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The Tiger cake is vanilla with crusting buttercream and FBCT.  The football is devils food with chocolate buttercream.  WAR EAGLE!!!
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By LittleBigMomma
Sep 1, 2006
This is a cupcake cake I made for my nephews birthday.The AU was freehanded on the cupcake cake and filled in.The cupcakes were devils food with buttercream icing.
2 2
By mom_of_4girls
Oct 11, 2006
This was a groom's cake for today for an Auburn University grad.  I wanted to do a chocolate transfer, but the chocolate wasn't working out, so I did a fbct.
5 7
By dolcesunshine20
Oct 14, 2006
This was my first frozen buttercream transfer and I am hooked!  This was just a practice cake to see how well the transfer would work.
3 2
By gourmettiger
Oct 26, 2006
I used the Wilton Football Cake Pan and the basic Wilton Sheet Cake pan for this. I used tips # 16 and 4. I used the colors Orange, Royal Blue, Red Red and Christmas Red
1 4
By aloveless35565
Nov 11, 2006
birthday cake for little girls' "auburn " party with footbal cupcakes
3 22
By mccakes
Dec 3, 2006
Football Stadium cake. Fondant and royal icing details.
11 52
By bpshirley
Dec 3, 2006
For a place kicker. Hand piped chocolate football player plaque.
5 2
By bpshirley
Mar 13, 2007
FBCT of the Auburn University logo for my BF's man's birthday. I was very happy with the transfer. French Vanilla cake with whipped buttercream icing.
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By BellaRosa
Mar 13, 2007
2 2
By mglover
Apr 12, 2007
2 3
By bpshirley
Apr 13, 2007
This is one of my most popular Bday cakes, since I live in Alabama and college ball is so popular. It is a time consuming FBCT but turns out so detailed, that I just love it. I use my black icing with the smallest tip I have and just kind of "feather and paint" the details in first with that. When that is frozen, then I add the other colors one at a time, smoothing and then freezing in between always. I think the added time makes all the I always get the WOW effect from the bday boy or girl!
By southrnhearts
Apr 19, 2007
Buttercream with helmets made of royal icing transfers.  9x13
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By LoriMc
Apr 23, 2007
Full sheet, yellow cake w/BC icing.  Graduation hat was half of the Wilton Sports ball pan with a piece of cardboard iced for top.
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By aemoore
May 22, 2007
1 12
By cakewoman1
Jul 16, 2007
By umfalcon
Jul 19, 2007
This is a 12 inch Round rich devils food cake, iced in BC. The tuxedos and bowties were made with chocolate, using a freeform candy plaque technique. The AU symbol is an FBCT and I decided to do the berries to match.  Groom was very happy with the cake :D.
3 8
By southrnhearts
Aug 2, 2007
this party was made for my pawpaw's 86 bday it was an auburn 
By momof2cutebugs
Aug 28, 2007
Made this cake for my boss's birthday.  Being an Alabama fan myself it took a lot to do this cake :0)
1 1
By lisaworm
Aug 29, 2007
Football field cake.  Picture is without the field goals and players because the box wouldn't close with them in place.
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By curbsidecakes
Sep 8, 2007
Last minute cake for an Auburn fan's birthday. Done with colorflow icing.
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By Genelle
Sep 26, 2007
This was a 10" 4 layer white cake with buttercream icing.  The Auburn Logo was done in colorflow.
4 4
By mcjohnson7
Oct 16, 2007
My attempt at replicating an Auburn University and University of Georgia football jersey.  Sold them at a church bake sale.
1 6
By jlg0508
Oct 17, 2007
I made this for a co-worker's birthday! He's a big Auburn fan and loves guitars.
By caseyt
Oct 21, 2007
i had to make a cake for my cousins graduation. i made the Auburn symbol out of color flow. i was 12
3 1
By cupkate
Oct 29, 2007
Auburn football stadium for a young boy turning 9.  Covered in both fondant and buttercream.
1 3
By cakesbymisty
Oct 31, 2007
birthday cake for the boss at work.  Thanks to spudcake for her help.
3 8
By kcat3740
Nov 3, 2007
My first attempt at decorating with cream cheese frosting.  It didn't work as well as I had hoped, but putting in the freezer for a few  minutes every 20-30 minutes helped.  This was for my BIL's birthday.
By tchrmom
Nov 4, 2007
I made the tiger eyes run in sugar, the footballs are fondant with royal icing as well as the banners.
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By jerryberry
Nov 9, 2007
This idea was from the cake from Miller123.  I used a 9x13 and the football cake pan.  Iced with bc and fondant accents on the football.  I had trouble with the yard lines not falling off but other than that, it turned out to be a hit.
4 31
By lenajackson
Nov 18, 2007
Chocolate Cake w/Chocolate Buttercream covered in fondant w/gumpaste accents.
5 6
By MKrilla
Nov 27, 2007
I made this for an Iron Bowl party.  Grass is bc, football is chocolate fudge and fondant school logos.
2 22
By lenajackson
Dec 2, 2007
Dark Chocolate Layers, Almond Buttercream, Fresh Strawberries dipped in milk and dark chocolate and orange candy melts... The AU logo is an FBCT and piping details are fudge buttercream
2 2
By southrnhearts
Dec 10, 2007
Double layer 8" done all in BC and airbrushed in team's color.
Auburn tiger's paw prints and slogan.
1 9
By vetaAL
Dec 15, 2007
Sheet cake done in BC with decorations for 3 different teams.
I dislike to decorate cakes this way but here you have it.
1 7
By vetaAL
Dec 15, 2007
All buttercream.. freehand drawing
1 1
By sand1364
Jan 2, 2008
The groom wanted an Auburn cake but the mother of the bride did not want a lot of color.
By crablegs
Mar 15, 2008
I made this for a friend a few years ago. It was actually my first "big" cake. The stars and numbers are fondant (idea from Wilton) the Auburn emblem is an edible image I ordered and the graduation cap is fondant. :)
3 23
By Tootall
Mar 19, 2008
Auburn Football football ontop of an 11X15
1 7
By froglover
Apr 27, 2008
This was my first real try at Color Flow. It was for my cousin's little girl who is a huge AU fan. Everything is buttercream except for the color flow AU.:)
3 2
By BamaSweets
Mar 10, 2006


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