't meant to be last night(long story!).  Getting paid in EXPERIENCE, so needed a new chalenge...hence the cupcake cake!  Edible image from my new printer added to showcase new items available from me.  Not what I had planned, but I love this cake!
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By gmcakes
Mar 18, 2007
This is the Wilton babyshower cupcakes on the Wilton large cupcake stand.  The babies were made out of MMF.
By havenleigh
Jan 12, 2006
This is a close up view of the Wilton babyshower cupcakes.
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By havenleigh
Jan 12, 2006
The girl I did this for gave me a copy of what her baby's room was going to be! The chocolate mold cracked but they still loved it.
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By jenscrativecakes
Jan 31, 2006
My first attempt at figure modeling.  Strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream. The booties the baby is sitting between are made from cupcakes.
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By gmcakes
Mar 16, 2007
Buttercream icing, gumpaste flowers, it's been so long I can't remember what flavors were inside! This cake design is from a Wilton yearbook.
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By dydemus
Feb 8, 2006
Bow's, booties, and box sides all fondant, rest is buttercream.
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By jenscrativecakes
Mar 2, 2006
Babushower cake for our cousin and his wife babyshower. White cake with orange buttercream covered with yellow tinted buttercream and fondant cutouts.
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By dankac
Mar 6, 2006
Two layer white cake with white almond buttercream and orange preserve, covered in yellow tinted buttercream and decorated with fondant buttons and cut-outs.
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By dankac
Mar 7, 2006
It was a cake for a babyshower, made with two circle cakes and covered with fondant.  I think it was very cute!
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By Natik
Mar 9, 2006
This was the theme the mother to be choose.
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By CJBabycakes
Mar 9, 2006
This cake was a hit with all the guests.  I have done many cakes with the different colored ribbons, customers seem to love the look.  Especially little kids!!  It's very easy to do.
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By greatcakesby_Talina
Mar 11, 2006
All decorations are edible(gumpaste or combination gumpaste and Fondant)
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By tanyacakes
Mar 12, 2006
All decorations edible.
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By tanyacakes
Mar 12, 2006
Icing all buttercream, ruffle is cake board trim.
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By ellyrae
Mar 13, 2006
I cut up pink, blue and yellow fondant squares and placed them on the side of the whole cake like tiles.  Chocolate fudge with buttercream.
By mayra
Mar 14, 2006
Buttercream and Fondant icing, square is 12"x12", "belly" is an egg shaped cake pan.
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By ellyrae
Mar 19, 2006
This cake is from the Wilton Fondant book.  I thought it was the cutest cake and was very happy that I had a baby shower coming up, so I could make it. The cake is covered in a MMF & RBC mixture.  The babies and the moon & stars are done in MMF.  The top layer is spice with peach filing and the bottom layer is chocolate with raspberry filling.
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By ttatummm
Mar 23, 2006
Fondant Pink and Brown Cake
Ruffles of brown striped "fabric" with a pink eyelet "fabric" top draped over it.  Fondant baby shoes surrounded by gumpaste roses, leaves and tiny flowers.
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By beautifulbeebee
Mar 24, 2006
This is the first baby shower cake that I have made.  I combined a few ideas from cakes that I say on CC.  Top is white cake with vanilla icing and the bottom is chocolate.  Cake for dear friend and her husband who are adopting twins!!  A boy and A girl.  Thanks for looking!!!
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By 4cardsfanz
Apr 6, 2006
Oh my, I'm almost ashamed to post them...they didn't turn out very beautiful (they're good though). I don't have the right tools so I worked with my fingers and brushes... I guess it shows. Made with love, though!
By Val40
Apr 13, 2006
This is the "Peachy Mother to be" cake I entered in the baby shower cake contest last month. (it was a tough competition with all the awesome cakes that were entered!!) This is how I displayed it using wooden blocks my husband made for me as cake risers. I wrapped the boxes in the same covering as the cake board. Sure wished I had more flowers to deco that table with but I didn't know they would be needed! The lower riser held a silver baby carriage with matching flowers and a gift tag.
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By ellyrae
Apr 17, 2006
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By sweetexpressions
Apr 19, 2006
Buttercream icing w/ fondant blanket and royal icing roses
4 2
By jillycakes
Apr 24, 2006
I saw this cake in a Wilton book.  I had a lady who wanted something with pastel blue and christian-like.  I knew this was the cake!  This was a very large cake!  I used buttercream instead of fondant.
5 6
By april929
Apr 28, 2006
no fail sugar cookie, antonias 74 royal icing. these were made for my best friends babyshower as center pieces they were a hit. this was my secound attempt at making a bouquet
4 3
By lovebug
May 23, 2006
I made these for a friend's baby shower.
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By di55
Jun 2, 2006
Chocolate cake with BC icing.  "Quilt squares" made out of Starburst candies. The mother of the woman that's pregnant requested I do something with Starburst because her daughter has craved Starburst candy throughout her entire pregnancy and this was the only thing I could think of that I might be able to do.
3 2
By Dordee
Jun 9, 2006
Chocolate Cake with BC icing.  "Quilt Squares" made from Starburst candies.  I can now look back and see all the crooked stitches but oh well, I had fun decorating it!
1 3
By Dordee
Jun 9, 2006
Baby and sweet peas are hand made out of fondant
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By Eight
Jun 24, 2006
By sandykay
Jun 28, 2006
This is a cake I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower. This was the theme she wanted for the babies room. It is a 9x13 sheet cake and an 6" round cake on top. The topper was make to take home for Daddy to be. The monkey is make of foundant and the rest of the animals are made from Royal icing.
6 6
By CJBabycakes
Jul 2, 2006
1 5
By Vicki614
Jul 7, 2006
I made this "dummy cake" today for my nieces baby shower.  Since it was just a dry run I used many colors to see which one they liked best.  The "real" cake will come next Saturday.  Sorry for the picture quality, my picture fill on my computer has gone on a fritz.
By Cake_Mooma
Jul 8, 2006
I did this cake for a friend's baby shower. I got the idea from an older Wilton Year Book. It's iced with butter cream icing. Every one loved it and didn't want to cut it LOL.
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By CherryBear
Apr 14, 2005


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