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Baby boy cookies
By ktbeths
Jan 18, 2013
Shower cake that was modeled after a "diaper cake" that someone made for the same event. The "confetti" is shaved chocolate.
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By DGoettsche13
Jan 23, 2013
Safari baby shower cake
By cyndi8604
Jan 25, 2013
By nono65
Jan 30, 2013
Paul and Amanda have a surprise!!
Take a bite and look inside.
Baby cake pops we have sent to you. 
A fun way to reveal if baby is pink or blue!!
These are being shipped to Grand parents to reveal what the couple are having (Boy or Girl ??)
By jenicharles
Feb 6, 2013
Buttercream frosting with fondant bows and fondant figure.  I made this for a christening but had been getting a lot of orders for this for first birthdays.  Thanks for looking! :)
By hrd2pls
Feb 8, 2013
By nomcaca
Nov 8, 2012
By Annyr
Aug 26, 2014
Onesie bow tie with suspenders makes a smart entrace. it's a boy
By Coolie-Babydoll
Dec 17, 2014
Simple 6" baby shower cake for my son's teacher.
By lkern777
Mar 16, 2013
Baby Shower Cake
By NStreet
May 23, 2014
*Jungle themed baby shower cupcakes
By karess
Aug 15, 2013
This was from a photo of a cake that she wanted. Carter is the baby's name.
By 1candy
Apr 5, 2013
By Kgenner1
Jan 29, 2014
gender reveal cupcakes filled with a colored filling I made for my sister:-) one bite and the pink filling revealed to our family and friends that she's having a girl! YAY!:-) fondant mustaches and hairbows:-)
By bjjbovay
May 15, 2013
Boy baby shower cupcakes
By HillyMillsCakes
May 14, 2013
Fall themed baby shower cake for twins
By thecookieladycc
Nov 12, 2013
Fondant train for Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake:  includes event date noted on top of train.
By MrsB922
Sep 26, 2014
Baby shower, sports theme
By divasinger313
Jul 14, 2014
Gender reveal cake...... filled with blue M&Ms to spill out when the grandparents cut out the first slice.
By autumnwind
Jul 6, 2014
Baby Shower Cupcakes Boy*
By Lolly Bakes
Feb 14, 2014
I really enjoyed designing and making this cake.. One of my favorites! I sculpted the wagon and toys out of wilton fondant and used a dry spagetti to hold up the wagon handle.. the wood floor was painted and glazed with air brush colors and a vodka/corn syrup mix to keep the shine. Thanks for looking!
By tennilley
Sep 1, 2013
Made this cake for a friend  who showed me the picture se found.  Im not sure who the original designer is,  so if it is yours,  thanks for the inspiration.  Oval quilting was done with a small oval cutter one by one.  Sizes are 12, 10, and 7 inch squares that are five inches thick.  Thanks for looking.
By CakeEater06
Sep 21, 2013
Golf Themed Baby Shower
By Generations-creations
Jul 2, 2013
Stork Cake
By FinerThingsB
Oct 11, 2014
Baby Shower Cake by Emma Marie's Cakes
By EmmaMariesCakes
Apr 7, 2014
Front of baby boy baby shower cake
By SavvySavingWithStephanie
Jan 26, 2013
By kjlang
Sep 28, 2013
By Fleakie
Nov 23, 2012
My first ever tiered cake! Vanilla cake with strawberry custard filling, blue swiss meringue buttercream, and a cute baby owl to top it all off! Yup, I'm pretty proud of meself! :D
By pastrypiper
Mar 11, 2014
By Chappers
Oct 15, 2013
Baby Shower Cake
By cakecafe1
Apr 6, 2013
BC Frosting with Fondant accents
By RuthieAnn
Sep 16, 2013
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By kadeebo
Jan 22, 2014
baby bottom and feet shower camo cake
Mar 4, 2013
By bunnykins21
Nov 4, 2012
My first ever gumpaste figure! A cute baby owl boy I made for a friends baby shower. <3
By pastrypiper
Mar 11, 2014
By Panel7124
Aug 28, 2013
Baby shower, sports theme
By divasinger313
Jul 14, 2014
Baby boy putting green
By Generations-creations
Jul 2, 2013


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