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This cake was for a baby shower but I was a t a loss on the colors because the customer wanted me to decorate it for an Auburn football fan.  I wanted to do that and still incorporate the pastel colors somehow.  And now I see that I went totally overboard with the flowers and buttons.  Ack!
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By dsoutherngirl
Apr 6, 2006
Close up of the baby shoes on my polka dot & daisy baby shower cake.
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By texasseegirl
Sep 13, 2007
This is a close up of the Christening shoe cupcake.
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By heychele
Jun 23, 2006
baby shoes made of sugarpaste
3 4
By gonda
Sep 20, 2006
This is frosted in bc with mmf details. The baby shoes are mmf.
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By shenninger
Jun 9, 2006
This is the cake I made for my cousin's baby shower.  It was a gift so I didn't have any restrictions.  I had seen the little shoes on the internet somewhere, and came up with the design for the cake.  I thought it turned out really cute and is one of my best cakes.
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By SarahJane
Apr 19, 2005
6" & 8" rounds. Clothes, buttons, butterflies and sandals are made with fondant. First time making sandals. Freehand cut pattern for them.
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By KimAZ
Sep 29, 2006
I wanted to share my baby shoe pattern.  It is a good pattern for a beginner because that is what I am!
I made them from all fondant but now I would make them 50/50 fondant gumpaste.
You can see them in my gallery if you want to see the finished product is the pair of white shoes not the single one..that was the bad prototype...
I hope you enjoy the pattern and if you have questions, please give me a shout.
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By JaneK
Oct 10, 2006
8 inch strawberry cake with b/c icing, fondant bows & shoes
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By Vicki614
Nov 29, 2006
This cake was inspired by a Carol Deacon cake.  First time making booties.  Verse says "Pitter patter little feet, Baby will make life so complete".  Vanilla BC with MMF plaque and booties.
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By gakali
Jan 5, 2007
Inspiration came from Rollingpin Production Cookies. My DH remolded one of the round cookie cutters I had to become a shoe shape. I made these for a coworker who has just had a baby girl.
NFSC and Antonia74's icing
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By JaneK
Jan 21, 2007
This is a buttermilk devil's food cake from the CMD iced and decorated in BC. Shoes are fondant, painted with luster dust and tied with real ribbon. Inspired by a design from the Riviera Bakehouse. TFL!
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By PinkPanther
Feb 9, 2007
This cake was for a friend who's sister is expecting a baby.  The cake was designed to somewhat match the shower invitation (colors and flowers).  A couple of firsts - 1st time using Luster Dust (can't really tell it's on the pearls and shoestrings) and 1st time making a fondant shoe and swags.  This cake was so fun to decorate, I just wish I could have gotten the icing more smooth.  Yellow butter cake, chocolate buttercream, MMF accents.
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By HunBun
Mar 4, 2007
white cake with lemon curd/bc filling. BC icing and fondant baby shoes I made a week or two ago.  So much fun doing this and finally I get to see the shoes on top of the cake!  I was so happy.  Hopefully the Mom-to-be will like it...this is for a friend of a friend.  I hope it is "baby" enough looking.
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By JaneK
Sep 23, 2006
almond buttercream cake and Icing. matching little feet cookies - almond flavored also. Fondant/gum paste shoes and accents.
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By dawnbakescakes
Apr 5, 2007
chocolate cake, chocolate bc, chocolate fondant "sticks", pink ribbon, pink gumpaste baby shoes
By bkdcakes
Apr 9, 2007
Orange cake, Orange mousse filling, Bear is lemon pound cake.  Buttercream icing, Fondant accents.
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By pbertone1005
Apr 15, 2007
i did these for a friends baby shower as a little something extra.
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By pookster
Apr 22, 2007
11x15, airbrushed cake, baby shoes made from gp. fondant ribbon
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By sweetcakes
May 5, 2007
2 tier cake, bottom is lemon with cream and rasberry filling, top is chocolate with oreo cream filling covered with chocolate ganache.  Decorated with fondant clothes line and baby shoes, light frosting clouds
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By joelni
May 5, 2007
Drying shoes, pacifier and socks for cake
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By Wiltonlady
May 6, 2007
baby shower cake with handmade gumpaste decorations.
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By tanyacakes
May 14, 2007
This is a closer look at the shoes . There is a  bracelet  in the first shoe . I wrote baby on the 4 beads in the middle and tied it together with dental floss.
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By dolittle
May 19, 2007
This was a baby shower cake I did last weekend. The cake sizes are 6x2 and 8x2 . The base is cover in fondant and has inlaid polka dots . Gumpaste  ladybugs ,flowers and bee. I put a closer picture of the shoes on also if you want to see them better.  Thanks for looking!
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By dolittle
May 19, 2007
Template of baby booties I did.
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By grannys3angels
May 28, 2007
Chcocolate cake with cookies and cream filling on the top. WBH white butter cake with strawberry filling on the bottom. Fondant/gumpaste baby shoes. MMF hands, feet and stripes.
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By krystalp
Jun 28, 2007
9 21
By krystalp
Jun 28, 2007
10" and 8" 2 tier, dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling, 4 layers of cake each. Shoes are made from a 50/50 fondant gumpaste and onesie from fondant,flowers are gumpaste.
5 5
By disp4so
Jun 29, 2007
originally i wanted to replicate my daughter's baptism dress, shoes and hat but when i started putting things together i realized that it would have been over kill (i think it's a bit much already) but i like how it came out in the end. i am sooooooo loving the how the hat came out and the shoes. i am uploading details of them seperatly.
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By Sandra80
Jul 14, 2007
buttercream baby booty cake
10 58
By dandy207
Jul 15, 2007
I loved this cake but hate the photograph!  Ivory cream cheese frosting/fondant on pillow with royal decoration.  Gumpaste booties using template from grannys3angels.  Lots of luster dust!  Inspired by adven68's AMAZING cake!
4 14
By amysue99
Jul 23, 2007
Close-up of pillow and shoes.  Once again, inspired by adven68 and shoe template from grannys3angels
4 27
By amysue99
Jul 23, 2007
Baby girl shoes made with fondant.
6 23
By pastrycook
Jul 26, 2007
Baby shoes I made from template on CC.  What a great template.  I had so much fun making these.
13 16
By diamond008
Jul 26, 2007
By Anonymous
Aug 2, 2007
Christeningcake with baby shoes, and the little babys footprints. Chocolatecake inside.
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By elin
Aug 2, 2007
Buttercream icing and fondant shoes and ladybugs to match the invitations.
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By brooke208
Aug 9, 2007
thanks to grannys3angels for sharing her gorgeous baby shoes and template..  these will be used on a naming day cake i have to make in a few weeks.  TFL..
21 79
By sweet_as_tisse
Aug 15, 2007
12 inch bottom and 8 inch top tier. Chocolate Mocha and Lemon Baby Shower Cake w/ colors and pattern matching the invite. Fondant/gumpaste shoes & flowers. Fondant covered boards.
8 41
By bellejoey
Aug 18, 2007
My first baby shower cake and I LOVED making it.  Although I do not know the lady it was ordered for I was excited for her having a new baby boy soon.  All buttercream frosting. Fondant/gumpaste booties, stars and letters all painted with luster dust.  Satin ribbon with pom poms glued to the ends.  I used JaneK's  pattern to make the booties.  They were my first booties to make and JaneK's pattern made them easy to do!
6 23
By Teekakes
Sep 20, 2007


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