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This is a dummy cake. I iced it with Royal.
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By Apieceofcake2
Apr 13, 2005
When I think of Independence Day, I think of all of the picnics and family gatherings!  This is a 4th of July picnic scene, with a marshmallow fondant tablecloth, lemonade, watermelon, and apple pie!
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By nightowl
Jul 14, 2005
Devils chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, covered with fondant
11 67
By saycheez1234
Jul 23, 2005
Cake has buttercream icing with marzipan apples. Leaves are silk.
By jdab
Jul 26, 2005
It is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and honeycake is also a tradition.  These two cakes combine the traditions.  Both the "apple" and "honeypot" are honeycakes filled with chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.  The "honey" is piping gel. I've learned a lot since these two cakes!
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By itsacake
Aug 17, 2005
I made this cake for my mom to take to her aunt, who is turning 95 tomorrow.  I had originally planned for pansies, but they didn't turn out like I wanted so I opted for apple blossoms.  I live in *apple country*, so I thought it would be fitting... ;0)

It's a four-layer (two torted cakes) french vanilla cake with peppermint icing and fondant.  

Thanks for looking!

- Tami -
8 21
By Biscat
Aug 18, 2005
Stacked books and pencil holder cut to shape. Apple and pencils made from fondant.
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By KimAZ
Aug 25, 2005
I made these as part of the party favors for the kids. Sugar Cookies with fondant decorations. Personalized with FoodWriter. Superpearl dust painted on "glass slipper".
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By mvucic
Oct 1, 2005
This is a spice cake with caramel frosting filling.  It was too sweet to cover the whole cake so I use a light coat of bc and then covered with fondant (red) and caramel.

