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colorful autumn wreath, angel food cake, butter glaze, candy clay decorations
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By virago
Jan 2, 2012
Pumpkin spice cake with maple cream cheese frosting and white chocolateleaves for decoration.
By MandiRose28
Nov 5, 2012
This is my Thanksgiving Turkey cake. I found the tutorial by Crazy cool cakes by Linda :) Love that little bird!
My facebook page is:
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By chrissyr
Nov 22, 2012
By keiperd
Oct 4, 2013
3 Tier Buttercream Autumn Leaves Wedding Cake
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By SimplyDecadent
Oct 14, 2013
Fall Masquerade Ball Cake for Sweet 16. Birthday girl asked for a cake for her Masquerade Ball Sweet Sixteen with fall leaves and fall colors. Leaves, 16, & masks made from fondant.
By jenebnell7
Oct 29, 2013
3 Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake with Brown Ribbon & Autumn Leaves.
By SimplyDecadent
Nov 3, 2013
By cakerie
Nov 17, 2013
This was my first tree stump cake. I made all the decorations from gumpaste except for the squirrel. I cheated and bought him, lol.
3 5
By JacindaFruge
Oct 7, 2014
This was my cake submission for the fair. The category was the good things in life. I've been thinking a lot about the seasons of life, so I made this my cake. The accent colour was suppose to be kelly green. I had so much fun working on all of the little details of the cake. I came in 2nd in the category.
4 4
By 3_Learning_Together
Dec 14, 2014
By PatPat9981
Nov 7, 2012
Fall Leaves Cupcakes
By 1FineCookie
Nov 10, 2013
(Dec 2012) The Birthday Boy loves Scorpions. Made it from Fondant/Gumpaste and then painted it with colour paste. Didn't want to make it black, worried it might look dull. The camera flash has brightened the cake a lot. The colours are not that bright. Hope you like it!!
By MillziesCakes
Dec 1, 2012
By PatPat9981
Nov 7, 2012
By snickles
Sep 12, 2013
By LevonnesUniqueCakes
Oct 2, 2013
By Tay033
Dec 4, 2012
By snickles
Sep 12, 2013
By LevonnesUniqueCakes
Oct 2, 2013
I know autumn has come and gone but there's just something about these cupcakes that make me think of falling leaves drifting by my window.
By loveandsugar
Mar 2, 2013
By snickles
Sep 12, 2013
Turkey cake
By Rachelblooms
Mar 4, 2013
Autumn Birthday
By Homemadecelebrations
Aug 17, 2013


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