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Baby boy's Baptism, chocolate butter cream fondant accents.
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By klg1152
Feb 25, 2007
This is my second fondant cake, or decorated cake ever. My best friend baked the cakes and frosted them with BC.  I helped her to cover them in fondant.  I made the moon topper and baby, and I put the dragees on the bottom tier.
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By heavensgaits
Feb 27, 2007
I used the 3-D ball pan (half of it) for the rattle with a small ball of rice crispies for the smaller part of the rattle.  All BC.
5 54
By divaofcakes
Mar 1, 2007
This is all BC with a MMF bow.
1 3
By divaofcakes
Mar 1, 2007
monogram sailboat baby boy shower
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By darylrc
Mar 2, 2007
Half chocolate/half vanilla sheet cake, all vanilla buttercream except for blue bow, that is fondant
4 37
By somethingmoore
Mar 5, 2007
This is my first ice cream cake!!!  The bear and blocks are supposed to be on top but Since it had to be in the freezer it didn't get stacked until right before they ate it.
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By calicakequeen
Mar 6, 2007
14 inch round, fondant and gum paste decorations.  First cake since taking the new Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste class.
6 19
By CakesByEileen
Mar 7, 2007
This is my interpertation of the Wilton 2006 baby cake...I airbrushed the blue for sky and green for grass. Everything on this cake is Fondant.
5 15
By Windykk
Mar 8, 2007
Iced in buttercream, gumpaste molded baby, gumpaste Daisies and lettering.
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By ShirleyW
Mar 24, 2007
I made this for a friend, Im going to have to practice more with figures.  I couldnt find a plastic baby. This one was really heavy It needed alot of support.Thanks for all the inspriation Debbiesuewoo and all you CCers. BC,Fondant accents on Yellow and chocolate cake
8 17
By babynewyear
Mar 10, 2007
I used the Special Delivery pan from Wilton for this one.
By hjanotta
Mar 10, 2007
Cake is frosted with IMBC icing.  Tuxedo and dress are made from fondant.  Side of the cakes are airbrushed with old gold luster dust while some of the fondant decorations are airbrushed with super pearl dust.  The cake was ordered for 2 babies dedication (boy & girl) + to celebrate boy's mom bday.   This is my first time using IMBC as frosting & create conelly lace... although IMBC tasted good, I had some hard time to make it smooth (especially on the top). Not really happy with the connelly lace either.
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By dewia
Mar 10, 2007
Blocks are chocolate cake with nortella filling and round velvet cake, all buttercream icing decorated with plastic decors.  Sorry one of the kids wanted to see if the cake was real.  Thank you members for the inspiration and thanks for looking.
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By Jesusa
Mar 11, 2007
2 tier funfetti cake w/diamonds and dots all around and then an elegant carriage topper. I did this for a baby boy shower
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By scottelisa13
Mar 17, 2007
The customer wanted a "storybook" cookie for a baby shower. NF with RBC and royal...
5 4
By yankeegal
Mar 18, 2007
Here it is in green..thanks for looking.
3 8
By yankeegal
Mar 18, 2007
I didn't have a Little Suzy's Zoo cake pan so I just pattern transfered a picture of Witzy from my computer onto my 12x18 sheet cake with piping gel.
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By Debbiethecakediva
Oct 16, 2006
baby boy
By inusan
Mar 18, 2007
This is the "after" photo.  I used a larger tip and made buttercream flowers to cover the border and added a couple of flowers on top (to cover the broken line).  Smoothed the crease out a little better.
8 20
By indydebi
Mar 23, 2007
I made this along with 2 others for my baby shower last May and this was by far, the biggest hit with all the kids.  They loved eating the arms & head :)
3 15
By mommabuda
Mar 23, 2007
1 39
By kim2462
Mar 28, 2007
Thanks to momsandraven & mamafrogcakes for the inspiration.  I made it for a coworker that adopted a baby boy.  She is a sports fan so I used her college number on the jersies.  This is my first time using mmf and it was fun.
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By pinky1
Mar 31, 2007
Very simple shower cake.  I printed the duck shape with a cookie cutter and filled it in with yellow cake sparkles.
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By StaceyC3
Apr 3, 2007
Got a request for a cake to look like a diaper for a 5th grade class who was having a diaper shower for their teacher. I think it would have looked cuter with fondant but they requesting it be just BC. Carved from a 11x15.
5 15
By BlairsMom
Apr 3, 2007
This cake was modeled after a baby shower invitation.
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By TxAgGirl
Apr 3, 2007
This cake was a copy of the blanket and rug that was in the baby's bedroom. Cake was iced in buttercream. Decorations out of fondant and gumpaste.
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By AmyBeth
Apr 4, 2007
Cake is yellow, all icing and decorations done in BC.  This is inspired from a cupcake I saw in the Wilton Method Course 1 handbook.
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By Tracy0127
Apr 5, 2007
Made a mess of the buttercream! The theme of the shower was polka dots. Wanted to use more of the chocolate MMF that I made but it was a nightmare. It was right texture when made but too dry the next day. Will have to get lobotomy (sp?) before considering doing horizontal stripes again.
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By lesyorkwolf
Apr 6, 2007
Thanks for DianeLM for the inspiration here.  Next time I will do the booties rounder in the front, but i still think they're cute.
2 6
By bdrider
Apr 7, 2007
all buttercream
5 36
By darylrc
Apr 7, 2007
I made these cupcakes for a co-worker's baby shower. She was having a baby boy so I chose a baby blue color. The cupcakes are yellow butter cakes with a chocolate fudge filling which was a nice surprise in the middle that no one expected :) I used a crusting buttercream frosting.
7 115
By ILoveBaking
Apr 8, 2007
a stacked cake for the arrival of my nephew harrison james, fondant covered and freehand fondant cutouts of baby clothes ,fondant blocks and fondant teddy!
4 26
By tigerlillybelle
Apr 9, 2007
Simple buttercream cake with chocolate transfer
1 9
By KoryAK
Apr 10, 2007
Baby boy shower cake done in buttercream.
4 32
By acholloway
Apr 11, 2007
THANKS LISA!, for the wonderful idea. 11x15 Banana cake with praline filling and BC. Not what I originally envisioned but I do like it. Thats what I get when I start the cake(even baking) the day before and I stay up to 4am to finish. I have never piped so much writing in my entire life. The bottle and rattle were supposed to be CT but I ran out of time. Made for a now no longer employee. She'll be missed.
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By fmandds
Apr 12, 2007
12" chocolate and 9" yellow frosted and filled with Buttercream. Fondant dots and stripes,mmf/gumpaste leaves, bow ,animals ,hearts
3 13
By sweetviolent
Apr 15, 2007
Onesie cookies for my newest nephew!  Name, date and detailing added with edible markers.
4 15
By krstik
Apr 15, 2007
Baby boy shower cake-- lemon poppy seed cake recipe from Cake Central decorated in buttercream.
6 17
By makeminepink
Apr 15, 2007
my version of the baby clothes line
1 7
By TandTHarrell
Apr 29, 2007


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