Got the idea when everyone was talking about the tiny apples.  My intention was to cover all the small apples in caramel and put with the cake but ran out of the caramel.
3 2
By cybourg
Oct 9, 2005
Here is the real cake for my brother's birthday.
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By GinaJuarez
Oct 13, 2005
Carmel Apple Cake with cream cheese icing.  Apples on top are candy melts in the 3-d apple mold.  Colored coconut for grass.
By southernbelle
Oct 14, 2005
Customers father was a Mountaineers fan so she wanted gold and blue flowers.
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By tawnyachilders
Feb 19, 2006
Lemon Cake w/Vanilla BC Icing.  12", 8", 4" rounds. Little girl wanted Princess Snow White and Dora the Explorer cake.  Her Mother send me a cake pic of plastic Dora on a leafy, grassy, cake and told me to use my imagination on how to combine the two.  So I came up w/ Apples for Snow White and Trees/Grass for Dora.  Added plastic Dora and SnowWhite at party.  Also, I wanted to thanks ChristyCakes for the inspiration I got from her tractor cake.  Thanks!
20 49
By bjfranco
Mar 26, 2006
Cupcake cake apple tree for teacher appreciation week. Children's names on paper leaves. Birds and nest in tree trunk.
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By KimAZ
Apr 26, 2006
3 32
By tootsa
Apr 28, 2006
12" Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling.  Royal icing roses & apple blossoms, dusted with pearl luster dust.  Monogram is royal icing painted with gold luster dust.  DreamWhip BC icing.
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By ChrisJ
Mar 14, 2007
These are for my daughter's 3 preschool teachers for Teacher Appreciation week.  They are also my first attempt at a cookie bouquet!  Cookies are NFSC, covered w/airbrushed fondant and outlined with Alice's Cookie Icing. Thanks for looking!
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By momsandraven
May 7, 2006
This is my 2006 Teacher Appreciation Day cake.  It is a chocolate cake with whipped cream buttercream frosting (from this site).  The "A" and apple are colorflow.
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By LinB
May 8, 2006
I can't believe I didn't take more pictures of these cupcakes. They were made into the shape of a heart to make an apple. On top those are fig newtons made to look like books. I pipped the word math on them. The class loved them for teacher appreciation week.
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By my2sunshines
May 9, 2006
I must give all credit for this design to Tripletmom. I saw her great family tree cake in the gallery and knew it was perfect for my Dad's birthday. Thanks for the inspiration! He loved the cake. 
Cake is 9X13 carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Apples and banners are gumpaste.
15 349
By HollyPJ
May 9, 2006
I also made these apple cookies to give to the teachers.  They are made out of Cream Cheese sugar cookie mix and decorated with Wilton Royal Icing. I wrapped individual cookies in cellophane and a bow and gave them to my son's teachers.
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By msg1474
May 11, 2006
The first cookies I made using Antonia74's Recipe from this site. I was so excited about how they turned out! Thank you for a wonderfully easy, step-by-step recipe!! (This is also the first picture I've ever shared!)
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By AJsMom
May 14, 2006
4 24
By Mac
May 18, 2006
This is a cake I did for a local apple festival contest.   Won 2nd place!
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By missyek
May 21, 2006
A better look at the worm.
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By missyek
May 21, 2006
3 inch apple cookies for my son's preschool graduation
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By charman
May 24, 2006
My son's teacher wanted a cake that matched their program.
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By neicey1971
May 25, 2006
This is cheesecake decorated in fonadnt with apple cupcakes for the teacher's students.  It's all edible.  I was very happy with the green color.  And I put it in a box in my fridge (sice it was cheesecake) and it was fine.  No bleeding or anything.
8 47
By estherhead
May 28, 2006
I did these cookies for the students at my daugther's class on their last day of school.  I did them very quick and late at night, so they are not the best!  Antonia's icing and Wilton roll out cookie recipe.
3 1
By MariaLovesCakes
May 29, 2006
This was for a friend of mine who is moving out of state.  Yellow cake with strawberry filling.  Inspired by a cake in the Course 2 book.  I was very pleased with the result!
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By pyseas
May 30, 2006
I saw this cake done on a show called Sugar Rush a few weeks ago. I thought it was cute so I wanted to try it. I made it much smaller than they did but I think it turned out good! Thanks for looking.
37 91
By YouTakeTheCake
Jun 3, 2006
I had a lot of leftover appleblossoms (royal) from course 2.  I didnt like the color pink I had made them so I hadnt used a lot of them on my cake, but I love that color with this shade of  green.  I had cake batter leftover so I made cupcakes-a great way to use up leftover royal flowers, icing, and cake batter!
4 11
By springlakecake
Jun 8, 2006
Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes my 4yo placed the flowers on for the end-of-year pcinic tomorrow.  Buttercream icing, royal flowers.
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By FunCakesVT
Jun 8, 2006
This was one of my first topsy turvy cakes so my fondant work was not that great, but this is still one of my favorite cakes of all times.  I called it Spongeberry Dorradumpling.  It was for my daughter’s third birthday – she is now about to turn 6…where does the time go.  She couldn't decide between Spongebob, Dora and Strawberry Shortcake or Apple Dumpling. So – I gave them all to her.   The Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumpling figurines were mine from 27 years ago.
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Jun 12, 2006
Front of my roasted pig. I used a stainless steel bowl for the body, a small Pyrex bowl on its side for the head, a trimmed cupcake for the snout and tortilla chips covered in frosting for the ears. The apple is real.
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By LizaDoolittle
Jun 23, 2006
Making a real apple pie is easier than this! I ran out of time and wasn't able crimp the edges and paint the crust so it looked a little more real. Apple cake with homemade apple pie filling on top. Sides are painted MMF and top is buttercream. Ice cream dollop is super stiff buttercream.
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By fmandds
Jul 4, 2006
This was for a college graduation.  The graduate received her degree in eduction.  I put apples on the cake since she was becoming a teacher.  Her party had a Coca-Cola theme, so that is why you see the wax bottles on the cake also.
By CakesBySandy
Jul 9, 2006
This is the cake I ended up doing for my second class in course 1.  I had to finish most of it at home but I think it turned out pretty good.  This is also the first time I've ever baked a round cake or made iciing.
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By TheAng
Jul 19, 2006
butter cream icing, royal icing flowers, piped buttercream leaves.
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By cakesbykitty
Jul 22, 2006
Buttercream icing, royal flowers.  For a spring party.
8 13
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005


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